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Irish Toast No. 21 by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow)

AlexAlex Member
edited November 2006 in Types of Snuff
The Irish Toast Snuff is a scented, fine snuff which is fire- or smoke-cured. It has a medium brown colour. Although I prefer coarse snuffs, this one feels nice in my nose with its slightly scented aroma, as the original tobacco scent is still present.


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  • Hi Roger! A warm welcome from my side.

    I am pretty sure, there are differences in colour, moist and taste regarding the Toast Snuffs. The High Toast is very dry compared to the other variants which are just dry.
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  • Sounds good. I should include the No. 22 in my next order to try it.
  • Greetings from Danmark! No 22 was actually the first snuff I ever tried, and perhaps I should have begun with something milder. As a result of vulcanic, eruptic sneezing and streams of tears, while staggering around the house moaning and yelling - I completely gave up snuff for a long time, and only later returned to snuff instead of cigarettes. Now I really really enjoy No 22. Personally as an ex-smoker I prefer the non-mentholized snuffs, as I never liked mentholized cigarettes either. To me menthol must be for people who don't really like the taste/scent of tobacco? Another favorit of mine is French Carotte (nothing to do with carrots, but with the tradition of fermenting) and Queen's Extra Strong is good for a blast, when the craving is strong. But No 22 has gone from scaring me away from snuff to become one of my absolute favorites. Unfortunately snuff is not sold in Danmark, so I must order everything from Debbie of W and S :o)
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  • Is there much difference in the #21 and the #22? I have the #22 and also High Dry Toast by F&T and I can't tell much difference between those 2. But I absolutely love them both. I have a couple cans of the #21 in my cart at the moment at Mars for my next order to try anyways, just as soon as they get the Latakia Orange in stock I will be making that order (Mike assures me they will be getting it in soon).
    Just curious.
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  • hello roger glad your here
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  • Irish High Toast was the first snuff I ever tried, and so it occupies a special place with me. I guess this may be the reason why I never got along with moist snuff. I tried some different types of moist snuff, but I find most of them somewhat "chemical" in flavor and annoyingly hard to keep inside the nostrils *lol* - moist snuff is much harder to control, I find. I like Princes and from time to time a pinch of Schmalzler, but I could not see myself using a moist snuff as an all-day snuff. I like the High Toast for its pure tobacco flavor, and it never hits my throat. I don't know why that is, but I guess that your choice of snuff varities depends so much on your individual way of pinching, and personal choice of flavor :o) Long live High Toast :o)
  • Hello Mo - He he he I was actually here for quite a while :o)))))
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I hope he didn't wait for the whole year and a half.
  • Is 21 and 22 actually the same snuff? They do have previous for labelling the same thing twice....
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I thought that 21 is a toasted SP?
  • 21 is actually hard to come by. Most shops have 22, only a few carry 21. I haven't had it yet. There's a #20 too, isn't there?
  • No 20 is called Irish D High Toast, a dark brown toasted SP.

    No 21 is called Irish Toast. It's mid brown and similar in grind to the No 20 but has a plain tobacco flavour.

    No 22 is called Irish High Toast and is the most popular one - a dry, fine, light brown toast.
  • The No 20 is phenomenal. It has a dark, rich, toasty tobacco base, ever so moist when fresh, elevated by an ethereal beragmot note, the same used in the Best SP, SP 100, and SP2.
  • I need some 21.
  • I've got a lot of the #22 as most snuffers do, but I also keep about 100g of the #20 on hand. It's phenomenal, as Rappler said. I've never tried the #21 however.
  • The No21 is probably the plainest snuff in Wilsons' range. I don't think it's much to write home about to be honest.
  • @ BradMajors: You don't understand. I NEED SOME 21!

    Actually, no rush. I want to try mainly becuase I want to try everything. I was just thinking to myself: What Wilson's snuff is actually plain? Now, I know. Thanks.
    Also I fnd it odd that the only place it seems to be is on the German vendor's sites. Rajek's used to have it. Snuff has it. Thats about it. Wilson's doesn't even mention it on their own website. They sent me a list of all their snuffs a few days ago too. 21 was not included.
  • I ordered some 21 directly from WoS once and they sent me a can of 22! Why is this stuff so elusive?
  • BradMajorsBradMajors Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    It does seem to be poorly distributed and you're right, Xander - it doesn't appear on Wilsons' mail order list. Maybe it isn't very popular and is in the process of being discontinued ? I got a tin a few years back directly from Wilsons.
  • @ BradMajors: It won't ever be popular so long as its poorly distributed. Perhaps some of the vendors who read this list can rectify that.
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