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Snuff videos

LyuboLyubo Member
edited September 2009 in General
Lets make a collection of the best snuff taking videos on the Internet.
What's the trick? Is that possible? 10m line of snuff!
10m Line of Snuff!


  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I cringed....that just boggled my mind on far too many levels.
  • I still like Snuffy's vid.
    "You got animal tranquilisers in my Snuff!"
    (as long as it isn't Cattle de-wormer, tutto benne.)
  • That's effin' sick!
  • pipers?
  • oh cause of the tube things I see. For me the thing that is funniest about that video is the info that labels the guy a tobak master. To me that is as funny as someone chugging jug wine in vast quanities and calling themselves the wine connoiseur. However this silliness really reminds me of the people who would put the large quanity of cigarettes in their mouth at one time like this
  • Just seems like a waste of perfectly good Snuff to me.
  • makes me think how boring it must be to live where these people do (at least for them). It seems like most of the people making videos like that are barely old enough (if enough really) to buy snuff, which as we all know being that young often equals less to do and not having a fully developed mind.
    Though I have to admit the thing I hate the most about such videos is that they always make it look like snuff is someway to practice taking coke.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited September 2009 PM
    This ones still my favorite. What an idiot

    Mohawk Snuffer
  • @Trout, I watched that one a few times, laughing the entire time of course, awhile ago.
    I liked the video with the lovely lady and President. Outside of that, there are like ten youtube videos with people taking snuff properly. Doing lines of it is just self mutilation and reflects poorly on people who use the product legitimately, Imo.
    But there are good snuff videos on youtube...just not a ton.
  • That Mohawk snuffer should have just sucked it into his lungs with the straw in his mouth. Have his friend explain that to the EMT.
  • Milverton68 and Cottonmill1970 both have a couple of videos on snuff on youtube.

    Milverton68 on Youtube

    Cottonmill1970 on Youtube
  • Very true, bob. The human brain (male in particular) does not reach full physical maturity until about 26 years. However, we confer the responsibilities of adulthood (most of them) at 18 years in our society. Some societies are even earlier.

    Of course once you are 30 you are in decline anyway, so we all really only have about 4 years of good life. :-(
  • hey I'am not in decline. I just sound like bubble wrap when I stretch in the morning.
  • I'm 45 and my brain still hasn't matured.
    Maybe I should retire it to an Oak cask and keep it there for several years.
  • IE: 10m line of snuff and mohawk snuffer. This is so wrong on so many levels! There's no enjoyment there. Just plain stupidity.
  • Kind of reminds me of the YouTube dimwit who tried to hold onto an electrified fence for 8 seconds because there were no bulls to ride. Didn't even come close.
  • Now this is something completely different. It´s not a snuff video in its own right, but the perfect thing to have a few loads of Schmalzler to go with, as there´s plenty of sniffing going on there and it´s as bavarian, as it can possibly get. So... it´s pretty sure you won´t understand a thing, even IF you´re understanding a bit german, as the accent is very broad.

    Königlich bayerisches Amtsgericht
  • wow thats huge! a waste of snuff but still impressive lol..
  • hilarious. quite hard to understand some things. loved the snuffing.
  • I agree thats a very wrong way to take snuff. I was curious and tryed a 5cm line of snuff.. no pleasure, just pain and all went into my throat. That is masochism! That is why I and one my friend (he is taking snuff too) are preparing a small site for snuff (like very simplyfied bulgarian version of and a forum. And as we should provide first hand information I volunteered to do it. Trust me, don't do that at home! I even found in bulgarian forums some guys that have seriously damaged their health by taking snuff in the wrong way and in horse doses.
    By the way that is possible only with Poeschl snuffs that are very moist. Why nobody doing it with Rooster?
  • Bayerisch is mi ni schwierig.... :)
  • I once googled "snuff videos." The results were disturbing to say the least.....
  • Hey, midnight. Welcome back. How are you feeling?
  • @ Xander
    Long story my friend, still off the snuff I'm afraid. I feel like a bit of a fake even posting here! I'm using snus and twist for my vitamin N needs these days.
  • Well, as a mod you have duty here, even if you don't use snuff. You're welcome as far as I am concerned. I'd have trouble reading about snuff and then not being able to let myself have it. Iron will.
    See you on the 'watcha chewin' thread.
  • I still love snuff but I'm starting to get a real liking for General Wintergreen. But you're right, that's the main reason for me being around for a while.
  • blech, you can keep nasssty General Wintergreen. It burns us!
  • It's my precioussss....
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