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Lefty or what?

AlexAlex Member
edited June 2009 in General
Sitting on the balcony, smoking a cigar and having a whiskey, I just realised the following. I drink and pinch with me right hand, but smoke with my left. I also write with my left, but do hammering and the like with my right. What about you?


  • I'm ampidextrous when snuff is concerened. I'd learn to snuff with my feet if it became neccesary!
  • CarolCarol Member
    Did they try to correct your left-handedness when you were small? They did that to my Mom, and she does different things like that. She writes with her right hand like they forced her to do, but she throws a ball, sews, and holds her eating utensils with her left hand.
  • AlexAlex Member
    No. I am young enough that people don't try to force you to right with your right hand. Talented on both sides, I guess. :-P
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  • I am ambidextrous. A trait I inherited from my father. However, in day to day life I am predominately left handed. When I was 14, I broke my left arm. While that arm was disabled I discovered that I had equal control of my right hand for writing and other complex movements. Since then I have used either for whatever task. For example, If I'm sitting on the train on the left-hand side, it's hard to write with my left hand, so I simply use my right - much to the amazement of my co-passenger who has witnessed me write with my left hand first.

    I love to write, but it can't all be pencil. A passion of mine is fountain pens. Whenever I write with one, I use my right hand to avoid ink smears and tearing the paper. Sure you can write with your left, but not without sitting in a very awkward position :)
  • Me, left hand tools and finesse, right hand power. Snuff is always from the left so far. My right nostril almost always gets served first.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I snuff from my right hand for my right nostril, and my left hand for my left, putting a little bump in between my thumb and index finger. I'm predominantly left handed, but I can function with my right if I need to, like the time I broke my pinky, ring, and middle fingers on my left hand a couple years ago. It really only takes a couple of weeks of forcing yourself and you can learn. Then again, my right handed writing is noticeably different from my left.
  • @ firstfloorfront: LOL! Dr Zoidberg is brilliant!
    I'm right handed and pinch with the right hand but mostly snuff from the back of my left hand.
  • Anyone else find pinching to be something of a hassle? I feel like I never quite get a good pinch, so I'm scooping with a pocket knife until my bullet comes in. Going to have to buy a spoon, though, once I get a moister snuff.
  • I can't pinch anything except the really damp, coarse schmaltzer type snuffs. I have gotten quite good at sniffing from my thumbnail.It's the only way I can use most snuff. Even bullets are tough to do, but easier than pinching.
  • With the exception of playing my musical instruments, I am right handed for everything. I've just tried a left handed pinch and found it very weird!
  • I was forced to write with my right hand when I was in first grade. I can still write with my left but it looks like a first graders writing. I can solder and use tools with both hands. It does come in handy when making repairs in tight quarters. I pinch with my right hand but snuff off the back of my left. I have not tried it the other way around. I think I will just for the hell of it.
  • bobbob Member
    yesterday I tried pinching with my left hand and well now I'am a solid alternater of the snuff pinches.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I write with my right, drive with my left, snuff with my right.
  • i'm predominately a lefty but i find if i have to any real heavy lifting my right hand/arm takes the brunt of it.
  • Lefty here when it comes to instinct (writing, throwing, strength) but can't hit the broad side of a barn trying to hit a ball lefty. I'm rather adept at right-handed hand/power tools though a chainsaw gets tiring faster than most. I guess that's a matter of's a right handed world. pinch with the left and take the bump off the back of my right hand. I always use those hands, but use different spots on the right hand...whatever looks best at the time. Sometimes it's a matter of balance. I just ordered a bullet. That should change things and make them easier whilst on the go. I'm envisioning holding it with my left hand now though. Thanks.

    Driving in Ireland is cool 'cos I get to shift with my left hand.
  • I'm a southpaw.  I spoon snuff with my left hand, drop it onto my right hand below the thumb digit.  I do most everything with my left hand as long as it deals with control and focus
  • I just realised I never really pinched/boxcared any snuff with my right hand, Its always left one. But Im righty with my nose, starting sniffing with the right one (no exeptions). But hey, Im right handed!!! I guess my nose is too...
  • The thing is a lot of devices are made for right-handed people so some people go that way with them or they learn their way around it, which is what I do.  I can't do things right-handed.  It'd be like me driving in the UK and not being used to where everything is situated.  It scares me thinking about it, but somebody could teach me
  • msxmsx Member
    I am left handed. The only thing i move with my right hand all the time is the computer mouse. I pinch with my left hand and use the back of my right hand to sniff from. Always.
    Same when i use a box of any kind, i tap it on the pack of my right hand.
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