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Oranje Snuif

AlexAlex Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
The Oranje Snuif, or Orange Snuff, is produced by De Kralingse in the Netherlands. It is a scented version of the Latakia. It has a slight smoky basis, a coarse grain and is medium moist. Make sure to keep it in an air-tight container to preserve the scent.


  • Finally got my order in and have been packing my nose full of this wonderfull snuff all day long. Like all the scented Latakia offerings from DeKralignse, this one takes a few tries to fully appreciate it. Once your nose becomes accustomed to the orange the smoky latakia scent really makes itself known. The orange itself is very pleasant and cannot really be compared to other orange scented snuffs that I have tried. A very addictive snuff, much like the Latakia Peppermint and AP. Highly reccommended! Now that I have tried the whole DeKralingse line, I can honestly say that there is not a single snuff they make that I do not enjoy immensely. This one was well worth the wait.
  • Hallo Krijg de Tering, Bigsnoot McSnuff and BrianC,

    Indeed the Oranje snuif is more humid than the other Latakia types. Furthermore the Latakia types are a kind of hygroscopic, which means that they tend to attract humidity from the atmosphere and hold it. Hope this helps to explain the "clumpiness". By the way the choco and chococrème snuff are available via our website.

    Jaap Bes.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited May 2012 PM

    Color: Dark brown
    Texture: Medium Course Grind
    Burn: None to mild
    Scent: Citrus/orange with a pine finish
    Nicotine: Medium

    Although I received it a while ago in a Mars order I hadn't even tried it until today. I find this snuff very pleasing to the nose, although the orange is a bit difficult to distinguish as it smells more non-descript citrus and pine smelling to me. It does start with a fruit scent (I guess that's the orange), but finishes with a pleasant pine scent. In my opinion it is a bit rich for an all day snuff, but I would argue that it's well suited to be enjoyed as an evening or first of the day snuff. Not my favorite, but a decent snuff and helps keep some variety in the snuff rotation.
  • I do agree with Xander about the Oranje being a tad difficult to distinguish but man still a great great snuff. Love it. I do wish the Oranje was turned up a lot. I understand and know now these are old recipies and is great as well as the snuff aroma itself. I would love for Jaap Bes to do a super Citrusy snuff Latakia and a Virginia version as wel. The Karroten Tobbaco he offers would be awesome with s super strong bergamot,lemon maybe even lemon lime mix. I'd love to see that very badly. What do you think Jaap Bes? Like Molens version of Wilsons SP2,Lemon Grove or McChrystals mild lemon. Bet it would come out great and be delicious with your grinds you offer and tasty baccys!
  • I think it's way cool he sticks to the authentic recipes. Just set some aside and put some bergamot in it if you want to try it with more, but be careful a little bergamot goes a very long way.
  • @ AlKindiSnuff & snuffsahoy: I've been experimenting lately with a lemon Latakia an a coffee Latakia. For both there were contradictory comments, so I've not continued these experiments. As for the St. Omer No. 1 I'll keep it as is because I don't like to fool around with this historical gem.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @ snuffmiller, what were the problems with the Coffee Latakia? You certainly got it 100 percent right with the Choco L, the Chococreme L and the Chocomint L - the subtle differences between them enhance the underlying chocolate flavour and they are all very good. Most other coffee snuffs are far from perfect anyway, and the Netherlands is surely a centre for excellent coffee (among other things). In principle, a Molens Coffee L doesn't sound impossible...
  • @ Hapax: The first experiment contained coffee flavour and mocca extract. This was too sweet and not enough coffee flavour. The second experiment was with coffee flavour and real coffee. As we did with the Choco's The coffee was a regular Dutch brand used by a large number of Dutch households. This one was considered not strong enough. Last thing might be to enhance the concentrations. If there is enough interest  I might give it a try.

    Jaap Bes.

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