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What tin did you empty today?



  • 25 gram Toque cheese and bacon. :((
  • Toque USA W&H.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Marc1000 18 days to finish another tin of cheese and bacon? You are slipping sir! :!!

    Haha I'm at the cusp of a cascading depletion of my Toque tins, having just a few pinches of W&H left and then Apricot, USA Citrus and lime toast on their heels. To date I've only finished a handful of SD tapboxes and of course bullets - and then have maybe 30 open tins and many more unopened yet. My shotgun approach of try everything is neglecting me the satisfaction of finishing any one thing

    Ok I'll get to work on getting some empties to report back
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    edited April 27 PM
    @ak47 too funny bud $-)
  • 25gram tin of Toque Christmas pudding. ^#(^
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Marc1000 of course you did you surly dog you. I have some pudding coming from Mr @Roderick and look forward to seeing where all the hype and your consumption comes from :D
  • I love you ar47 . It's good ordering more
  • McChrystals Fine Keg 8.75g tin, hoppy,citrus with a nice sour note. I recommend it!
  • 25gram tin of Toque sp extra. :-L
  • HDT 20g and Hedges 20g

  • 8g vial of 6P Kailash from the sampler.

    My favorite snuff. Sad panda.

    I'll have to order some more :D
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited May 7 PM
    Toque Lime Toast! First non-SD, non-bullet Toque tin I've actually finished. I've given away a couple almost-empties to strangers asking about snuff but this was my first time scraping the bottom of the tin

    Oh and my wife polished off our mislabeled WoS Irish No22 (actually Ani & Euc) last Friday
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    F&t 25gm tin of patchouli and soon toque quit. I have plenty more patchouli though. :D
  • volungevolunge Member
    Packard's Club. Liked it.
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    25 gm f&t seville. :-S
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    25 gm tin f&t patchouli. :-O
  • ar47ar47 Member
    10g Poschl Gawith Apricot by way of my wife. And she wants MORE! :D dang she's the best

    She also killed the Poschl Ozona President
  • A 35 gm tin of white elephant
  • 8g cannister of Motia. Burning through these wee 8g things like they're nothing lately.
  • 5g Silver Dollar Apricot. Still on the fence on this one, sometimes I really like it sometimes I dont. For me at the start it reminds me of chapstick I use to eat as a kid, its artifical at first then smells like fresh apricots then gets creamy and then almost smells like doodoo. Im still interested in what other apricot snuffs are like, I do find this one pleasent but at the same time not.
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    25 gm tin of f&t seville. :P
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    edited May 18 PM
    25 gm f&t patchouli. :(|) :)
  • peacockpeacock Member
    25g WoS SM 500 and i opened a can of Hedges 
  • ar47ar47 Member
    10g Toque Ambrosia. Spectacular snuff
  • Yesterday 15g of SWS Havana Toast and today 15g of SWS St James Parish. One day They shall return!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    My wife polished off the SM Gold this morning
  • volungevolunge Member
    Three Musketeers - Portos (10 g tap box). Really nice spicy floral SP.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    10 g. tap box of Bernard Fresco. I just have to get more of this...
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    25gm f&t seville. :-/
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Member
    10g pouch of Gansden Mill Wild Oak Butterscotch. There's only one thing to do about that...
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