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edited May 2009 in General
Where can I buy some Levi Garrett? I was told that this snuff is obsolete. Is it true? I can't find any online supplier who stocks it.


  • MattMatt Member
    lilbrown smoke shop but they only sell in the US
  • E-bay
  • lemanleman Member
    Yep. eBay is probably your best bet. There's a jar here that looks like it is still pretty well sealed. Shipping is a little pricey though.
  • Leman, thank you!! I've placed a bid and will see what happens.
  • Good luck Pieter! Tell us how it turns out!
  • lemanleman Member
    I'm glad I could help. It is really neat when you get one of these old jars. The snuff is wonderful, and it's like you bought a little piece of history. I hope you get it.
  • I think you'll like that one a lot Pieter.
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  • MattMatt Member
    So I take it you have tried both and can't tell a difference?
  • edited May 2009 PM
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  • MattMatt Member
    edited May 2009 PM
    Tom is not the only one that has heard from the manufacturer that the products are the same. Other members have spoken to sales reps who have indicated the same thing. Tom also has made comments that the reps aren't knowledgeable about their own products. Another member posted a link to a web page that showed the product numbers for the various Conwood products and the Levi was listed among the WE products which might indicate some of the confusion from the sales reps. Whatever the case, the general consensus here among members that have tried both products is that they are either totally different or only slightly different but different nonetheless.

    If I was a snuff seller I would rather someone buy a similar product from me than buy a product I was unable to obtain from another store.
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  • MattMatt Member
    edited May 2009 PM
    No apology needed. I like both snuffs. Why Levi is so hard to get I have no idea. It makes no sense. The company lists it on their website as a product and yet when vendors go to buy it conwood says "oh thats the same as WE" Crazy.

    edit - I mean even if it is just a different size jar, why list it as a product and then not sell it.
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  • XanderXander Member
    Here in my collection I have a vintage Levi Garrett from circa 1966, a vintage W.E. Garrett from ca. 1940, a modern W.E. Garrett, and a modern Levi Garrett. All 4 are distinct from each other, yet all four are similar enough that one could mistake them for each other.
    Frankly, I think the sales reps are misinformed from higher up, don't use snuff themselves, and basically work for a company that would rather not even make snuff.

    The vintage ones certainly take on a mellowing with age, and become sweeter (but not like a sweet scotch). I think the biggest difference in between Levi and W.E is sharpness. W.E. will sting a bit more, and has a bit less flavor. Levi is more smokey and full. Still, they're very close. Very, very close.
    I have two theories. One is that they are the exact same recipe but Levi is aged and or fermented longer making it more robust.
    Second theory is that Levi is indeed no longer made, they just stick W.E. in Levi's bottles and hope the old folks who buy it never noticed the switch.
    I am now the proud owner of the bottle in the above auction (at least until I send it on to Pieter).
    Do yourselves a favor and find a similar auction, they happen pretty frequently and usually the price is less than ordering a new bottle from Lil Brown. It's one of the best snuffs the world has ever known.
  • Folks, all I can tell you is what I've been told by people that should know. Specifically, the head of snuff production at Conwood. He assured me that they are the same. Was he lying? What possible reasons would there be for him to lie about it? It's certainly a possibility although I doubt it.
    I've about worn out my welcome at Conwood. I've brought up the subject one to many times and their irritation is starting to show.
  • Tom, I would like you to know that I'm not doubting your word. I accept that, if you were given the wrong info, there is very little you can do about it.

    Problem is I have samples of both WE Garrett and Levi Garrett and there is a distinct difference between them. I've also read Troutstrokers reviews on both these products and according to him, he prefers Levi to WE. I'm but a junior as far as snuffing is concerned but I find Brian's reviews very much to the point. If he says there is a difference, then there is a difference.

    This is all so confusing. Why would a company sell one product under 2 different names? We are not so stupid that we won't know it. It seems as if the staff at Conwood are the stupids. And if they get irritated with you, as their client, their stupidity shines through.
  • Oh yeah well they claimed Coke Classic was the Real Thing and we have our doubts LOL
  • Pieter, at one time, I'm sure there was a difference. That appears to no longer be the case. I can only go by what I've been told, not just by one person at Conwood, but by at least 6 different people. (approx, I lost count after a while.) I've even ordered Levi, using Conwood's own product codes for it, only to receive WE.

    One of the members here even went so far as to compare both under a microscope! Looked exactly the same to him. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are the same. This gentleman also was kind enough to send me a sample and I could discern no difference.

    Snuff is only a minor blip on the big three's radar. As Mr Snuff put it recently in another post, it's all about $$$$. I think he stated that US Smokeless yearly snuff revenue was about 50 million compared to their yearly revenue in the BILLIONS for just chew! It's no wonder they could care less about a small bunch of snuff users. If it was your company, which would you promote?

    I also appreciate, and respect, the many excellent snuff reviews that Brian and many others have contributed over the years.
  • @snuffbox: LOL!
  • I have tried a sample of Xander's vintage 1966 Levi Garrett and a sample of WE Garrett from Nicotine Rush - they are similar, but definitely different, as are most US Scotches - at least to my nose.
    As Xander says, this could very well be because the LG has mellowed with age, but not having a sample of WEG of similar vintage to compare to the LG, I couldn't really say this with certainty.
  • MattMatt Member
    Nicotine Rush has a very extensive selection of snuff, and its probably because of Tom that many people outside the US have got to try some American snuffs.

    But if you want Levi Garrett, if only for the cool bottle, you can get it at lilbrown smoke shop.
  • @ Matt: I can't though, as I live in the UK and they don't ship internationally.
    Not sure I'd want 5 ounces at the moment anyway, its seems an awful lot. Probably very good value though.
  • "I think he stated that US Smokeless yearly snuff revenue was about 50 million compared to their yearly revenue in the BILLIONS for just chew!"

    They have a lot of nerve charging 50 million bucks for the scraps left over from making chaw LOL. That's business fellas!
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    I just ordered Levi garrett (and red seal) from lil brown. When I get it, i'll send out a few samples! Maybe we can settle this issue....
  • bakdoorbakdoor Member
    edited May 2009 PM
    Mark, unfortunately you have no way of knowing the age of product. Consequently, any comparison is flawed. Unless one can stand at the end of the production line and taste the finished product........

    ps. The Red Seal is an excellent snuff. IMHO of course.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    True Tom. I would also bet that every batch is a little different from the next. Every tobacco harvest that's used as the main ingrediant is probably different, and so on. oh well, it's fun to debate, imo.
  • LOL! True...True....
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  • MattMatt Member
    Its a matter of personal taste, and there are plenty of people who agree with you. Even though I really enjoy them, I have to say that I was kinda surprised to see the American scotches so well received by the European members.
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