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OT- Whatcha Watching?



  • The John Pertwee version of The Doctor wasn't afraid to mix it up a bit with the alien with his knowledge of martial arts. I seem to remember him karate chopping a Cyberman at one point. Up to that point The Doctor had been the typical professor type, John Pertwee made him an action hero! The newest version of The Master, played by John Simms is the best so far IMHO. Where the previous ones had been more Victorian villian than anything else the new one is insane, very evil and a genius. A genuinely chilling character.
  • I have the 2 films with Peter Cushing. I like those too.
  • BDO Darts
  • @ midnightmosesuk: Jon Pertwee was the only classic Doctor not to have a Cybermen story. He did meet them in 1983's 20th anniversary, "The Five Doctors" but they were more or less just scenery in that story.
    His character was based partly on both James Bond and Mr. Spock. He's not my favorite either, but he's near the top.
    Yes, I know way too much about Doctor Who. :-P
  • @Xander- Thank's for the clarification there. I could've sworn I'd seen Pertwee off a Cyberman but I guess my childhood memories must be a bit cloudy! An encyclopedic knowledge of The Doctor is an admirable thing, you can't know too much in my book.
  • Last thing I watched was 'The Proposal' as I tend to watch films rather than tv however one I recommend to all for a good chuckle, is 'Zombieland'. Cracking comedy.
  • Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (with a special appearance by Mothra) circa 1966

    Probably the worst Godzilla I've seen--no story line, no in-town damage, his costume looked like Cookie Monster,dammit! Sorry I made the kids watch it with me...
  • Family Guy right now, thinking of putting in "Zombi 2" later tonight to watch with the girlfriend, she's never seen it
  • Reefer Madness
  • this clip. campaign for safer driving on swiss high ways.
  • Oh I love Godzilla. Have all the movies. Except the newer fake one.

    Tonight, I am all hyped for the new:

    Go Russel!
  • The Passion of the Christ. On Rte 2 now. Seen it many times, still hits like a kick to balls. Grim stuff, makes you think about things.
  • Apocalypto was great!
  • Wallander, season one with Kenneth Branagh. Not your average cop show by any means. Well worth a look if you can get it.
  • Swedish Wallander was great! Must have a look at that remake, sometimes they're great.
  • I saw an original Swedish Wallander too. Only the one but it was great! The new BBC version is every bit as good. They used the same production company as the Swedish version and shot it completely on location.
  • BIZ!BIZ! Member
    This is a trailer to a REAL movie- you guys have to see this!
  • Meh.. episode after episode of "CSI MIami" or whatever (the one with the blond somewhat annoying know-it-all guy who reminds me of some sort of modern Capt Kirk type guy) can't actually say I'm watching it though, its just where I left my TV the least miserable of the options on TV right now (which I find most TV seems to center around 3 things: Crime, Gluttony/How to Stop Being So Damned Fat, and Greed/How to Make and Save Your Buck/Stocks/Economy
  • Missed last nights episode of Lost, only TV-series I follow and catch-up online isn't the same thing, more like cheating?
  • Fashion shows!!
  • I searched 'what are you' watching, not 'whatcha'
  • this has got to be the most hilarious parody of Adolf Hitler I've ever seen:
    THE GREAT DICTATOR - Hynkel's speech

    to further prove it, here's where somebody has directly compared the two (pretty amazing, seriously, have a look):
    Hitler vs Hinkel 2008 - Adolf Hitler - Charlie Chaplin:

    and just.. conpletely ROTFLMAO at this:
    Hitler Phones Hynkel
  • Mike Leigh's 'Happy Go Lucky'. Great film.
  • Hannibal, not such a great film.
  • @ MMUK: I prefer Red Dragon. Fantasticly thrilling (so long as you can accept Hannibal as a minor character as the premise)
  • Supernatural Season 2 Disc 6
  • now its Son Of The Beach Season 1 Disc 1

    I love Netflix
  • @ Xander: Depends which Red Dragon you mean. I prefer the one with Brian Cox as Lectot, Manhunter. I don't think the remake offered anything new.
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