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Chocolate Comparison



  • no mention of McChrystal's chocolate ?, u missin' out.. !!
  • Yeah I was wondering what is McChrystals Chocolate is like? Is it new I don't believe I have seen it until recently?
  • Dholakia Swiss Chocolate...use it often for a last snuff of the evening.  And now that reminds me :)

  • Working on my own chocolate spice concoction with use of some past pull date snuff. Will post comments if it doesn't kill me.
  • smmsmm Member
    The only chocolate I've tried was the Sam Gawith chocolate.  This was about 10 years ago.  It had been a discontinued flavor and this guy from the old Yahoo board (Nicky the Nose) got them to make up a custom batch.  It was fan-freakin'-tastic.  I see they produce it again on the regular.  I'm gonna order some soon.
  • @Abraxas cafe11 although a coffee snuff has a nice chocolate undertone. This is the best in my world
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • Not a big chocolate fan, but I tried Molens Chocomint and Wilson's chocolate orange. I really like them both.
  • I just got an order of Dholakia Swiss Chocolate in the post today and tried it straight away. I could smell the chocolate before taking the lid off. That distinct! It has a gentle burn and a strong smell of Swiss chocolate that lingered far longer than almost any of the other snuffs I have tried. I would really recommend this one. I am a beginner so I cannot comment on the nicotine hit but it seems pretty good to me. As a newbie it was also really easy to take. All I can say is wow I think it just became my new favourite.

  • edited March 28 PM
    I was wondering do we get magnesium when we use chocolate snuff ?
  • I never thought I'd go for a chocolate snuff, but 6Photo Chocolicious is my favorite in this category. Nice milk-chocolate mixed expertly with a uplifting blast of menthol. Really good. 
  • GokulGokul Member
    I have not tasted the others, but have had Dholakia Swiss. Amazing chocolate flavour. Had some in a closed room and a colleague just came in and commented that she could smell an amazingly sweet chocolate aroma! I had to buy her a real chocolate to fix her chocolate fix!
  • PikeyPikey Member
    I agree @mrmanos :) . I don't think Chocolicious gets enough love . It's very different , more of a utilitarian 'drinking chocolate' than a rich sweet chocolate . I only bought it on a whim because it had the Natural base . Now it's in my daily rotation  and likely to stay there :)

    I have had one tin that started very 'dark' and cocoalike when I popped the tin . It was just as nice .

    The only criticism I have is the tins can be a bit sketchy . I ve had wonky lids , gaps and allsorts . Never affected the snuff yet though .  :) 
  • Still working on my home brewed Chocolate snuff. Each batch has improved but not quite what I would finally like it to turn out to be.
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