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Invent your own - MIXING SNUFFS!!!



  • bobbob Member
    50/50 the dholakia choclate and the toqe choclate. Makes a tootsie roll (might have already posted this, if so opps)
  • 50% Ozona Raspberry + 40% Chapman Cherry + 10% Gletscher Prise = "The Girl Nextdoor"
  • I mixed some Toque St. Clements and Grapefruit together in equal proportions a few weeks ago and forgot about it. I discovered it this morning, and it is lovely. I started off the day taking small, dainty pinches and have progressed into monster snoutfuls. Granted, it's not the most inventive mixture, but I enjoy it!
  • Cardamom Orange Chocolate Latakia - It's mostly Toque's with a splash of Molens and a dash of spice. The cardamom is black not green. I think I'll try a Mexican Chocolate style Toque next.
  • It sucks when you find something good and can't replicate it.

    How do you guys go about it?

    Like, I've heard the best chefs don't have a recipe, it's all in the whiff from the pan. Hence the problem of not being able to replicate.
  • edited March 2009 PM

    I do think writing down the portions of your ‘mix‘ is important. It is fun to have a tin to just throw a bit of this, and a bit of that, in - but what if you do hit on a ‘REAL snuff???! Better to write down the ‘recipe‘ - I think the 'best chefs do - that is why they have a 'cook-book'...LOL!!!
  • My last blend is wonderful, but I'll never be able to make it again. I usually come up with the idea of what I want to mix, then a couple days later I'll have some and decide it needs a little of something else, or a little more of this or that. The snuff in my snuffbox is on it's 4th revision right now, I've got quite a bit, but once it's gone, it's gone.
  • I got a little bit rambunctious tonight and mixed up a bunch of custom blends. Warning - Long post ahead!!

    #1 - Grand Citrus Camphorated Mentholated Royal SP Toast
    About equal parts of each snuff.
    Wilson's Grand Cairo Wilson's Best SP Wilson's SP Silver McChrystal's SP Toque St. Clements Ozona Orange Toque Grapefruit Wilson's Gold Label Wilson's Tangerine Samuel Gawith Zip MacCraig Royal Helme Wild Cherry Gawith Hoggarth Dry Orange Wilson's Extra Menthol McChrystal's Mild Lemon Toasted Levi Garrett Toasted WE Garrett Toasted Stoker's Plain

    #2 - Mentholated Mint Mix
    2 Parts Each:
    Gawith Hoggarth Wild Mint Samuel Gawith Peppermint Gold Samuel Gawith Dr. Verey's Plus McChrystal's Supermint Toque Peppermint Wilson's Peppermint Wilson's Crumbs of Comfort Robby's Top Mint
    1 Part each
    Gletscher Prise Packards Club Checkerberry Ozona Spearmint

    #3 - Fruit Salad Sandwich
    About equal parts of each snuff.
    Toque Grapefruit Toque Pomegranate Toque Blueberry Menthol Toque Cherry Toque Raspberry Menthol Toque Blueberry Gawith Hoggarth Dry Orange Gawith Hoggarth Strawberry Gawith Hoggarth Spartan Ozona Cherry Ozona Orange Ozona Raspberry Gawith Apricot Poschl Cheif Bull Wilson's Tangerine
    Wilson's Apricot Wilson's Rum & Blackberry Samuel Gawith Banana McChrystal's Raspberry McChrystal's Mild Lemon Dr. Rumney's Export Bernard Zwiefacher Helme Wild Cherry Wilson's Prime Minister

    #4 - Spicy Floral Grab Bag
    2 Parts Each
    Gawith Hoggarth Fleurette Gawith Hoggarth Fleurette Gawith Hoggarth Wallflower Gawith Hoggarth Carnation Wilson's French Carotte Wilson's Jasmine Wilson's Lavender Maccoboy Dholakia Ganga Dholakia Manjul HoneyBee Sweet
    1 Part Each
    Samuel Gawith Wild Duck Samuel Gawith X Blend Samuel Gawith Cuckoo Samuel Gawith CCC Samuel Gawith White Label Gawith Hoggarth Ambassador McChrystal's Violet McChrystal's Clove F&T Bordeaux Molens A/P

    #5 - Spoonful of Sugar (Helps the Medicine Go Up)
    2 Parts Each
    HoneyBee Sweet Helme Wild Cherry WE Garrett Sweet Buttercup Sweet Peach Sweet
    1Part Each
    Medicated No. 99 Gletscher Prise Hedges L260 Wilson's Honey Menthol Dholakia Swiss Chocolate

    Now, how many of you made it all the way through the post? My initial tastes of each were quite good. #1 is a very mild mix that's easy to take. #2 is a bit strong on the mint and not a lot of menthol coming through. I may add more menthol in a few days. #3 is a very balanced fruit mix. I may add more menthol to this one in a few days as well. #4 is a strong floral mix with a bit of burn at the end. The Ganga is the dominate scent, more clove will be added in a few days. And #5 is very, very sweet, but after the menthol hits it is toned down a bit which makes it quite good. It could use more of either Wild Cherry or HoneyBee. I will have a pinch or two of each one every day and add more snuffs as needed. After a week or two they should all be finished.
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  • Cripers, Leman! How many different snuffs do you keep on hand? How do you keep them from getting dried out?
    I have about 80, and I thought I had too many. My Wilson's get dried out the fastest.
  • Things I've mixed:
    1 part Toque Quit
    1 part Toque Natural
    2 parts Toque Absinthe
    1 part Wilsons Aniseed Extra
    Makes for a pretty good moderately mentholated snuff with an aftertaste of liquorice.
    And as Avish mentioned, 1 part Railroad Mills Maccoboy and 1 part Railroad Mills Scotch. Let it sit for a while so the different moisture levels bleed into each other. All the nice scent of Maccoboy without any of the damn near impossibility in snuffing. I think I might try 2 parts Maccoboy and 1 part Scotch, to try and give it a longer aftertaste.
    Oh and I once mixed equal parts Garrett and Rooster, to so so results. Soon I'm going to experiment more with roasting, and mixing roasted snuffs with unroasted snuffs.
  • 1/3 each of: Fribourg & Treyer HDT, Sparrow Cool, Packards Club = Breezy Barn (kinda ripe, but still snuffing it)
  • I've just mixed equal portions of Hedges L260, McChrystal's Clove and Rooster:- Rocket fuel!!
  • @ Snuff Head - I did one like that not too long ago, but with Dholakia Ganga in there too. It'll get you going in the morning better than a cup of coffee.
  • Finally found a winner!

    Bernard Brasil Feinst + Toque Peanut Butter. No fancy name, no jokes. Try this.
  • MattMatt Member
    toque spanish gem + red seal + homemade five brothers pipe tobacco snuff
  • Toque Quit and Spanish Gem, 50/50.
  • I tried mixing a bit of President with a bit of WE Garrett Scotch and wasn't impressed, but tonight I think I will try a mix of WE Garrett Scotch and Gawith Apricot.
  • @acid_poet: Good to hear you're into mixing, but good luck with the Scotch. I think it's untouchable. I reckon just better be leave'n it to the red checkered table cloth while eating some ribs moments.

    1/8 Chief Bull to Garrett Sweet = "Familiar Bull" (I would'nt give up on the Chief and made it not so sickly sweet)

    My "Breezy Barn" Comment 73 with a couple pinches of Toque Champagne made "Strip Club."

    So what's happening with the moderators? I feel stupid with these names... LOL
  • yeah I agree. The apricot didn't work either. Scotch straight is the definitely the best.
  • This thread got me all interested in mixing snuffs. I love Maccoboy, but it's way too moist for my bullets so I mixed that with some Toque Natural which didn't over-power the flavor and now it flows freely! You also can't go wrong mixing Dholakia Swiss Chocolate with raspberry. :)
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    BTW, Smiths were using that kind of bottle in 81, I got the same when I came to London on a college trip.
  • and my favourite mix is 'Sweet Deborah' (after the sweetest of wives):

    Equal parts of Fribourg's HDT and WoS Best SP, to make up around 80% of the desired volume
    Royal George, French Carotte and Toque Raspberry menthol in equal parts to finish. A dash of port or cognac is a nice addition if you like either of those things, simply air until the moisture level is balanced out, being careful not to over dry.
  • The Thin Mint-2/3s Toque Chocolate and 1/3 Toque Peppermint.
  • I've blended equal parts Quit, W&H, SG and Natural to make a real strong tasting snuff.
  • I mixed a bit of medicated no. 99 into some Toque Raspberry menthol, as I just can't detect any menthol, and no raspberry either. But now it has a cool menthol to it.

  • For the sake of members looking for recipes.
  • I've mixed equal parts of Toque Peppermint and Absinthe.....excellent stuff
  • Inventing my own... Awa root, (kava kava) Piper Methysticum, is related to black pepper. It has a nice warm black pepper like aroma and wonderful medicinal properties. It does VERY well in the nose. Being a Pacific islander favorite for making an intoxicating drink Awa has quite a history of consumption. I'm glad to be a snuffer with an open mind. I am finding some fantastic tobacco alternatives/additives.
  • I'm working on a ginger/horseradish snuff, and a coffee snuff right now. We'll see how these turn out.
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