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Two new Fine Border snuffs.Toque Snuffs

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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Wilson's Wallflower

SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
edited March 2009 in Types of Snuff
I got a medium tin of this in a gift pack from Wilsons a few months ago. I didn't really like it at first, it came across as flavorless and other people seemed to have the same opinion.

I can still pick up the ammonia in my tin, so it's still pretty fresh, but revisiting this now I am picking up complex florals and it's really nice. I find it gives a nice lift as well.

You should try a fresh tin (perhaps not too fresh!) if you would like a nice change of pace, floral, but with a good tobacco back.


  • I've been wanting to try that one, having a soft spot for florals. I had it in my shopping cart at NR for awhile, then read a lot of bad reviews, dropped it, and opted for some Jasmine, Maccoboy, Violet, Rose and some herb flavored ones (from various companies). I suppose I'll get back to Wallflower. There are still so many left to try!
  • It has a surprising amount of flavor. I think it would be a hit with the people who like their Best SP, Tom Buck, Strasbourg, etc. and want a floral snuff. Really excellent. I've been taking it all weekend.
  • I haven't tried Wilson's Wallflower, but I love Gawith Hoggarth's version.
  • Wilson's Wallflower and Menthol Extra were actually the first two snuffs I ever tried, so I've always loved it. I keep the empty can on my dresser and open it up and smell it from time to time to savor that still lingering, wonderful scent.
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  • I would agree with that, there's a nice lift from Wallflower.
  • I am using it at the moment, and it is my favourite Wilsons floral snuff, even better than Rose of Sharrow. Not too overpowering, but distinctive and very relaxing. Very easy to take as well, no throat issues, burn or sneezing. Highly recommended.
  • OTDOTD Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    Received a tin of Wallflower yesterday, first pinch just now with my morning coffee. That for me is the best time to try a new snuff, in the morning when the senses are somewhat renewed from the previous days abuses.

    Dark side of brown, fine and moist. Not dry or dusty by any means. Noticeable ammonia from the tin.

    But as soon as the pinch approaches the nose....... what a surprise.
    The immediate sense is a sweet citrus, something akin to a mild lemon candy sweetness.
    The scent refines to a soft yet more than present floral. As I've no idea what a wallflower smells like I have to fall in with others and say this snuff is reminiscent of a violet.

    Someone on the forum suggested I try this, my apologies I forget who, but I am glad I took that suggestion!
    Sunrise, coffee and the fragrance of WoS Wallflower makes for a pleasant start for the day.
  • It cam across strong to me, very much like violets. All in all very nice. Its very fine so has to be sniffed gently.
  • XanderXander Member
    One of my favorites! Still need to try the Gawith Hoggarth one.
  • OTDOTD Member
    Xander, it may well have been you that suggested I give it a go.
    Has a nice centering quality as well.
    I've been out in the back doing yard chores, nose full of A/P.
    Just now taking a break with more of the Wallflower. The hectic mental rush and buzz I came in with has just faded away........
  • XanderXander Member
    I may have. Carnation is the next one I'd recommend. Not quite as good, but its up there. Its got a more subtle side to it.
    I need to dig out some of those WoS florals. Talking about them makes me want them.
  • OTDOTD Member
    So far the only florals I care for are from WoS. The other manufactures come across to me as perfume.
    WoS Jasmine anytime of the day. As a regular bedtime rotation for me, the Rose, Lavender and Carnation will now include the Wallflower of course.
  • SfingleSfingle Member
    edited May 2010 PM
    I agree with that almost completely OTD, WoS does make some of the best floral scents.
  • @Tobe I just took a few pinches and this is the best floral snuff I tried so far. (If you don't count Old Paris as a floral) it's strong but subtle and the sent stays long. No nasty burn or drip. Very nice !
  • TobeTobe Member
    @Marielle32 I don't really like florals too much, but this is definitely good. I'm probably going to order more of this for the rare times I want a floral snuff.
  • I cracked open a 5g tin of this yesterday (it's now just called Wall), and it's a really lovely floral snuff. The scent is a really potent blast immediately on the pinch, intense floral and lemon sherberts, but this quickly settles down to a really nice and not overpowering fragrance. The aroma comes across as totally natural, and not too dissimilar to Violet - kind of halfway between Violet and Lavender for those who aren't familiar.

    The scent is long lasting, and remains very welcome. After several minutes the scent does fade, though seems to come back in waves, occasionally with a faint whiff of talcum powder, but mostly as a pleasant country garden scent. After 10 minutes the tobacco scent may start poking through, but you still get the wallflower rolling through as if carried on the breeze. I am really glad this one has survived on the Wilson's playlist, as I think this will be heading for my favourites list.

    Would I want this scent in my nose all day? Maybe not, but it's certainly a scent you could visit every day. One to savour in the tranquil moments.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    @50ft_trad I agree this one has favourites list potential!

    It has a lot in common with Jockey Club. This may be an aroma component found in that one. Looks like same fluffy fine base.

    Call me crazy but this feels quite strong, especially for a WoS. The floral aroma is about as strong as it gets as well. Came from Mr Snuff with date code 036 18 A, fresh and moist for a WoS
  • I had a 5 gram and some 25 grams tins I had the pleasure of opening after being bought somewhere 2 years ago, the scents have remained very strong as you said , very enjoyable pinch in the evenings.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    Oh wow, I just tried a fresh tin of Toque Violet and it is Very competitive vs the WoS for my nose's pleasure! Very curious to hear everyone's thoughts between the two

    If I recall, a year or two ago @Roderick posted a month's sale data and Violet was by far the least ordered. If so, this delightful snuff is a best-kept secret in the Toque line
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