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rockit snuff

edited March 2009 in General
we have a new brochure site for Rockit Snuff. It is aimed at 20-25 year olds so bear that in mind when you take a look-see. It is like no other snuff site out there; all flashy and loud. Not really fro snuff connoisseurs like you guys; more for newbies who have seen us at festivals and want to learn more. With these provisos in mind, your input is much appreciated. see here



  • MattMatt Member
    Great looking site. Very professional. There is a typo on the zatso page. It says something to the effect of "you can dpo a google search" instead of "do a google search" Just figured you'd like to know.
  • Dave, its great and I wish you all the best with it - having spent a lot of time with your snuffs since they first came out I would now recommend them to anyone, they took a while to grow on me but I would say to any new snuffer: try them, you will find your cigarettes taste like the crap they are after trying snuff..
  • Thanks Matt and snuffster; much appreciated.
  • apap Member
    Nice site man .
  • I think it's a nice site, and the Rockit Snuffs are good. I noticed the health popup only seemed to address oral smokeless tobacco, and I don't think it mentioned nasal at all. I think these would sell more in a display at an actual shop, where they could be seen. A website is nice, but how do you get people to look at the website, if they had no idea? I personally didn't care for the bullet usage, and I think a cool Rocket tap can would be nice. Even though nasal snuff may be 500 yrs old, I think few know about it, or would even think about it. It was a series of events that led me to it. And I love it, ever since the 1st sniff.

  • Hi Tom502. This site is really a brochure other words it is not true e-commerce but more of a site for a specific product which will lead people to try and then move on to buy from other websites (hopefully ;-)). Nobody will stumble upon it but we are attending several festivals over the coming months and Rockit is the main product we are sampling out, with other brands displayed and sampled if asked. The reason is Rockit is quite an easy snuff for first time users and gives a decent nicotine hit. When they go home with luck they will check us out on the web and so will begin another converts adventures in the wonderful world of snuff. Your point on the oral snuff is a good one. We forgot about that. It was a placeholder we never quite got around to replacing.
  • Man I couldn't stop dancing. LOL
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