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A/P by De Kralingse

AlexAlex Member
edited November 2006 in Types of Snuff
The A/P Snuff produced by De Kralingse in the Netherlands is one of my favourites. It is based on Latakia tobacco, which is smoke-cured. Therefore it has a basic smoky scent. The special thing about the A/P is the additional scent of pine, which is just lovely. The snuffs produced by De Kralingse have a coarse grain and are medium moist. Just the way I like it.


  • I like the Latakia Ao 1820 myself!

    Which the A/P is based on. Here is the Latakia Ao 1860.
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  • No definately Latakia.
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  • Jaap Bes would know, he made it. All the descriptions say its a snuff with latakia characteristics. Even the top review by Alex says its based on Latakia tobacco, not latakia based.
  • Fair enough I always thought it was latakia based. Ah well its still good stuff.
  • Hello everyone,

    Indeed the Latakia Ao 1860 is not pure Latakia tobacco. It resembles the smokey flavor of Latakia tobacco and is made of a fermented mixture of Virginia and Kentucky tobacco's. Recently I introduced some new cacao flavours based on the Latakia Ao 1860: Choco L; Latakia Ao 1860 flavoured with cacao flavour. Chococreme L; Latakia Ao 1860 flavoured with cacao and whipped cream flavour. And Chocomint L; Latakia Ao 1860 flavoured with cacao flavour and Japanese peppermint oil.
    At the moment busy with some historical snuffs namely Bon Bon, Holländer Bolangero, Holländischer Musino, Holländischer Tabak aus Virginischer Blätter, Limburgertabak and Mississippitabak. Furthermore a tobaccofree snuff based on dried flowers and spices. And as I mentioned before the St Omer Karottensnuff.
    I'll keep you posted on the progress.

    Jaap Bes.
  • They sound fantastic Jaap, good luck with them.
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  • I am really looking forward to those Jaap, keep up the great work!
  • AlexAlex Member
    a Limburg and a Karotte? Great news! First, see imprint. :-D Second, because I always wondered how such a one will taste.
  • So has anyone tried the de kralingse chocomint or chococreme as mentioned in comment 10. Anything you would like to share about it.
  • I have tried grinding up some pure Lakatia into snuff. It wasn't good in my opinion. It actually tasted very bad to me- not like a nice smoky campfire like the kralingse stuff. Maybe it was the brand I tried, but it was just some pure Lakatia from the local tobacconist.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    My understanding is that "Latakia" is tobacco that has been smoked over certain woods and herbs. So only after it's been smoked it's Latakia. Before that the tobacco is Oriental, Virginia and Kentucky etc. Hope this clears things up for some of you. Information on this subject is in the area of pipe tobaccos.
  • latakia is actualy a very small type of tobacco plant. AT least that is what I've heard.
  • celticsnuffer,

    Snuffstore has them & I think I'm gonna have to try some.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    Juxtaposer is right, latakia is a process of smoking oriental leaf (Turkish, Syrian, Cyprian, etc.) over fires. There are many varieties of latakia depending on the leaf and the smoking, etc. Not all will be suitable for any one purpose.
  • I thought Latakia was a specific strain of tobacco, rather than a flavour obtained by blending or smoking? I used to smoke a Latkia pipe tobacco that just stated it was made from Latakia, ie a specific type of the plant. So if I smoked some of my Virginia hand rolling tobacco would that make it a Latakia?
  • Hello Snuffster,

    Latakia is the name of a harbour in West Syria and the name of a tobacco type produced in the east Meditterenean region much of the Latakia tobacco comes from Cyprus. After harvest and drying it is very heavily smoked, possibly with a special type of wood and I presume in special rooms because of the very intense smoky flavour.

    Jaap Bes.
  • Snuffster by the time you get your handrolling or any smokable tobacco, it's too late to make it latakia. Latakia is made while the whole leaves are cured as part of the processing.
  • But you can scent the tobacco with a good Lapsang Souchong tea to get that rich smokiness.
  • Thanks for that Jaap and Snuffbox

    TS - how would you go about doing that?
  • snuffster,

    If you have lapsang already in the individual tea bags you can just put the tobacco you want to scent in a container that will seal good. Then put a few of the tea bags in and let sit for a few days or until the scent you want is achieved. If you have Lapsang in bulk like I do you can just put some in a paper coffee filter & tie it up & put in container with snuff or put snuff in bottom of container, lay filter over snuff then add lapsang over filter & let sit. But either way you do it, you want to agitate/stir the tobacco at least once a day to make sure all the tobacco has a chance to absorb. And if needed you can add fresh tea once a day. Tobacco is like a sponge and will absorb scents pretty good.
  • I just ordered some of this and am looking forward to it. WoS Grand Cairo gave me a hint of juniper/pine and this description sounds like something I might really enjoy.
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @ Troutstroker, sorry you asked what Jaap's chocomint was like. I never notice until this thread was bumpt up. It is very nice and very much, in taste to a Mint Aero chocolate bar, remember the choc bar with bubbles inside, I don't think they are available in the US any more. But not a snuff I could stick with all day. I'll try and find a picture to jog your memory.
  • Thanks Snuff Head, can't say I've ever had that chocolate bar. I see on wiki that it was only available in US for a short time in 80's & available at specialty stores that imports products. If I ever had one it must not have been impressive enough to stick in the brain.
  • Hello Brian,

    It is plain Virginia tobacco naturally fermented with the addition of potash and salmiak.
    If you sent me a postal address I'll sent you a sample.

    Kindest regards,

    Jaap Bes.
  • Unfortunately, my supplier was out of A/P and they sent the Ao 1860 as a substitute. Its very impressive so now I really want to try the A/P even more.
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