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Toque Coke!

bigbuyerbigbuyer Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
I have been snuffing the new Toque Coke and it is really good.
I am impressed Roderick that you captured the effervescent first and then the cola flavor pops in.
No Menthol to distract you.

Finally a really good cola snuff for us snuffers!

Have you tried yours yet?


  • I have been on a Toque Coke binge.
    Anyone else like it as much as I do?
  • CarolCarol Member
    After hearing all the awesome reviews, I will be getting some once I can order up again.
  • I'm sitting on 100g of it, and I am not even bigbuyer. Yeah, its fabulous.
  • @Xander

    I have bought 800g.
    About 400g is snuffed or traded.
    In this case I am living up to my nickname...
  • CarolCarol Member
    bigbuyer, I noticed when you trade/sell your prices are quite reasonable. Do you use paypal, or what?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Sadly, I have not taken to this like I had hoped.

    It just has not lived up to the hype for me.
  • I liked Gawith Cola more.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Agreed. I have a nice little stockpile of Gawith Cola. Rajek's still sells it if you are really desperate for it. I think it was just discontinued in the US and UK, but not Germany.
  • I am not a menthol fan.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited June 2009 PM
    Yeah, Toque Coke blows Gawith Cola out of the water. The Gawith behaves much like its Apricot brother in my nose: sends me into fits of hacking and spitting, although the taste wasn't terrible, it was like little candy coke bottles I ate as a kid. Toque Coke is closer to Coca Cola rather than candy cola bottles.
    I was able to get it on the cheap in a trade with someone who gets in in their local cigar shop. It is still in some US stores, check Snuff Shop, Tobacco Supermarket, & Iwan Ries in the US. I think they all had it. I won't get it again though, especially not with Toque Coke around.
  • I just ordered a bunch of samplers from Roderick, including Coke. I'm excited about this one. Being addicted to cola as well as tobacco, this would seem like the perfect marriage of the two.
  • @ Bruce...since I received some Coke from you, I've become totally addicted to this snuff!! I just can't stay away from that tin and I've almost finished 10g already. Had to tear myself away from it this morning.
  • @ Pieter .. That sounds very promising indeed :)
  • CarolCarol Member
    Yay! I'm so happy with the awesome reviews, because I'm getting a bag of it myself. :D

    So far, the Toque flavors I've tried have been spot on scent and flavor wise. I love Coca-Cola, so I'm guessing I'll love this. I have no idea why I didn't order any last time I got snuff.
  • You've got to try Toque Coke and Toque Cherry. It's just like Cherry Coca-cola. LOL!
  • What about the people that prefer Pepsi?
  • I just had a pinch of Toque Vanilla and a sip of Coca-Cola ... I no longer crave for Vanilla Coke. Toque Vanilla and Coke will be a hit. Can't wait to try it.
  • Hmm, I do have have some Toque Coke, and some Toque Cherry Menthol..... that might be a good mix too.
  • CarolCarol Member
    I used to go to a soda fountain that sold chocolate cokes when I was a kid. I am for sure going to try that combo!
  • @Tom,

    They probably aren't too concerned with catering to people who prefer Pepsi as that alone signifies an unrefined palate. :)
  • ..........and the most important reason of all, is that pepsi and cola don't rhyme with Toque! Plus its funny for other reasons. Mainly to give us things to put in the out of context thread.

    BTW, I used to get fountain sodas as a kid too. I was getting vanilla cokes 30 years before they put it in a can and cherry cokes 20 years before. The fountian could make you chocolate cokes too, or lemon. vanilla was the best. I guess I have to make the snuff mix of it now since someone reminded me of them. How to make lemon coke though?
  • GrimGrim Member
    Wilsons Lemon Grove and Toque Coke??/ Or St. Clements and Coke... just thorwing those out there
  • Well, it has been 2 months now I have been addicted to Toque Coke.
    It is still my number one go to snuff.
    I love the stuff
    Thanks Roderick!
  • I actually don't like Toque Coke by itself. But mix it equally with the Toque Cherry Menthol, and Iove it. It brings the cola and cherry out more, and then the menthol becomes this nice afternote. It doesn´t appear until you've been enjoying the cherry coke scent for a couple of minutes.
  • I had to mix the Coke also, as I just didn't connect with it. I tried Cherry Menthol, but maybe I didn't add enough, but then I put some regular Menthol in it, and now it's just like Gawith Cola, which I like alot.
  • CarolCarol Member
    I made a Toque Coke/She Cherry blend that's pretty refreshing. 1/2 tsp Cherry to 2 tsp Coke. Just a hint of cherry and menthol.

    I really like the Coke by itself as well.
  • clickclick Member
    I mix the Toque Coke and Toque Vanilla. It's my go to snuff all day long. I never leave the house without it!

    Roderick, thanks so much for the brilliant snuff!
  • @click

    I just mixed some Coke and Vanilla 50/50.
    First snuff is good.
    Let you know how it works out as I work it for awhile.
  • I enjoyed the few sniffs I've taken so far. I intend explore it in detail this Saturday.
  • clickclick Member
    bigbuyer, I hope you enjoy the 50/50 mix. Some days I do 25/75 Vanilla/Coke and some days vice versa. I look forward to hearing your opinion.
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