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Levi Garrett

saucy_jacksaucy_jack Member
edited October 2009 in Types of Snuff
I just bought the 5.58oz jar of Levi. They say it's the same as WE, but I notice that this Levi seems a bit better. Anyhow, I just found out they've stopped making it! It's an outrage really. The store still has a few jars left...i'll go buy them but they are $24 dollars a pop here.


  • Well, for the 5.58oz, that's not HORRIBLE, but it does seem a bit high. I'm sure there are enough Levi fans here that you could probably split them and share the wealth.
  • Whered you hear they stopped making it?
  • Didn't someone post that a month or two ago? I thought Tom was getting conflicting answers...
  • i read it on a thread here in the forums. i searched levi garrett and everyone was gabbing about how it's the end of the line....
  • @ saucy jack: read the whole thread. Tom eventually found that not to be the case, it is still being made, and did manage to get some for us, though we bought it all up, and last time I checked it was not restocked.

    However he also managed to speak with the chief snuff maker who assured him that W.E. Garrett and Levi Garrett are one and the same and have been since the early 1800s.
    Lots of us detect differences in them but it may have more to do with the slight variations between batches or the different sizes and materials of the containers. Age and storage conditions seem to be a factor as well. The little cardboard tubes aren't really meant for long term storage.
  • ah, well, thank god for that. i'm sorry my ADD prevents me from reading threads all the way to the end lol

    and i have to agree with everything else you say; makes sense. thanks for saving me some money. lol
  • bakdoorbakdoor Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    I can still probably get it, but wont because of the high cost. I lost $$$ the last time. Still looking for a better source.

    Yes, I've been assured, (many times), by the head of snuff production that they are one and the same, and have been since the beginning.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited October 2009 PM
    Here's what you do Tom.

    Buy some bulk sized baggies. Take all the WE you have and dump it into the bags. Put the bags for sale for twice the price and label it Levi Garrett bulk!

    Some companies kind of do this...
  • That's about what Conwood is doing with the Levi/WE
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    It's all in the marketing. It is also what Wilson's does with some blends.
  • edited October 2009 PM
    A couple of years ago, we had a company in SA who did the marketing for Ford and Mazda. They "produced" a Ford Fiesta and a Mazda Soho which were identical except for the names. Now, I can tell you, we had people fighting about these cars. Some swore by the Fords and others by the Mazdas. And when you took off the badges, the only difference might have been the tyres. Some came with Firestone and the others with Goodyears!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    It's the same here with Lincoln/Mercury/Ford/Mazda and Toyoty/Lexus and GMC/Chevy and Dodge/Mitsubishi.
  • Well truthfully Toyota and Lexus are a little different in terms of spec and trim.

    Look at the Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe. Same car, different warranties, prices, and resale value.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited October 2009 PM
    Damn, your right. The Vibe was a joint venture with Toyota. I'll be damned. Adds a whole new spin to the "Buy American" movement.

    The only reason I included Toyota and Lexus was because they are both made by Toyota and a few of their models are simply re-badged Toyotas but with a $10K added sticker.
  • I just ordered more Levi
  • I prefer WE.

    heh. (just being silly)
  • I won't touch WE! I cannot wear Levi jeans because the sizes only go to no 40 and I'm a 42. So, in stead of wearing the jeans, I stick some Levi up my nose.
  • LOL!
  • also as has been pointed out earlier packaging makes a huge diffrence even in how the snuff sits. As a simple example earlier I spilled half of my grunt :( all over the carpet so I scraped off the top few bits(about half of what spilled) same. To make a long story short when I put it back in the snuff was fluffed up a bit more less compacted. Now it looks a bit diffrent and it smells more cigar-like and the coconut smell is more in the back ground. Seems like a diffrent snuff by a long shot.
  • Seems this is back in stock in LARGE quantities...
  • Yes, and once again, it cost me a small fortune to get it. I am certain I will not be reordering.
    ps. NTSU Black and Menthol are also back in stock
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    WOW! You sure did get a lot of NTSU in. Maybe it will last more than a day this time.
  • LOL, I see that. I would like about half of that NTSU for my next order. The Levi should last awhile too, good grief. 72 bottles?

    I was looking at the large tins of the US snuffs. There is a noticeable price difference in some of them. With the small tins, its not as noticeable but the large are all the same quantity. Is it then quality I'm paying for?

    A local shop has Superior in large tin. I'm tempted to buy it, as they don't stock it in small tins.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Superior is a good scotch, very solid.
  • @ Xander, you must be careful with the NTSU. If the police should raid your house and find such a big stash of that illegal stuff in your possesion, you will have to "please explain".

    I have some nice Levi Garrett Sweet Pea. I added some sweet pea flowers to some Levi and now I have Tube Rose!
  • How am I going to explain Ntsu? I don't really understand it myself.
  • NachmanNachman Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Hee Hee. Bob is snuffing carpet lint. That's why it seems different.
  • I just ordered a vIntage bottle of Levi Garrett and I'm a bit skeptical about snuffing an old snuff, but when researching it I remember seeing something about Xander using a vintage 1966 Levi, so I'm still going to give it a go. I would imagine that it's still good to go, being a glass bottle that's corked pretty tight, but I'm still a bit weary.

    Anyone else sniff a vintage dry snuff?
  • That's true, but Roderick has me beat by 30 years!
    As long as the seal is intact, its probably good. I've gotten some vintage maccoboys too, although they had gotten dried out. They did rehydrate though.

    Avoid metal containers unless you're buying them as collectibles. They usually rust and compromise the snuff.
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