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  • leman, do you like pain?
  • Equal parts Toque W&H and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate is very nice.
  • Equal parts Grapefruit and Absinthe....can use it all day long!!!
  • A tip I got from Troutstroker; ground Allspice enhances the taste of any pure tobacco snuff like Toque Natural and Quit.
  • I was thinking earlier that a ginger/lemon snuff would go well with my ginger/lemon tea.
  • Equal parts G Smith & Son's Cafe Royale mixed with their Cinnamon - lovely stuff, really clears your nose.
    I was told that menthol is an integral part of the Cinnamon flavouring, you can't taste it but you can feel it. If that makes sense.
  • I was wondering about that, toffenose. I thought it smelled a bit mentholly, then I thought, it couldn't possibly be. I like it though.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    Some of my old favourites are:

    Tom Buck (or any SP) with a dash of Royal George

    SP/French Carotte, equal parts

    Toque Raspberry and Vanilla (2 to 3 parts) "Trifle"

    and, my mix of the moment - Best Sp with a couple of dashes of Sparrow Cool. I came on this by accident really as I had the remnants of a pound drum of WoS Best and just decided to experiment with the last 1/2 Oz or so, so just tipped the remains of a small tub of Sparrow in it; it really rocks, almost has an OandG quality.

    Mixing is a fine old tradition and really does yield some very unexpected results. At the moment I have a large glass peanut butter jar that is getting the last few grammes of any can of snuff I happen to be using. So far there's US Scotchs, WoS, some Toque, Dholakia etc. I'm not trying any till its full. The thing is I've not recorded exactly whats going in there so if it turns out good it will be unrepeatable.
  • I was wondering if anyone ever "flavored" any plain American Scotchs? I was having the idea of mixing a little of a strong menthol, with some plain WE Garrett. Maybe a little touch of JIP!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I wonder how the menthol and smokey flavors would mix.

    I think that Navy Plain would be the best US snuff to mix with. That or a sweet.
  • Well, I passed off all my scotches I had, except for Tops sweet, and Honey Bee. The local corner store has WE Garret, Bruton, and Red Seal sweet. I might try a little pinch sample with what I have.
  • I've mixed myself another batch of my favourite coffee snuff: 70% Toque Espresso, 10% each of Jaxon's Cafe Creme, Tia Maria and SG Black Coffee. This is REAL coffee for me, can "drink" it all day long.
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  • tom502tom502 Member
    Oh wow, I just did a good mix. Made a trial size of Honey Bee 2 pinches, Jip 1 pinch. Shook it up in an empty pill bottle. Just did it. This is very good! Actually the Jip is still strong, I might try 3 to 1 next time. I think that will do it better. It will have a subtle menthol, in the sweet honey. I might try a similar mix with a plain scotch, but I got rid of all of the ones I had, but I'll be up at the grocery store sometime this weekend, and will pick one up. Bruton or WE Garrett, not sure, but I'm kinda thinking WE might mix better with a little menthol, but I like the plastic cans of US Smokeless better. So, I don't know, I'll get one of those.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    You can get Stephan's Tipple from Mars as well.
  • Chocolate orange: 3 parts Toque Chocolate, 1 part St Clements.
    Whiskey and Coke: 50-50 Whiskey and Honey and Coke.
    Cherry Coke: 4 Coke, 1 She Cherry.

    Also just a bit of St. Clements in a non-menthol fruit gives it a nice little zing.
  • @tom502. I've tried mixing a bit of eucalyptus oil with plain Garrett's. (Separate container. Wouldn't think of dumping it into the whole tube.)
    It wasn't a total disaster, but not terribly pleasant either.
    A back of the hand mix of Garrett's Sweet and Gletscher is quite nice. It tastes a bit like an After Eight mint.
  • Guanxi88Guanxi88 Member
    edited August 2009 PM
    Garrett's is a wonderful (and cheap) base for experimenting. One or two of my favorites:

    Moisten some with a few drops of the pop-skull of your choice (whiskey, brandy, etc.) directly into the snuff itself. Put the snuff into a mortar before you add the liquid, and then, having added it, use the pestle to mash and mix it all in together. Makes it a lot easier to avoid snuffing directly to the throat when it's a little moist. I've lately taken to adding a few drops of food-grade glycerine to the whiskey before adding it to the snuff. Very pleasant indeed.

    One of my preferred techniques for making garrett a bit easier to take has been to moisturize it, as above noted, then to compress it (in my case, using a chopstick to pack it down tightly in a clean and empty RX pill bottle). Once packed down, I leave it be for as long as I can stand, but at least overnight, and then use a needle to scrape the surface to dislodge small bits of snuff and sort of whip it up into a nice fluffy, and yet slightly moist, powder. Easy to pinch, no orange stains on the fingers, and, in general, a lot easier to deal with.

    Feeling extra brave here recently, I mixed 50/50 (by volume, using a little one-gram scoop I've got) Garrett's with glycerine and brandy to RR Mills Maccoboy. It improved the "handling" and sniffing characteristics of the Maccoboy remarkably, and did not eclipse the rose and fermented smell of it. I imagine next time I'll use less garretts, and make the garrett's either dry on its own, or only very slightly moistened. Best way to mix snuffs for me has been to mix them in a mortar and pestle, sieve it out, and then mortar and pestle the clumps till they pass through the sieve, then sieve the mass again to be sure.
  • Anyone wanting a really citrusy snuff should drop me a line, and I'll pass along some info I've got on turning a lemon or orange into a snuff bottle. Store anything in there for a while, and it's truly wonderful.
  • Is it possible to air out some of the smokiness from the Garrett before scenting it?
  • Guanxi88Guanxi88 Member
    edited August 2009 PM
    Funny thing is that I find the moistening or mixing of the garrett, at least on my method, tones the smoke down quite a bit. I think the grinding, sieveing, and re-grinding and re-sieving airs most of it out. With that said, though, you need the smokiness there, especially in a mixture, to help enhance the other flavors and odors. Take Maccaboy, for instance. On its own, wonderful stuff, at least to my schnoz, but, for all that, it can be almost too refined. throw some scotch snuff in with it, though, and it becomes elegant and strong, each part of the mix making up for the shortcomings of the others. I just now mixed up a 3 parts Maccoboy to 1 of garrett (dry, this time) and find it damned near perfect in every way. Sweet, slightly floral, earthy and fermented, with a good nic kick and a slight smokiness in the background. The only snuff I find more appealing is the Bernard Kostlich, but it's almost too good for anything but occasional use.
  • My most successful mix is Toque original, rose, vanilla with a dash of menthol. Its pretty much all Im using at the moment.
  • Anyone try this?

    Levi Garrett, HDT, and little bit of Royal George, it dandy'd-up the cowboys :)
  • How about a cherry vanilla coke? Mix 50% Toque Coke with %25 Dhalakia Vanilla and %25 Gawith Cherry! Just like at the drive in. :)
  • Toque's Champagne and Spanish Gem mixed. Yum! I'm thinking about mixing some Old parris with Christmas pudding. Hmm?
  • hmmm.... Parisan Christmas
  • I'm sure someone has already done this, Toque Raspberry with Vanilla. It's good.
  • I got a little adventurous and mixed 2 parts Lowen Prise, 2 parts Expresso, 3 parts Dholakia Chocolate Limited, and then cut that ten to one with G&H Irish D. I've been amazed at how such a little bit has such a great effect, not only on the smell, but the tendency to clump, and the way and amount that snuffs. I don't have enough experience to say whether it would be good or disgusting to anybody else, but it's close to the uptempo mello 'earthiness' with minimal menthol just 'to add some space.' It seems to have more 'body,' if that makes sense. A couple days isn't enough time to talk about 'melding,' so it might be a lot different in some time. It's not clogging me or causing me to run, and its not hitting the back of my throat either. I don't have to blow anytime soon with fairly frequent hits.
  • edited September 2009 PM
    Anyone ever wished for a real kickass menthol snuff? Well, I've got it. I've mixed 5 tins of Ntsu menthol with 1 tin of Bruton in a nice glass jar. It kicks like an ostrich with 4 legs!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    WHEW! Sounds like a killer!
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