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  • Dholakia White with some Toque Bacon and Cheese. I'm still trying to figure out the proportions. So far the two really seem to compliment one another. An added bonus is that the addition of Bacon and Cheese to the White cuts down on the problems with the White being so fine. All I can say for sure at this point is that you want the proportion of White to be higher than the B&C.
  • after I use this up I am going to have to try a combination that has Taxi Red and Toque Chocolate in it
  • I personally like to have a consistent grind for insufflation control. I have flavored my Taxi's but would never mix them for this reason. Berwick Brown kills me in this respect so I had to sieve it. Don't worry yourself over my point of view. Do...Absolutely...Label your mixes. You will be glad you did.
  • Bernard Feiner Offenbacher Kardinal and O&G at a ratio of 3:1 = Very Tasty!
  • I'm snuffing calamus from the witch doctors shop called The Dragons Den in Makawao. It will make a nice mixer. I think. I have had my eyes on it for years now. Glad to have it. What I really wanted was orris, but that's more from the perfumers trade. I'm thinking about the goldenseal and the echinacea that they have now. I have snuffed goldenseal before. It would do very well in an herb mix.
  • I doubt this qualifies as a special mix but I have been using Maccoboy with Wos Rose. The Wos enhances the tiny amount of Rose in the Maccoboy and makes it more pleasant, the maccoboy gives me the nicotine. All it takes is a small amount of the Wos to enhance the scent.
  • One part Toque Apricot / Three parts Wilsons of Sharrow Apricot. The high notes of the Wilsons and the baritone of the Toque make for a fuller apricot flavor with the WoS up front and the Toque holding the scent with it's sticky pit depth. Maybe a little less Toque in this one for me. I'll run through some of the box and decide in a week or so.
  • @ dgriego

    Good advice, since I've gotten so much of the Maccoboy from Nicotinerush and I have a few big tins of Toque Rose.

    Half and Half Dholakia Black and Dholakia Swiss Chocolate. The Chocolate by itself is too cloying, but when mixed with the Black tastes like a good, bittersweet dark Chocolate.

    Half and Half Dholakia White and Kamal. Don't ask.
  • I made today what smells to me exactly like a Chocolate Brownie. 1 part Carhart's sweet, 1 part Rooster & 1 part Dholakia Swiss Chocolate. I've already gone through a bullet of this stuff in a matter of 3 hours =D
  • Rocket mustard.

    For some reason I took 1 part Rooster 3 parts HoneyBee, it reminds me of Honey mustard.

    I had the remains of some WoS High toast #22 which was added to my rocket mustard.
    It is my go to send chills down my body, brain melting octane boost.

    I simply call it UGH! The high toast 22 mellows the sweet and the over smokey Rooster and finishes the nose note out, smokey sweet mellow.
  • LHBLHB Member
    My favorite mixture du jour is 1 part Toque Vanilla to 1 part Toque Menthol. It tastes something like Bernard Jubilaums at 25% of the price. Just like Vanilla Ice Cream!
  • LBH will have to try that. I have a tap box of black and 60+g of swiss choco.
  • 1 part Dholakia White
    1 part Toque Rose
    1 part Taxi Red
  • 1 part WE Garrett
    1 part IDH # 20

    Pretty good. I love scotch and SP is a type of magic that makes snuff work as a tonic. I go for the plain scotches and toasts for my routine fixes. I use all other flavored snuffs as supplements to my mood, whatever it may be. So this one breaks the monotony and can be a all day snuff.
  • @LHB, Toque MENTHOL VANILLA is a winner. Changes the character of both snuffs to form something totally diiferent. Very nice pure tobacco flavour. Thanks for the tip.
  • @dgriego, I've added a pinch of Toque Rose to my Maccoboy and WOW!! What a change! Thanks mate for this tip.
  • Dholakia Black and White with some pure Toque Rustica. This must be illegal stuff!!
  • Black, coffee bite and swiss chocolate.
    Mocca madness.
  • Dholakia Chococreme-L - 2 scoops
    Toque Chocolate - 1 scoop
    McChrystal's Supermint - 2 pinches
    WOW! Apple Pie - 1 pinch

    tasted a lot like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies lol
  • I just oiled up some Bruton with sesame oil. It has certainly changed the character of it. we will see if there are any more changes after a ship voyage. As it stands It seems a useful technique for schmalzling, I will definitely make a batch using ghee, maybe even coconut oil. It's easy to mix small batches up for experimentation. Once certain with the results I will go with some of the better snuffs I have.
  • Been trying out some Red Cap (NOT the No.7, just the plain old Red Cap) pipe tobacco snuff. It's almost dry enough outta the bag to mortar and pestle. Ground it down to near-Scotch consistency, with just the tiniest pinch of bicarb and a half pinch of sea salt.

    Snuffs wondrously, nice light honey scent to it.
  • edited April 2010 PM
    Mixed an earth shaking snuff today;

    50% Dholakia White
    25% Dholakia Black
    25% Toque Rustica Pure, finely sieved, no stems and stalks

    Makes my head SPINNNNNNNN
  • @ Pieter - that sounds absolutely lethal!
  • I mixed Honey Bee with the WOS Honey Menthol and it came out very nice, seems to enhance the Honey.
  • I usually try and mix something I don't much like with something I do like, hoping it will make what I don't much like, more likeable, but usually it doesn't and I feel like I am wasting a snuff I do like.
  • I use Toque Quit and McChrystal's S'Nuff to boost/mellow snuffs with about similar grind. On their own they aren't very pleasant.
  • RansRans Member
    Toque Quit and Hedges L260...50-50 mix...mmmmmmm
  • Ebony Star-NTSU (1 part) +Dholakia Black(1 part)+Hedges l260(1/2 part)
  • Black Forest Chocolate- 1 part NTSU + !part Dholakia black + 1 part Dholakia swiss Chocolate
  • Chocoapricot delight- 1 part NTSU + 1 part Dholakia black + 1 part Dholakia swiss chocolate + 1/2 part Wos appricot
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