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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Samuel Gawith - Yay or Nay?



  • I really like the Viking Thors hammer and that's apparently SG snuff at heart. Other than that I enjoy the black coffee and ccc. The grind of SG's are great, so fluffy!
  • MarvinLapsusMarvinLapsus Member
    edited December 2015 PM
    Yay! Black Rappee, the Vinking contract brand, the Crests, Gold Mull... In the pipe realm they're demigods!
    Am I the only one to say nay to Elmo's Reserve? I'm not a big fan of KB either. The first is too one dimensional, the second has a mill and fermentation level that are not my thing. Anyway, even not liking them, their quality and value for money stats are great.

  • @MarvinLapsus - I believe I saw Elmo's Reserve mentioned on the "what is the worst snuff you have tried" thread, so you're not the only naysayer there.  I could see the KB too... I like it, but it's definitely not an all day-er for me.  
  • I enjoy the pipe tobacco, That is top shelf in my book.SG makes so many snuff they do have some great ones and others that fail to shine. You can't please all the people all the time. I am happy they are in the game sitting on the bench here, it be nice if they would interact like our other snuff creators do.That goes for wilsons also; You around @sharrow1
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • SG is my brand (including viking), I rarely buy outside of it. And even inside SG I stay away from the fruity flavors. I mostly stick to the crests, sp's and KB. 99% of the time I either have viking dark, KBO or Elmo's in my nose. So SG gets the Yay vote from me.
  • I like Almost all of there range , They have been playing around with there base flour for the last few years some good changes some Bummers ! Banana is my Favorite the older very dark version I think was the best but the new light fluffy brown is still good ! I'm down to about nine pounds of different batches and I'm waiting for two large tubs right now ! Only one batch I have received has had a noticeable amount of Menthol it is not a good thing but still a great snuff ! I have at least twenty five grams of every thing they make some were only pinched once ! If you want to treat your Schnoz to something hand crafted make sure you try yourself some Old-Mill it goes well with Samuel Gawith !  
  • @kurtsnose et al. - Is it just me, or does Samuel Gawith Banana have a distinct undertone of cloves?  It's not bad at all, just different than I imagined.  Lately I have been using a blend of different snuffs that includes Toque Cherry, Toque Peach, and SG Apple ... maybe I will throw in some SG Banana and make a fruit salad snuff out of it. :)
  • Samuel Gawith's good snuffs are extremely good, among the best about. They have a lot of mediocre snuffs too but the good ones are off the chain. You can say that about any snuff manufacturer though.
  • @cstokes4  I got a tap-box of Scotch and I am not impressed at all, maybe it was just dried out, or I don't know how to enjoy good snuff, but I can't take it.

  • @yisraeldov I tent to try and stay clear of the tap-boxes. Unless its an paraffin base like Poschl it always arrived dried up and stale (or should I say it is never fresh) in my experience anyway. I'm waiting on MrSnuff to order back in alot of the Kendals and Black Rapee in the large tins they only seem to have tappers at the moment though.
  • @aamon, thanks, this was my first order, trying to get some variety, I thought I would like the tap-boxes, but haven't had a good experience yet. One was broken and this one was dried out.

    BTW is it supposed to be so dry ? 

    I'm willing to give away if some one can send me some BTC for the stamps... 
  • @yisraeldov No it is not supposed to be dry. Scotch black is one of the most moist snuffs in the SG Line. NEVER buy tap boxes from SG or GH if you want snuff in usable condition. British snuffs are moistened with water and the tapboxes let all that water escape. Always get the 25g vac sealed containers from SG or minitubs from GH.
  • @sandwhichisles

    Thanks, but it is just plain "Scotch" not "Scotch black", if that makes a difference.
  • @ysraeldov Sorry, wasn't quite awake. Doesn't make any difference however. All snuffs in SG tapboxes bear no resemblance to the ones in tins. SG Scotch (aka SP Scotch) should be medium moist and fluffy.
  • nicmizernicmizer Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Nobody tell me here they don't have at least one bone dry attic dry snuff of the stale sort of the SG range(or other brands). Well stupid me several years back acquired some from Mr. S and didn't realize the consequences involved in sticking them in the drawer in those crap tap boxes! They are done and have been for years. Still got'um,still look at'um, still shake'um and do occasionally sniff the openings of the crap tap box opening but very apprehensive about putting any up my snout.

    May try some non--scientific experiments to make it tolerable to consume(???) Or it can be easily adapted to be used as an insecticide. So there you go, it is still useful for something.
  • Well I say yay. Love the Elmo's (doesn't everyone though) KB Special, and some of their menthols are a bit different and enjoyable too.
  • In carp tap boxes-Nay! In my sealed glass jars or vac tins-Yay!
  • @nicmizer Good point about the tap boxes. Why do they even bother with them? 'Even Wilson's' type tins are an improvement on the tap boxes
  • I would think that if any manufacturer were to use tap-boxes, they'd at least hermetically seal the whole box in a plastic layer???  As they are now, totally useless and wasteful.
  • I've always stayed away from SG tap boxes due to what others have said. I have not had issues with the tap boxes from Poschl.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    For the most part , neither have I . 

    I ve kept lil Poschl tins and taps for years with little change in the snuff  .   However , late last year I ordered a batch of Poschl Gawith Cola . I received pre- pre-TPD stock  which was all shot ....dry , with no sweet flavour , even the menthol element was waning . 

    It smelt a lot like feet ..or cheese , to be honest . So far it has resisted all attempts to bring it back into condition :(  Even hydrated , the scent is borderline unpleasant . 

    I intend to try all the foil-packed Poschls in the near future ...probably from a German supplier . 

    So far as Samuel Gawith goes , I  avoided their snuff for a long time ...purely on the strength of my experiences with the rubbish taps in tobacconists  . I think that is a fairly common attitude amongst offline shoppers.  It's only when I started on the tins that the quality of SG became evident :)

  • I love Samuel Gawith, but have also experienced a world of difference -- A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE -- between the tapboxes and their 25g vacuum-sealed tins.  Funny that they offer both the worst and best types of packaging, depending on size.

    Chocolate, Kendal Brown Original/Special, Scotch Black, Black Rappee.  Those are the ones I've tried and enjoyed.

    Irish D Lite smells fantastic but it stuffs me up so bad that I can't really use it.  If it didn't I'd go through it like nobody's business.
  • The Poschl perhaps does better in tap boxes because with it being oiled snuff it won't dry out as readily. Just a thought.
  • all my favourates Samuel Gawiths are all still out of stock from before xmas at MrSnuff i've been checking every other day. Hopefully it will be back in soon, I cant stand waiting.
  • Whither Sam Gawith?
  • I'd be interested in hearing more about the post-merger snuffs.

    There was a report on here recently that Black Coffee (Black Arabica) is significantly worse for the relocation to GH, but not heard much about whether everything else is as it was before, or what changes (grind and scent) have occurred.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited January 2018 PM
    @willynelson     "Wither Sam Gawith?" 
     They are in a small town called Kendal in Cumbria, historically Westmorland, in the English Lake District.
    A lovely little town prone to flooding in winter, when it rivals the streets of Venice for beauty, and scenic views. 
    My advice to anyone visiting would be to book early to avoid disappointment, as the winter cruises are very popular, and sell out quite quickly.

  • I'm new to snuff, but Samuel Gawith isn't really *my* kind of snuff, it feels. I started with McChrystal's O&G so I had the technique down for a finer snuff, SG it seems I had to learn all over. I got the FireDance, and while it smelt great, I felt it was too coarse and moist. It clogs my nose like crazy, while I can go a whole day with McChrystal's without blowing my nose, SG feels like I can only go about 20-30 minutes so it doesn't look like the kind of snuff that I can take with me when I go places.

    Some guy here suggested putting coarser grind snuffs in a mortar and pestle so I will try that, because I really want to make SG work since this is the only other brand I can get around here besides McChrystal's, but for now it doesn't seem like it agrees with my nose.

    Also since it's a coarser grind, I literally choke on the drips despite the fact that I take very small amounts.
  • @DrOctagon     It looks like you joined today.    Welcome to Snuffhouse.   :-h

    I took the other route when I started on snuff.  The order I took was Samuel Gawith coarse grinds, followed by Fribourg and Treyer ,  then McChrystals and Hedges.  All the time getting a bit finer.
    The coarse SG fell out mainly at first, the F&T went in, in too big a quantity, and Hedges went up the nose, and down the back of my throat.
    You are right, the SG stays in for about twenty to thirty minutes, and the finer ones can stay in all night, like a well banked coal fire.
    I didn't have the Snuffhouse community to give me advice in those days, and just stuck to what I knew until things settled down to the correct portions and what suited me.  I still have not got the hang of the very fine High dry toasts, so keep them for the occasional ticklish treat.
    Persevere, and you will get there in the end.  Some of the other members here will no doubt give you some good advice, and assistance.
    Welcome aboard.

  • @ArtChoo
    Hey, thanks! This seems like a good community, no doubt. It wouldn't matter so much if I had different kinds of snuff available, I'd just move on, but I only have access to a few SG flavors and mainly medicated McChrystal's since I live in Canada. Snuff seems like a good thing so I will keep at it.

    I've actually mixed some FireDance with O&G and it was a good mix, I got the free breathing sensation of the O&G along with the berry/brandy aftertaste of FireDance, but then I got greedy and added too much FireDance and it totally ruined it.

    As far as portions go, I use a spoon mostly. It's this plastic little thing that comes with face creams, courtesy of my gf. It seems to do the job and I can eyeball a good portion, I think I take half a pinch in most cases.

    I'm not giving up on SG, my next purchase will probably be Celtic Talisman since I've read that it is a finer grind, but maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
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