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DIY snuff spoons



  • Here's my spoon it's made from mesquite using a dremel for the shaping. still need to bees wax it. it's my little jack-ass and it stands.
    Thats impressive!!! I plan on widdling one myself soon!
  • I got bored last night so here it is. Went with the standard shape bc I just used a pocket knife and sand paper
  • It's made from Japanese Maple
  • I've been trying recently to carve some spoons or pipe tampers to little or no success, here's a photo of what's come out so far, some is beach finds some were just from sticks I've come across in the park whilst smoking a pipe.

    The most useful is the one with the metal scoop on it, my favourite looking one is the drift wood with a gnarly end.

    On a related note a friend of mine who isn't on the forum has started making snuff spoons, he turns them on his lathe and is sending me one to try out, looks like this:

    It's cherry wood and also serves as a tamper. He's selling them now on Etsy if anyone is interested here. They are around $5 I think.

    A question I have is how can I make the spoon part more round when I only have knives and sandpaper?

    Cheers, Ben
  • I use a cuticle pusher but am in the market for a proper spoon of a similar size. Would prefer a posh silver spoon with a fire breathing dragon engraved upon it. Or maybe a nudie woman with big booby doos :D
  • I am using a wooden stirrer you get from coffee shops!
  • I am using a wooden stirrer you get from coffee shops!
    I still think these make awesome snuff spoons, and free too!
  • !I still think these make awesome snuff spoons, and free too!

    And I have found that they can be used most of the tap boxes too!

  • @WhATdIdUjUsTsNiFf thank you for the compliment.
  • here's a simple one--- if you look close, you can see where my son Ian (when he was only 6 years old-- he's 14 now) carved a Bishop out of this little stick of Hazel nut tree--- Henry Lauder's Walking Stick, to be precise... Anyhow, got to needing a snuff spoon for my TPS Madras and White Elephant snuff(s)--- so I carved a little one at the end. Not too spectacular, but has meaning given that Ian did this for me :)
  • This may be in the wrong thread but I can't find the one where I heard this: I saw somewhere on the forum a mention of the green plastic coffee stirrers at Starbucks being great for a snuff spoon, so I picked one up today when I got my coffee. Other than that I always just use a pipe tool's scraper.
  • A new one that I just started using, a chap stick canister that has been cleaned out (to not effect the aroma of the snuff). Use it to hold the snuff, utilized the cap to sniff. A two-in-one function, cheap, practical and one of the best ideas I have had in a while.
  • I just flattened the wide end of a bamboo chopstick from Chinese takeout and shortened it some. Works great.
  • This golf tee sat on my desk taunting me all through last winter, I finally went at it with a knife and made it a more useful tool for the season.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    This is the kind of snuff spoon (or spatula, if you'd like to call it that) that I made by using sandpaper on an ice-cream stick. The box doesn't qualify as a DIY, but just wished to share. It is a small plastic box in which I keep 3-4 grams of snuff. You can pinch it or take it with a spoon. Handy and keeps it simple for me, since I have to make do with it for the lack of accessories for snuff available in the open market. IMG_20170205_004841
  • I use a pen cap at work
  • I agree with Mike_B. Bic caps work well with me, but usually I use a knife blade or the part on a pair of nail clippers you push down.
  • what would be the material that is the least sticky ?
    what about polished horn ?
  • Polished horn should make an excellent snuff spoon, horn won't alter the flavour of the snuff like some materials can. I have a horn salt spoon that I use to fill my snuffboxes, its too large to sniff from but I would love a snuff spoon sized one.
  • Rosinski s snuffspoons are made of horn and are great.
    Especially for very fine and dry snuffs!and very cheap also!
  •  Not exactly DIY  but  Lego Shovels (or oars even) work great as snuff spoons. 
  • I posted this earlier, but I'll reiterate; Stainless steel Revlon cuticle care stick. About $10, it has a small spoon on one end, and a large flat "oar" on the other. If you don't care about looks, it is the perfect lifetime snuff tool.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    edited March 2018 PM
    Awesome Spoons LMK if you guys want to trade spoons for snuff I got everything from Old Mill(by Great Chef Daniels) to De Kralingse etc.. Just send me a message.

    I'm looking for something hand made from nice good the chess piece.

    Peace and Mahalos :-c
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited May 2018 PM
    I've been meaning to post this for a while, great advice from @Zanaspus, thanks! I got this on Ebay (from China) for $1! It's really great and there are many slightly different models that could also work. Originally I was planning to make a handle from wood, a bullet casing or some of that moldable glue stuff to cover the pointy end but I use it to get the snuff out of my nails! 

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