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Invent your own - MIXING SNUFFS!!!



  • @puffpuff: 2 ideas. 1) scent your own. Get a few fresh cranberries and mush them a bit to let them release thier scent. Put them in a little container that can seal. Get a small jar lid and spread some Toque natural on that and put that in the container as well. Seal it for a couple days. You might refresh the berries and stir the snuff from time to time.
    2) Open up a cranberry snus pouch and mix it into the snuff. Or use an empty cranberry snus tin to hold your mixture. It might impart enough scent that way.
  • I'm trying zone6's concoction, Chocolate Cherry Coke.
    Oh wait, I made vanilla cherry coke. Well it's good too! lol
    I'll try with chocolate later. :p
  • Currently trying Toque quit and Dholakia White mixed 3 parts Toque 1 part white. Nice spicy nicotine rush with a friendly burn.
  • edited October 2009 PM
    I've tried the "indirect" method of flavouring snuff which means keeping the snuff in the same container with the flavouring agent. Although this does work I prefer the "straight" method; I just put whatever flavouring agent I use, directly into the snuff. This works faster and gives a longer lasting aroma. I've used Valencia Orange Blossoms to flavour some Toque Natural and Quit and it worked very well. To get rid of the flowers, I've put the snuff through a sieve and that's it.

    I've also used Sweet Pea flowers with Levi Garrett and now I've got something like Tube Rose but with a better kick. I've blended some of my home made snuff with Amaroela Creme, a liqueur made from wild fruit, by adding the fluid directly to the snuff. After 3 days I sundried the snuff to a point where I was happy with the moistness.

    I've made sweet snuff by mixing honey with heated brandy which I've then poured directly into my snuff. After a couple of days, I've dried the snuff. The flavour stays whilst the liquid evaporates. I'm at present busy making my own Christmas Pudding by adding spices to my home made snuff. I use cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and brandy for flavouring some natural snuff.

    Don't be afraid to add spices to snuff. Just go slowly and add little by little until you are happy with the result. Do not taste the snuff immediately after you've added something, leave it for 24 hours to settle. Allspice also lends a nice taste to snuff but, be careful. Add small amounts until you are happy with the taste.

    I'm passing on tips which I've received from seasoned snuffers and which I've also tried. So, go ahead and use it. By doing so you will create something new of which only you have some. And if you feel confident enough, share it with some of your friends here. If it's no good, nobody will know about it.
  • Pieter's methods must work because his home brews are pretty tasty!
  • Old Paris and Garrett are good together. Weighted a little more towards the Old Paris.
  • After not being able to get any Dholkia White, I took a shot at a mix from what I had around.
    Not sure what a white should be like, But I like it so far. Kick is good, sweet.

    I call it WWW (World Wide White)?

    33% F & T HDT
    33% Dholkia Sparrow
    33% Swisher Honey Bee

    BTW, I'm a new snuffer & I have been lurking here for a month or thereabouts, soo hello everyone!!
  • Levi Garrett with a SMALL amount of WoS SM snuff = Menthol scotch
  • 2 parts swiss chocolate 1 part dholakia white. I call it Chocolate Rocket.
  • Ok here is one.
    I dont know his name yet, but a good freind of mine and i came up with this one whilst onyl having some Garret & sons scotch snuff. and aching for a new snuff.

    1 pouch bugler cig tobacco.
    1/4 oz "Zoso" pipe tobacco. (a blend made by a local tobacconist here in town, my fav pipe tobbacco, i suppsoe you couold sub your own fav blend)
    1/4 tsp baking soda.

    dry pipe tobaco cautiously ina low temp oven, grind thouroughly in coffee grinder add bugler, grind/miz thouroughly, add baking soda, into grinder with mixture and let grind/mix for a gould couple fo minutes.
    at that point we snuffed. and it was decent. we left it ina pan, and snuffed from time to time for the next few days. then he got a whole butt load of myriad snuffs from an online source (dont knwo the name) and we forgot abotu our homebrew snuff for a few weeks. recently i rediscovered this pan, still sitting open. i took a pinch and sniffed. WOW. it cured very well in open air at room temp. and had a smooth even mild burn, with a distinct chocolate finish. (somehting none of the ingredients have ont heir own ... when smoekd atleast, and that the mixture was lacking in it's infancy)
    i am not sure of the blend that composes zoso, but im almsot positive it has a cavendish base with a dash of amaretto. but the other constituents are unkown, as i havent been able to replicate it on my own. :(
  • Yesterday I made some coffee snuff with an electric coffee grinder. I used some NTSU that had been aired for about 8 hours. Then I ground it in the coffee grinder and threw in 4 or 5 coffee beans (Kona beans to be exact). The fine dust that collected on the lid of the coffee grinder was VERY potent! I put that in a separate container. Then I added some Dholakia coffee snuff and a little vanilla. I'm catching a pretty good buzz from it! Has anyone sniffed ground coffee beans before? :)
  • Easier Said than Done: Some weeks ago, I made up eight 'home blends.' I've tried them at different lengths of time, and while they have become smoother and nice 'tasting,' none of them are better than from a manufacturer.

    I find that the florals, even mixed with NTSU, Dholakia Black or White, still cause my nose to run, not as bad as straight, but bad enough to congest me and make me want to blow in a short time. I don't plan to get rid of the florals yet, but I don't enjoy them regardless of the smell because they congest me and make my nose run. Maybe I'm using too big pinches. I started blending them thinking more nicotine will counter the tendency. Maybe florals are just not for me. I can manage them with small pinches, but when I try to get that truck in there with the bus, trouble for sure.

    My guarana/ coffee latte is very smooth now, but definitely grinding coffee beans in caused it to have a drain that's difficult to manage without blowing soon. The Toque Espresso is much better, as well as better taste, so there's obviously more to making coffee snuff than grinding coffee beans into tobacco.

    The natural tasting tobaccos like Tom Buck, Queens, McC S'nuff, Spanish Gem, even straight NTSU, are hips to head and shoulders better than any floral hybrids I've been able to make. Snuffster's sample was far better than anything I've ever come up with. I suspect that both my lack of skill and tendency to prefer more natural tobacco are involved in my dissatisfaction with my blends. I can get greedy with all these and all is well.

    In any event, my hat's off to the professionals. Their job is definitely safe from me. A pinch and a nod to those who know what they're doing, and more power to them. Nothing like trying to cut down your own tree to develop true respect for a man who knows how to swing an axe. First chance I get, I'll ask 'Stinky Head' for his autograph.
  • @Herzl: I've also had more failures than successes! Why don't you try mixing a bit of every one of your home brews together? I've done that already and were surprised with the result. Also, be careful with the number of coffee beans you add. To many will give you a bitter instead of coffee taste.
  • I put 2 parts WOS Irish Toast #22 and 1part McC s'nuff because it still has all the smokey goodness of the toast and lasts longer in the nose with a better nic kick.
  • Could anyone tell me if they can create an 'egg-nog' scented snuff by mixing a whiskey scent with some vanilla type snuff. I don't have anything that fits that description and am thinking someone must have tried it? (My younger brother loves egg nog and if he was to try something like this , I may be able to convert him to the world of snuff)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Maybe Vanilla, Whisky, and a tiny pinch of Clove. I'll try this later.

    So happy that it is almost time for some spiked Egg-Nog.
  • I've seen pictures of the Nog Tree groves in Florida. You live anywhere near those, Stokes?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I think those are mostly in South Florida, near Homestead. There might be a place around here that sells them, though. I'll have to look into it.
  • hmmmm
    eggnog snuff...
    vanilla and some nutmeg, and a pinch of cinnamon.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    My attempts at an Egg-Nog snuff:


    1 Part Toque Vanilla
    1 Part Gawith Hoggarth Whisky
    1 Dab Toque Christmas Pudding

    Kind of bland, but some festive hints in there. I think this is the best mix of the 3, most Egg-Nog-esque.


    1 Part Wilsons Vanilla
    1/2 Part Gawith Hoggarth Whisky
    1 Dab McC Clove

    Clove was a bad idea, takes over the snuff.


    1 Part Wilsons Vanilla
    1/2 Part GH Whisky
    1 Dab Toque XMas Pudding

    Hmm.. not sure of this one either.
  • BartBart Member
    edited December 2009 PM
    Yes....eggs, cream, and sugar must be in there in some form for this to be authentic
  • I snuffed nutmeg when I was younger. It made me stupid. I'm still not sure the damage wasn't permanent.
  • I'm working on creating this from scratch, but what I've got is showing some promise so far. I'm working on getting the individual flavors first, so I've got a batch of rum snuff, a batch of vanilla snuff, a batch of saigon cinnamon snuff, and a batch of nutmeg snuff. The rum, vanilla, and cinammon are picking up the scents and flavors wonderfully so far, the nutmeg not so much. I may have to find some fresher nutmeg or maybe some sort of nutmeg extract.
  • my absolute favourite at the moment half and half of wilsons of sharrow honey menthol and toque chocolate, its lovely.
  • Has anyone tried any Chocolate and Strawberry/Raspberry concoctions? :) The Wiz!
  • not yet but i will, sounds good.
  • @ stokes et al.: A shot of FUBAR Shot of Rum may help too. (Just ideas, I've not tried it)
  • I've discovered a quick and easy method. Those little smash boxes Tom at Nicotine Rush puts the samples in? They are the perfect size for experimenting with blends and flavoring. You can have fun reusing them by filling them with the snuff of your choice and the flavoring you desire. Shake it up, let it sit a day or more, then see what you've got. If it doesn't work out, at least you haven't wasted much snuff.

    I've found that adding a couple of drops of Maker's Mark Whisky to Three Thistles is amazing. It really mellows out and moistens the snuff. If you throw in a little Honey Bee, it's even better. For a touch of sweetness, use one part Honey Bee to five parts Three Thistles.

    Likewise, a couple drops of Cointreau takes Toque Espresso into another realm entirely.
  • Three thistles plain or sweet? Man, that sounds good!
  • Three Thistles plain.

    Give it a try. It's out of this world.
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