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Dholakia snuffs : EXCELLENTS!!!

macalpemacalpe Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Dear snuff fellows :

Following some advice I read here, at our every day, more interesting forum, I wrote to Dholakia Company asking for their snuff samples.
Firstly we need to know i received their sampler case within 7 days from my email...WELL DONE!! ( from INDIA!!!...a bit far from Spain).
Despite my snuff style is unscented snuffs, I need to recognize GANGA and KAMAL (floral snuffs) are great and excellents snuffs.
My prefered ones are MANJUL and SPARROW BRAND (green label).
All of them have a very, very fine grinding and a pale yellow colour.
I am sure, as well, they use only natural products.
Dholakia will have a good success in Europe and USA. They have the secret of well done things.

Pedro Macías Calahorro



  • thank you sir.we need your support.
  • dear macalpe,
    thanks for your mail which i received few days back,we are really honered to have such mail from you.i would love to share your mail with snuffhouse members assuming you wont mind.we have send thousANDS OF FREE SAMPLES but very few have mailed back , but you did it.thank you very much for being so nice.
    Dear Namrata,

    Firstly excuse my late answering straight to you.

    The thing is a tried all your snuff samples you sent to me, and well : EXCELLENTS ALL OF THEM !!!!!! I notice the pure and finest tobacco leaves you use to make snuff.
    I am not a lover of parfumed or floral snuffs, I allways prefers plain, and then I love a lot your Manjul's and you SPARROW BRAND (Green Label), they are my prefered ones.
    I never tried snuff with cinnamon...and excellent!..because I supese or I notice Cinnamon in your snuffs...I am sure !
    I thanks you a lot for give me the oportinity to try yor great products.
    I am sure you will have a big success here in Europe and in the USA as well.
    Best wishes and Kindest Regards from your Spanish friend,

    Pedro macías Calahorro
  • Thanks a lot Namrata. This is an honor for me.

  • Can their snuffs be purchased in the U.S.? Or shipped from UK shops? I am waiting on a sampler and if I like it as much as I think I will then I'll want to order more.

  • carries it as well as Rajek's house of smoke and they both ship to US. Mr. Snuff is working on a site right now to offer it in the US @ but be patient because this site isn't in operation yet.
  • Namrata, did you compete for this contract?

    "The world's leading tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris (PM) has tied up with a Bangladeshi firm to sell Marlboro cigarettes in the local market, company officials said Sunday. The Marlboros will be manufactured and distributed by the Dhaka Tobacco Company "
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