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Black Twist

Someone sent me a piece of Black Twist chew some months ago. I can't remember who it was, maybe snuffgrinder? The tobacco is almost black and it was beautifully and neatly rolled/twisted.

I've kept it aside and only got to drying and grinding it now. I left it in direct sunlight for a couple of days after I've unrolled the leaves.

Now PLEASE!! Whoever sent me this, I WANT SOME MORE!! I will pay whatever you want for it. This is the nearest to Spanish Jewel I've ever tasted. Unfortunately it was a very small piece of chew and I could only manage a small amount of snuff from it.

I'm hoping and praying, begging and crying! Please come forward and make my day!


  • see here: Black Twist

    I bought this just to see what it is like. I chomp on the stuff. It is disgusting, but strangely alluring and I find myself chopping off chunks of it through out the day to supplement the snuffing. I must grind some up and see if I can replicate your discovery. What I like about it most is the old world appeal. There is something kind of magical (at least for me) about taking a rope of the stuff and unwinding a leaf; or chopping a half-inch chunk with a blade; or failing that just gnawing a piece off...ok that last bit sounded a tad weird......

  • Hey dave, I love your store! I am waiting for my order of quit smoking snuff should be here any day. I seen the twist also, do you use it like chewing tobacco then? I wonder what it would be like as snuff?
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