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macalpemacalpe Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff Accessories
Hello dear snuff fellows:

The Forum is alive...the thing is Summer is very hard...hahaha.
Well, I would like to know your opinion about my old snuffbox.
I bought this jewel during the summer of 1987 at Penzance (in an Auctionnery). At the cover you can read an inscription that tells as follows :
" A reminiscence of my first shot "Right and Left" at Ourial
With S.B. : B.L. Rifle
Pindi 1882."

I will appreciate to hear your comments.

Best wishes

Pedro Macias


  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited July 2007 PM
    Thats is very nice Pedro, Looks to be in real good shape. Very good jewel to display and have as a conversation piece.
    And a little on the info: S.B B.L is Single Barrel Breech Load Rifle. Pindi is short for Rawalpindi which is a city in Pakistan. This might be related to the Battle of Tel al-Kebir.

    Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this.
  • Filek, excuse me , but this is a snuffbox that was made, for his former owner, in the gunpowder style. During the XIX Century was a fashionable snuffbos type.

    Best wishes.

  • Hello Trotstroker, THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE INFORMATION ABOUT INITIALS. I do not knew the meaning till now. Thanks again.

  • Dear Filek : That's right!!!!...I agree with you now!!!! an snuffbox made as gunpowder horn...ok!
    My best wishes to you,

    Pedro Macías
  • Hello Mo,

    I don't know anything more of it.
    The only thing is I bought the box at Penzance, Cornwall, England, during the summer of 1987 in an Auctions Shop. The picture I placed here showing the cover is very bad; I took this pics with my cell phone, and so you can not see well the inscriptions...but I will put a new one better for you to see well.
    For me is a jewel, and , really, I think allways in his first owner taking good snuff...and then I take a "pinch" to his honor and memory.

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