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Yom Kippur

Guanxi88Guanxi88 Member
edited September 2009 in General
About to start my first Yom Kippur fast, with snuff to assist and strengthen me, as is permitted.

"In spite of some objections, snuff-taking was permitted at any time—Sabbaths, holy days, fast-days, and Yom Kippur ("Leḳeṭ ha-Ḳemaḥ," p. 51b, Amsterdam, 1707). Jacob Ḥaziz (1620-74) quotes a responsum of Isaiah Pinto permitting the use of snuff on Sabbaths, even though it cures catarrh; for everybody, even healthy people, snuff, and it can not therefore be considered a drug ("Halakot Ḳeṭannot," No. 101)."

A good and meaningful fast for my fellow Jewish snuff-takers.


  • Have a good and easy fast ! I'm also fasting .depending on who u ask some say yes to snuff on yom kippur some say no. Though it is a yes by all rabbis that snuff is allowed on sabaths. On rosh hashana last week I was in temple on a Saturday and was giving out o&g to all the old Israeli guys, even the rabbi took a pinch! He than asked me if I was comming on Yom kippur and gave me a don't forget to bring the snuff look on his I guess it goes ,I know I'm snuffin tonite.
  • I fasted, but not so sure that my immoderate Snuff use could be considered fasting. in the extreme. ;)
  • Hey Guys,
    Spent the last 25 hours fasting and praying.
    I took a few pinches last night and today.
    It helped me get through it much easier.
  • My little box of Latakia 1860 made the rounds more than once at temple yesterday. A few of the old-timers (of whom, sadly, there are fewer and fewer) knew what it was immediately, and were only curious as to how to get the thing open to take a pinch. Although they weren't crazy about the tap-box, they were quite pleased with the snuff.

    I imagine about half the box ended up in the nostrils of my congregation before the end of the day. In some ways, I think the fellowship of the experience made the fast lighter, even if only sorta retroactively.
  • On Shabbos you are allowed to use snuff, but not to carry it. For that reason shull's used to have snuff boxes. On Yon Tov including Yom Kippur you are allowed to carry and use. A belated l'shonnah tovah.
  • @nachman

    Thats why you need to hide your snuff in the Shul before Shabbos with the bourbon...
    Or have an Erev like we do here and you could carry if you wanted to.
  • My shul is a scotch shul. Not Scottish, but scotch as opposed to bourbon.
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