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  • @ Matt

    If you have a coffee Grinder, put it in there and just tap out what sticks to the lid.
    It doesn't get much finer.
    Or just put the grindings through some panthose.
    that fines it out a bit as well.
  • I may pick up a grinder. Ive tried the hose method and it works, its just trying to grind the stuff that doesnt filter through thats a problem.
  • put it back in the grinder again............ grind it until powder??
  • Thanks to all you guys who posted here!!! I have seen many mixes, posted here, I’d like to try as time goes along!!! Thanks ‘all’ for making this thread a success!!!!!!!

    OK, the ‘Lemon’ snuff did not kill me - so I guess it is safe for you guys too…ROFL!!!

    Here is the recipe:

    “Mama and Daddy’s Lemon Dental Mild”


    6.0 tablespoons of Dental Mild
    1.0 fluid ounces of McCormick ‘Pure Lemon Extract’

    Mix well.

    Spread out in a plastic cookie pan - dry in a microwave for 30 seconds - take out and stir till cool.
    {this gets all the alcohol and water (found in the ‘extract’) out of the snuff}


    For a moister snuff, Add:

    1.0 tablespoon of Lotzbeck, Premium Mild.
    107 drops of McCormick ‘Pure Lemon Extract’

    Mix well, while allowing a few minutes for the ’mix’ to air-dry - keep in an air-tight container to prevent drying.

    Any other mixers out there…………..
  • Flop#2: 20% Manjul 30% Shot of Rum 50% F&T HDT -- One wouldn't believe it but Garlic?! FLOP indeed

    I tried this again (above) IN SUCCESSION>not mixing, and the garlic didn't come up.

    The garlic-ky flavor must've been from the snuffs attacking each other, but three open tins and my trusty spoon made it alright.
  • One of my favorite home-grinds is Tombac. It's plain hookah tobacco, just a dried lump of leaves, golden color. It rubbed down to a very very fine dust, which is surprisingly easy to take, has a good lift, and blows out pretty clean. It's got a maple-like tone and is quite satisfying.
  • A mix which I permanently have "in stock" is a 50/50 Jaxon's Cafe Creme and Molens Latakia Ao 1860 blend. Perfect!!!
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  • sychodelixsychodelix Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    I just mixed about a quarter of a bottle of W.E. Garrett Scotch, a third with QWS smokers blend and the rest filled with Toque W&H. The QWS smokers blend doesn't really touch the flavor, just adds moisture and makes it easier to take. It's mostly like W&H but with a nice scotch smokey tone and the nic kick is very nice. It's a great blend and I really recommend it to anybody that likes a hard nicotine fix.
  • Fruit Salad
    Well as my Malibu Grunt was running low (see above) I started streching it with some GH Fleurette. Then a new order arrived and I added some GH English Rose. Then my Patrick Collins snuffbox arrived, so I transferred this mixture to there from an Altoid tin.
    Just now, it looked kind of sparse, so I added 3 pinches of WOS Rum and Blackberry, 2 pinches of Toque Grapefruit, a salt spoonful of Honey Bee, half spoon of Smith's Lemon, a few more pinches of both Grunt and Shot of Rum, and a wee bit of QWS Apricot.
    I have it nice and mixed now. I will leave it alone overnight and some to marry. I doubt it will taste like anything particular, but fruit salad tends to do that.
    Hopefully I haven't tainted my new snuffbox!
  • my new mix that i can't get out of my nose is Dholakia swiss chocolate with a decent sized dose of Crumbs of Comfort. It's delicious the chocolate tones the spearmint way down and the CoC cuts the chocolate so it's not too sweet to take i've been using it constantly since i made it.
  • A few days ago I mixed up another custom blend. I'm not really sure anymore how much of each is in there as I just added a bit here and there to taste.

    McChrystal's Clove
    Samuel Gawith Golden Glow
    Hedges L260
    Dholakia Ganga

    I have taken a few pinches of it every day, and it gets better every time. I've got about 10g of this one, and so far it's my best blend to date.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    Earl Grey: 50/50 F&T HDT & Toque W&H
    Also, my version of BigSnoot's Parisian Toast (HDT & Old Paris) has a bit of W&H in.
  • Hey toffee, you're in London right? Do you ever get around to G. Smith's?
  • Yes, I am. I've been a few times, back in the '80s it was fabulous, but now it's not really as good, not much of a range of snuffs and they're expensive compared to buying online. Have you been?
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    I agree Smith's have gone down the tube. I'm in East Yorkshire, but visited and lived in London for a time and visited Smith's in the days of the Gentleman named Vivian Rose who ran the shop. I also used Fribourg & Treyer in the Haymarket too.

    Here is a shot of my first purchase from Smith's the pre STD phone number dates it.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Very cool, Snuff Head. What year is that from?
  • Not really sure on the date but STD (subscriber trunk dialling) started here in the mid sixties. Their phone number remains the same:- 0171 836 7422
  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    @ toffeenose: You've been snuffing since the 80s? Wow, your're so cool!
    No, I have not been there. I was last in London in 1993 and I had only tried two American Scotches by that time in my life and was not into snuff.

    I tried again in 1995 and bought the one below in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I tried it a few times then and again gave up until early this year. It was sitting in a drawer only getting used once in a blue moon until then. As you can see the bulk of it is now gone. Still good after all this time.
  • I know that times have changed and everyone says they are not what they used to be, but I would still love to get more, and add some of their varieties to my collection. I'm really kind of miffed its so hard to get online. Well, at least they have a phone, so I guess they're not completley stuck in the Victorian age!
  • "Ham Sandwich" = HDT, Sparrow, Toque Peanut Butter, & fat-finger pinch of Ozona Raspberry.

    This is good.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    @ squarefiend: That combo tastes like ham? I only have Sparrow Cool, I don't know if I can replicate this.
  • Xander,

    To me. The HDT is a taste I've found to be like salted butter, Sparrrow like unsalted butter, and Peanut Butter was just a nice filler. The pinch of Ozona gave it the acidic balance. I made about 2-3 gms and it just reminded me of a ham sandwich.

    This doesn't really help anyone without the exact snuffs doesn't it?
  • What I mean is I have all those snuffs except Sparrow. I have Sparrow Cool, which I could sub, but its menthol.
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  • @ NickKick - No, Red Bull and Chief Bull are definitely not the same beast. The Red Bull is almost completely menthol, with maybe a hint of some sort of fruit flavor. Chief Bull is almost completely fruit, with a bit of menthol. I prefer the Chief Bull, but the Red Bull is good when you want a menthol that's a little different.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Cheif bull is very similar to Ozona Rasberry, but at the same time it's very different. The "fruit" flavor is rasberry but theres something else there that makes it better maybe a different amount of menthol or some other flavor mixed in.
  • Here is a nice chocolate one, I call it "chocolate mare's foot in my head". Sound good?
    Even parts of
    Dholakia Swiss Chocolate
    Stoker's plain
    Garrett Sweet
    It takes something away from the perfect flavor of the DSC, but it comes together as a tasty, powerful waker upper!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Here's a mix that I put togeather last night. It didn't turn out too well.

    5 parts Toque Espresso
    2 parts Buttercup
    1/2 part Tops Sweet
    3 parts Toque Spanish Gem
    3.5 parts WoS Irish Coffee
    1 part Toque Chocolate
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