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6 Photo Snuff

Red StarRed Star Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Interesting enough, this company makes quite some claims on their homepage 6 Photo Snuff that propose they´d be widely available all around the world:
Apart from delivering quality smokeless tobacoo products we aim to make Indian snuff popular all over the world...
Six Photo Snuff has a strong market presence in India & abroad...
Cheeta is the white Indian snuff with a dash of any perfume and has a great demand overseas

I´ve never seen any of their products being offered by any online snuff retailer and the local indian stores have never heard of snuff from India (and with 500.000 people in my city, it´s not that small). So... where is this stuff? Has anyone seen evidence of its existence?
(I don´t mean the 5 Photo Snuffs, of course, which were purchased by some members here)


  • Nope.
  • Ah, dziękuję Maciej!
  • Do you think so? Hmmm, I dunno. I clearly feel "abroad" has the meaning of being much further away, or specifically: across the ocean. Presenting the site in english wouldn´t make too much sense, as well.

    I could as well write them an e-mail, but I´ve just done that twice yesterday without getting a reply. Well, I´ll just wait if that made any sense, before I write them as well.
  • I think that makes sense -btw the language is called Hindi, the religion Hindu.
  • I love Indian snuffs, and a while back, when I found the ones I found at the Indian store locally, I scoured the internet, and found all the Indian snuff websites I could, and emailed them all politely requesting either samples or how to obtain them, and I never got a single reply or suprise package.
  • Got a very nice reply from Mr Grover who's the CEO (?) of 5 Photo when I wrote him.
    I would love to see it go on sale here as well as Europe and the UK.
    Assuming that it's already gone down well in Western China. I'm Uyghur on my Mum's side of the family and assuming that my tastes aren't terribly different than theirs.
  • Oh well, it´s getting more international by the minute! ;)
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Mr. Grover also emailed me back.

    He was willing to send me a package will all of their snuffs. He asked that I wire him the funds. I'm a bit leary of that so I opted not to do so.

    One day they will be available in the US and other places. Look how quickly Dholakia expanded and now SUN is breaking into other markets. It is only a matter of time.
  • I may have missed emailing 6 Photo, I don't recall them all. If I had been offered to wire the money, at the time, I might had done that.
  • Really? Tom, have I told you that I am a Nigerian Prince in exile? I have a lot of money that I need to put in your bank account so it will be safe from my enemies. I'll be willing to cut you in for a share of course. :-D
  • what you too? damn, I though I was the only one
  • Hehe, a good portion of sillieness around here, very nice!

    I`m quite strict on that matter as well: they either send some free samples, or may just let it be. Even the biggest player, Pöschl sends out samples by request and they´d have any reason not to do so.
  • Well, Pöschl has the financial capital to do so. They were very generous to me when I first started snuff.
  • stitchstitch Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Dhrruv and Mr. Grover are the same person. I must have found him in a generous mood because he sent three cans of snuff gratis.I did post about them and sent him a more detailed impression which he is free to use as he sees fit. It seems that several of my emails went unanswered but I think his spam filter may have got in the way Now I didn't ask for one of each, so there is a slight difference. There was a total of 100g - one can was 50 and the other two 25g ea.By any accounts this is a most generous sample. Having thus established his good will with me, I wouldn't hesitate to pay for a can of everything he makes plus postage in advance. But I would prefer do it through paypal and indicate it was a gift with the charges for "postage and handling" Wire transfers are not in the everyday banking experience of most people and insisting on this form of payment is, imho, an unnecessary obstacle.

    A couple years ago I bought a parcel of four cartons of bidis from the factory in India. I don't smoke them very often, but now and then I get a wild hair for one. The factory took paypal and everything went smoothly. But it could have just as easily turned to shit.

    I think that Dhrruv would like to get people talking about his snuff, but hasn't found a cost-effective way to do it. I will say that his snuffs are very sophisticated and complex. They have good clearing qualities and are very well-balanced. One is just about the best jasmine you could hope for. Some Indian snuffs are over the top with scents, but his are not.

    Distributing free samples is very necessary to break into new markets. Presumably a third-generation snuff maker would have sufficient capital on hand to underwrite the effort.
    Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back to you.
  • I don't even want a free sample. If what you say about the jasmine is true, I just want a place to BUY it. I've never seen a decent jasmine snuff, and would love to.
  • stitchstitch Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Good point. There are at least a couple members here with the wherewithal to make it happen. It would be a better arrangement for everyone involved. To be fair Dholakia makes an excellent jasmine, but I it's a one note snuff. This one builds upon the jasmine with other exotic scents. There is nothing on the can to indicate it's a jasmine snuff, just says PAANCH PHOTO SNUFF - but my nose tells me jasmine is the dominant scent. Tom mailed me some snuff he found at a local India market. One was the Himalayan by 5 photo. It was a bit shop worn, but usable. The fresh product is way WAY better! The "Special Snuff" from this maker is hard for me to distinguish from the Himalayan, save that it seems to have a bit less menthol. Perhaps my schnoz is not so well tuned when it comes to complex scented types. My everyday taste is for plain tobacco goodness.
  • Making them available is of course by far more important, than to receive some samples. It´s quite useless if you like them and not being able to get any more afterwards. I´ve written them as well as Günter from and I have hope, something will be made from that. As the retailers are all in common contact, it would be just a matter of time, until they would show up at nicrush/mrsnuff/mars as well.
  • Well, like Sun Snuffs did with Nicrush as their US Importer distro, so could MrSnuff do the same 6 Photo, or another.
  • Stitch's description of fresh 5 Photo really has me going!
    The older tin I got from Tom was absolutely fantastic stuff.
    Just hoping the new ones still have the Himalaya picture on them. I'd love to have those graphics in poster size.
  • sprangalangsprangalang Member
    edited July 2010 PM
    I found some 6 Photo at a little Indian grocery. It was only available in a tiny tin, like 10g. When the guy handed it to me, I thought it was Himalaya, but he said no, it's 6 photo. The packaging is almost identical to the Himalaya, but of course the plastic can is much smaller, the graphics are similar, even the picture (6 photos) of that dude with the white turban. And (6 photos) of another guy without a turban, as well as a few landscape images. It is dark and tastes almost the same as the Himalaya, but with an "agricultural" note.
    Cool thing is, it lists ingredients!
    "tobacco, lime water, paraffin oil, colors, mixed spices, menthol, natural and artificial flavors, contains added flavors."
    It says "Lachhmandass Amarnath Snuff Mfrs, Giddarbaha (Pb.)
  • Cool!
    Jai Bharata!
  • Repeatedly emailed all the indian snuff makers and only got one reply. That was from one snuff maker.
    I won't mention the name but it was very polite and enlightening. I was told that only one carrier was prepared to handle snuff and that was the Indian Post Office. Their international rates were very expensive and it cost on average £12 to £15 to send out a sample (for USD, multiply by 1.5).
    Because of taxes, transport, rules and regs (this was before PACT) potential distributors of their products were only prepared to pay the same as the cost of snuff in india. A few pence (cents) per drum.
    Their market in India was vast compared to the potential market abroad and the sender hoped I wouldnt be offended and that I would appreciate the economics.
    A very pleasant email but a bit of an eye opener never the less.
  • Yeah, that was a nice email. I did recieve one reply, though I can't recall what he said, I did ask him to contact NicRush, a while back. But, yeah, I can fully understand him not wanting to make an effort to sell a few cans of his exotic tobacco item to a few afficinados, when their business flows well in India. But still, it makes getting these a challenge, like a goal.
  • Hi new here, I used to get a small lil plastic container I suspect was 5 photo, and it did have a bit of a jasmine scent to it. I emailed the folks at 5 photo asking where I could get their snuff in the USA. I am trying to switch from chewing tobacco and copenhagen back to scotty snuff, my all time favorite. I used to get the small tins of "Dr. Rumneys Mentholyptus" way back when, of course it is only available in the 7 gm size and shipping charges really bite you good. I have tried locating snuff online here in Missouri, not having any luck. I will post back if I get a reply from 5 photo, I am really interested in the 200gm size of himalaya, and super himalaya. I can always get a small tin for my pocket or better yet a nice wooden snuff box. Take care
  • Have you tried Mr Snuff (advert on left side of this page). He is now in the uk and stocks 5Photo snuffs. Had a quick look at his site (not cheap). Average price for 50g is 6 us dollars each and he ships to the US.
    For 3 50g tubs of 5photo it will cost you around 26 us dollars including shipping.
    He also has other Indian snuffs.
  • I think it is cheap. The 10gs are cheap, and 50gs(if in stock) are 2 dollars less than when NicRush sold them. The only not so cheap thing might be the shipping, but order enough and it balances out.
  • @London Jack: Thanks for the rec. As for prices maybe this will help explain things a little: Indian tobacco export taxes are 126%; shipping is extortionate; shipping is expensive because it has to go by air freight (it is illegal by courier or India Post); import taxes are 29% of cost of product + cost of shipping; then I have to pay to have it trucked to the warehouse; pay for the warehouse; pay for the warehouse staff; pay the website guy; pay the accountant; pay hosting fees etc etc...all before I take any of the 'profit' out to pay my own mortgage. Point being looking at how much snuff costs you to buy on the streets of New Delhi is a very poor indicator of the cost/profit by the time it reaches a consumer in Wyoming. At the end of the day the actual cost of the snuff at the factory door is actually the smallest potion of the total cost. Another example of this is US snuffs in Europe. They are about double the price of buying at your local Wawa in South Jersey, yet the profit for the merchant in Europe is less than half what the local Wawa owner gets. This discrepancy is due primarily, again, to shipping and taxes.
    Hope that helps.
  • I would say it is quite affordable considering the costs you've mentioned. I only hope you may be able to acquire more snuffs from India in the future.
  • How about some Dholakia Seven Photo?
  • London JackLondon Jack Member
    edited September 2010 PM
    @ mr.snuff. I will allways recommend you as you have an excellent reputation.
    I mention price only from a UK snuffers point of view. If I order american snuff from Nicoteen rush and my order is under £18.00 GBP (approx $28.00 USD) , no vat is chargeable, no import duties and for an order of any size no tobacco tax is payable on nasal snuff under UK law.
    Even with shipping costs from the US this is a considerable saving.
    I fully accept your points and you may consider that you are not on a level playing field. Unfortunately these are the sad realities of trading in the EU.
    I am sure you will do well and all credit to you for bringing hard currencies into the UK.
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