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Dholakia Limited Sandalwood

shikitohnoshikitohno Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
I was wondering if anyone else had tried this lovely snuff, and what they thought of it. I recently got some as a free sample from Tom, and now wish I had bought it myself, seeing as I'll be broke for a couple of weeks, and there's only three left. For me, at least, it's got some very evocative power. Now that I'm freshly loaded up on some, I'd like to tell everyone a little about what it does for me.

First, it doesn't really hit me with a sandalwood scent. Perhaps I've been buying bad incense, but it smelled familiar to me anywise. The other day, I managed to place the scent. This stuff smells just like Pan Parag/Pan Masala (I'm pretty sure the brand is Pan Parag, but it's put out by Kothari Products, I believe). I went through a brief phase where I loved to have a little in the morning to wake me up, although I've since stopped. More important for me was the people it made me remember. If you live near a city that has a large Indian district, try going there a little after six at night. You'll probably find one or more booths hardly larger than a phone booth, with a happy looking middle-aged Indian bloke working in it. These places sell fresh pan, with betel nuts and myriad flavouring, all wrapped up in a betel leaf to chew on. It's this sort of booth in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City that this Sandalwood snuff brings me back to.

I remember going to the different booths, and every time I stopped by a new one for the first time, the guy working the counter would be terribly surprised that I knew what he was selling and wanted a couple. This brings me back to conversations with total strangers who seemed so happy to know that someone in the country they had moved to (a scrawny, long-haired white kid, no less. Not trying to be racist, but us white folks aren't known to be the most tolerant people, so I throw some folks off sometimes) actually knew something of their traditions, listened to bhangra, and had seen Munna Bhai. It's sort of a distant connection, but this snuff helps bring me back to happy conversations with total strangers in Queens, back when I'd stop by once a week to grab a few quids to chew on. Good times, and memories, and some really good food.

So, namrata, if you read this, thanks for bringing back some happy memories. Every so often I need something like this. Aside from that, an excellent smelling snuff once more, although sometimes I swear I can taste it too. Sorry to be a bit light on the scent in my review, but this is the important part of this snuff for me. I'm hoping that this one goes into fulltime production somehow, because I love it.


  • Yes, I have some. Its a very powerful scent, so I don't use it much. If it doesn't make full production, the Quit With Snuff Sandalwood has a nearly identical flavoring, but a different tobacco base. I have heard that the Paul Gotard is also similar.
  • I just got a tin of this last week, and was surprised to find it slightly mentholated.

    It gives a sandalwood scent, too, but wanted to confirm I hadn't gotten the wrong sample in my smash box, or that my nose needs an adjustment... :)

    So does anyone else get a (light) menthol off this snuff? And which, if any, sandalwood scented snuffs aren't mentholated?

    I actually like the menthol enough, but would be interested in trying a 'straight' sandalwood as well.
  • Yes its slightly mentholated. Again, the QWS Sandalwood is the same scent but different tobacco base (courser, moister).

    One of the new Sun snuffs has a strong sandalwood character, its also lightly mentholated. I forget which one at the moment.
  • QWS sandalwood is non-menthol.
  • I think this might just be the scent sandalwood brings to mind for Indians, rather than what Europeans and Americans typically think of it. I've encountered the same scent elsewhere as sandalwood.
  • Bumping a very old thread here! Was wondering how beginner friendly Dholakia Sandalwood is. Really want to try this one out because I love sandalwood. However am avoiding anything which is too fine and dry. Seeing a lot of good reviews for Dholakia Swiss Chocolate - great aroma and beginner friendly. Was hoping this one is on similar lines.
  • @bolbam I find Dholakia Sandalwood a very-fine grind, like an english/Irish toast. But like said toast it's easier to sniff than an American scotch or Indian white because it had some moisture and clump to it.

    The sandalwood is on the light side - not a bomb. Same base as the Swiss chocolate to my nose but more fine ground - I actually smell this one as swiss a chocolate without the cream or chocolate. And Irish cream as swiss chocolate with the cream but without the chocolate. So if you're only going to try one Dholakia perhaps start with the Swiss. That all said it has N, I'd say medium ease of snuff, and I'll certainly finish my 25g but not before I have another 25g of some other snuffs, Swiss included
  • @ar47 Swiss Chocolate will definitely be part of my next order with Dholakia. It is the only snuff which I am sure about, thanks to the all round glowing reviews it gets plus it's beginner friendliness.

    I am looking for other Dholakia snuffs which are equally beginner friendly or thereabouts. I have shortlisted the following, do share your thoughts on these - Plum Cake, African, Roasted Nuts, Aniseed Menthol, Coffee (either Coffee Cream, Irish Coffee or Coffee Bite).

    I wanted to try Kamal, Ganga, Taj, Manjul, Green, Jasmine Menthol and Medicated No.10 but will resist for the time being. I have some 6P Cheeta on me and dont want to get any more fine & dry grinds until I get this right.

    For now, my snuffs just have to be beginner friendly, so that I stay on course! Right now I have 6P's Special, Anarkali, Kailash, Super Kailash, No.66 and No.666 and they're all so easy to have.
  • I've had Taj and found it quite easy to take. I'd say it's rather similar to Kailash (with a slightly different, but still delicious, scent). You may want to reconsider passing it up if you enjoy the black snuffs from 6P
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