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Nasal snuff newbie. I think I'm doing it wrong

redoxredox Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
Hello all. I just received two bullets of Toque in the mail to try out. I use snus and cigs regularly so I have some idea what snuff does. I've read tutorials on how to use snuff but all I seem to get is a burning nose and throat irritation. That or a severe runny nose. When I "sniff", it always seems to go right to my sinuses even though I'm not inhaling hard. The methods i've tried are the bullet and using the space between my thumb and index finger. Can yall give any pointers? Thanks


  • "What he said" and welcome.
  • redoxredox Member
    Thanks a lot. Appreciate the help
  • SnifsSnifs Member
    edited May 2009 PM
    Man that beginner's guide is great. I too am new to snuff. I love the Toasts but they are killing me. Then I read the guide- Pinch, breathe on the pinch (I actually held my hand up to my mouth and with mouth slightly open breathed out gently) and whala it went in like a well behaved pinch of Packard's Club Snuff. Man I think of all the false starts I could have avoided had I had this info from the start. Also the suggested starter snuff list is nice as well.

    IMO- THIS SHOULD BE MADE A STICKEY AT ONCE!!! Post it under the title " Beginner's guide to snus" with a little intro that says, welcome to the forum. The below link will take you to the Beginner's Guide in PDF format. Enjoy and happy snuffing
  • XanderXander Member
    That's a good idea, Snifs, except surely you meant snuff, not snus. :-)

    You newbies may be suprised to learn that this question is asked a lot. A little research into past posts will reveal MANY useful tips. A few tips from me which I have learned from the forum: Inhale as much as you can before the snuff is anywhere near your nose. This technique will help prevent you from oversnifing. It will teach you how to just get the snuff into the lower nose and no farther. You will gradually learn how to snif properly, then you won't have to do that as much, except for really fine snuffs. Basically sniff while holding your breath.
    Another tip is the "rabbit" method. Think about how a rabbit's nose behaves and you'll get the idea. Lots of short sniffs.
    While pinching, you should place your finger and thumb right into the nostril. Wiggling or rubbing them a bit as you sniff. With practice you will learn good control of the snuff as you release it.
    Troutstroker, a veteran here, has a good set of tips he reposts from time to time, so you'll probably find one if you search. One of his tips is using a free finger to close off the upper nose by pushing the side of it into the bridge of the nose. This will prevent most of the snuff from hitting your throat and staying where it belongs.

    BTW, redox, you may want to stay away from bullets until you get your technique perfected. I find that they get snuff too far back unless you really know what you're doing. Also, they do not (for me) bring about a lot of the same pleasure and flavor as a nice pinch. (They do have their uses, so by all means keep them for certain situations.)

    Lastly, keep practicing! It gets easier and easier. It really is a pleasurable activity and probably the safest way to enjoy tobacco.
    Keep asking questions and post your progress here. The forum loves new blood!
  • Plus, don't forget that if you are brand new to snuff, you will still get a some burn, possibly watering eyes and the feeling like you've hit your throat etc, this is natural and no amount of technique will eliminate this to begin with, I've tried snuff out on lots of people and most people experience some of those things, but technique will put you on the right footing to properly enjoy snuff when your nose is used to it. I mean, remember what your first cigarettes were like? At least when you get used to snuff you are not paying to slowly kill yourself..

    Go slowly and things will get a lot better, when your nose is used to it is when you start to really enjoy snuff.
  • I agree with snuffster. It's like breaking in a pair of new shoes. Painful to start with, but with time, comfortable and rewarding. I've gone back to many snuffs that I couldn't cope with 4 months ago, and they are now much more pleasurable.
  • redox, perceverance is the name of the game. Just keep going and very soon you will enjoy snuffing without any problems. We all stumbled and fell before we could run.
  • SpyroSpyro Member
    All of the above posts are helpful and true. One thing to add tho, there are some brands that are called "beginners snuffs" by the more experienced users. What is generally meant by that is that they are easier to take and less likely to hit the throat or upper sinuses due to their composition. You might try some of the Poschl blends since they are imbued with parafin making them more moist in texture and easier to take in. President's, Gletscher, Packard's Club, and Ozona blends, etc. are good for starting out since one smooth sniff tends to make them stick right away unlike the finer and more powdery advanced snuffs. Toasts and Scotches, especially the American brands, might take some getting used to. Bullets can be both helpful and harmful. Remember to check the grind before purchasing a snuff. If it says 'coarse' that means its much more chunky and lumpy than a fine or medium grind.
  • lemanleman Member
    I found out a nifty trick for taking toasts and scotches a couple days ago. Hold your nose a couple centimeters above the snuff. That way if you do sniff to hard, the excess velocity of the snuff will be wasted getting the snuff into your nose, instead of flying into your throat.
  • i agree wit leman except what i do with al snuffs is i take the suff to just barely before my fingers touch my nose then breat in they go to the right place plus dont need to wipe your nose after cause no excess is left on your nose only on your fingers i can easly get any snuff to work like that even cheeta doesnt take much one pinch per nostril
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