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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

Latakia Ao 1860 by De Kralingse

AlexAlex Member
edited November 2006 in Types of Snuff
Based on an old recipe, this is the first snuff produced and sold by De Kralingse. It is a pure, not-scented and roughly ground nasal snuff. It is smoke-cured, thus has a smoky taste with medium moisture. Absolutely recommendable!


  • You can directly order it from the producer. Have a look at the Online Shops and click at the link below Netherlands. That's the cheapest way of getting the De Kralingse snuff.
  • The fourth one should be the A/P, I guess. One of my favourites at the moment.
  • AlexAlex Member
    You just made me go to my snuff cabinet to have a pinch of A/P. Lovely. :-)
  • This snuff is great. similar in flavor to many american Scotches, smoky, leathery, used bookstore even, but far courser. It has just moved up to my top 5.
  • Man I love both Ao and the Ap.

    That said if you are a pipe smoker (especially of the English/Balkin blends) Ao is the perfect after pipe snuff. The only one that will stand up to and prolong that wonderful Latakia/Virginia/Oriental smell
  • I really like the Ao and have recently been mixing it with McChryatals OG, 20/80, for a full bodied smokey menthol.
  • Thanks Alex, direct from De Kralingse at Euro 2.50 for 25g is really cheap. Any Idea what the postage is to the uk?
  • I just got 75 grams for 12.50 Euro. total price including shipping.
  • @Snuffrider. Thanks. Thats great. £10.20 incusive for the same quantity of snuff that costs me around £15 from my uk supplier.
    Thats a big saving!
  • About shipping prices. We sent our parcels always priority by TNTpost. TNTpost uses different prices dependent on volume, weight and distance.
    Our 25 gram boxes weigh bruto 38 grams. The 12,5 gram boxes weigh 25 grams bruto. Up till 18 of these boxes can be sent as a letter. More, and the 100 grams containers have to be sent as packages. You also has to add some weight for packaging material. Packages can be sent with or without track and trace. For the exact P+P price you can contact us through the website.
    Jaap Bes.
  • First order of snuff arrived last week from Jaap at De Kralingse in the netherlands, fresh from the windmills. Fast delivery, 3 working days to the UK. It was a selection of snuffs in 25g and 12.5g, totalling 75g. Really cheap at around £10.11 GBP (approx $15.00 USD) including shipping etc. This would have cost me around £15.00 GBP from a UK supplier.
    Also included was a colour postcard of the windmills with a handwritten message on the back. How is that for personal service.
    Thanks Jaap
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