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  • Anyone tried Toque Bourbon w/ Toque Coke?
    Jack & Coke effect, or does it turn out very different?
  • I'm sure someone has. Why not try it yourself and see?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I think that Kendal Whisky and Toque Coke would make a more genuine "Jack N Coke" taste than the Bourbon. The smokiness of the Bourbon might overpower the Coke.
  • The Whiskey and Honey and Coke is one of my favorite blends.
  • @Xander
    Would, if my meagre financial resources would allow it. :(
  • I'm poor too, but I managed to scrape up $4.00.
  • @Xander
    Could you loan me four bucks? :))
  • Toque coke and rooster, also apricot(mcrystals)and rooster seriously kicks arse. A good trick i figured out is I take about 1.5 to 2 grams of rooster and let it sit out in a cool dark place for atleast a day and a half to 2 days to air out and remove alot of the smell(for mixing purposes) , than I put the rooster in a cigar tube along with 1 fresh baby green or peice of lettuce , seal it and place it in the fridge for about a day in a half to add some extra moisture.but this only for mixing to make it a bit more pleasant to snuff as an all day blend with no irritation. I also noticed rooster sucks when blended with a mentholated snuffs IMO .
  • 2.5gm each WE Garretts Scotch and Dholakia Limited Chocolate with four taps each Red Bull and Packard's Club holding it together, the menthol lift not dominant, 'smokiness' sublimated. Die idee aus der rauchigen und schokolade ist aus G&H und SG Chocolate Flake pfeifentabak mischungen, nächste kommen ist Latakia mischung. Wir werden sehen.
  • Try 3 parts F&T Dr JR Justice,one part Hedges the snuff,or O&G.I get a real lemon kick from this.
  • Reproduction Ralph's 1940's Scotch
    1 pinch of Toque Toffee with a half pinch of Rooster.
    It really captures the character of the old Ralph's that bigbuyer picked up a couple of months ago.
  • 50/50 mix of McChrystal's O&G and Toque Spanish Gem. You get the nice menth/eucalyptus hit up front, than the Spanish Gem comes on for a really long time - longer than if you took it alone. I highly recommend it.
  • Klostermischung and dholakia Swiss chocolate is the number one sweet tooth blend , u can finish 2 grams in 1 sitting
  • Chocolate Cherry Coke.

    A huge pinch each of Toque Coke, Toque Cherry and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate into a smashbox, and into the pocket it goes for the day.

  • @ Nosechaw954: I've mixed Poschl Schmalzler A and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate 50/50 and I'm stuffing myself with the stuff.
  • It's very tasty and easy going isn't it ? P
  • I have a mix of:

    2 parts McChrystals o&g
    2 parts Hedges
    1 part Standard Scotch
    1.5 parts Toque Quit

    I call it my Nicotine Mix. The flavor is still overwhelmingly menthol. The scotch and quit don't provide much in the way of flavor but they add some nice Nicotine.
  • 3 parts latakia 1860
    2 parts Carhart

    Fiddle around with the proportions. This one tames the Latakia nicely, which otherwise is too damned sneezy for me to use.
  • edited September 2009 PM
    One of my favorites is not necessarily a mix. Taking a big pinch of Toque Pomegranate followed up shortly with a tiny pinch of McC's O+G , kind of brings out thw sweetness in the pomegranate, in a good way .

    Not the most inventive mix, but here goes-
    SP Extra 10 parts + 1 part Any Toque fruit or Rose.

    I find Sp Extra with just a hint of violet,(lets say 20-30 parts to 1) really
    brings out the essence of both snuffs without the violet being overpowering.
  • Avidreamer, nice to know I'm not the only one mixing in my nose.

    Kinda like when I was a stoned college student with no clean dishes, mixing hershey's chocolate milk in my mouth. (Come on guys admit it: We have all done it.)
  • My latest favorite mix is 50-50 Fribourg & Treyer Morocco and Macouba. I like most of the F&T snuffs, like Bordeaux, Morlaix, Dr JR Justice, Seville, French Carotte, even their interesting twist on Kendal Brown. F&T's are easy to mix together because most of them use the same blend of tobaccos, except for their HDT, which I enjoy as well. Even after trying all the new flavors of Toque and Dhalakia, I still come back to F&T. I think it's their excellent choice of tobaccos that keeps me coming back. Mmmm.....
  • squarefiendsquarefiend Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Levi Garrett:Lotzbeck Premium

    The something dead crawled up and out and got useful.
  • edited October 2009 PM
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited October 2009 PM
    Here's a blend I've been using for a few days, named Autumn Blend:

    Equal parts of:
    Samuel Gawith Apple
    Toque Chocolate
    Toque Cherry
    Toque Vanilla
    McChrystal's Clove

    Also a pinch of:
    Dholakia Roasted Nut
    and a bit of my home blend (a little of everything)
  • Peach Melba....Toque Vanilla & Peach
  • I've been enjoying my 'Cape Cod' blend.

    2 parts DeKralingse Macouba
    2 parts Toque Blueberry
    1 part DeKralingse A/P

    It's a musty, piney scent, that finishes sweet, and is easy to take. It reminds me of vacationing on Cape Cod as a kid. We used to run through the woods for hours looking for enough blueberries to collect so that my mom could make a pie.
  • should be some cranberries in there somewhere.
  • @Xander: I agree. Have you seen a cranberry snuff?!?!?!?!?!? I would surely blend it in!

    I suppose you could snuff that with a Skruf Cranberry portion in your mouth, even if I usually don't snuff and snus at the same time!
  • @puffpuff, try some snus together with snuff while dipping and smoking a nice havana. Good nic kick, I can assure you.
  • Made my own whiskey and honey.
    1 part toque original 1 part Starr scotch .5 part Wilson Irish toast 22.
    I took a ounce of Jim beam and slow cooked it down to a teaspoon than added 3 drops of honey and added to the mix of almost 10 grams.I let it sit in the fridge overnite than morter and pedsel good the next nitej and let sit out overnite.the result is a smooth plain snuff with a awsome smell of whiskey that lingers for 5 to 10 minutes and has a pretty strong nicotine rush . I will try this again with coniac and honey to try and impersonate Spanish gem soon.
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