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keeping yer nose clean

saucy_jacksaucy_jack Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
how the hell do you do it? i end up with "dirt" around my nostrils and under my nose. lol of course i use my hanky but sometimes it doesn't get it all, especially if i have the stubble.


  • I always have a SMALL mirror with me to check for any "left overs".
  • A small mirror never fails~
  • apap Member
    You can carry a Poschl President tin to check it , works pretty good too :)
  • I wish toque would. start having little mirrors on the bottom of their lids. That would be quite convenient.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    Wow the mirrored snuff tin is a spectacular suggestion. Thanks for reviving the thread @Captainblackboogers (btw your name reminds me of another topic on the research list)

    I really like back drip. But I also in my chew/dipping days would also always swallow the juices so your mileage may likely vary. Probably came from the smoking bans - I would load em (my cheeks) up and then drink countless chew-infused beers after class in college.

    But Front drip is unacceptable between the hours of 6am and 8pm. Neither my clients/ customers nor our children should ever be aware of my own little pleasure (the snuff). It freaks me out - I've started carrying tissues with me in my front pocket like a wanna-be hankie. I haven't come to terms with the idea of a hankie yet - seems a rather high risk of staining my pocket before a big meeting. I suppose there's no free lunch ... The softness of a real nice hankie might make it worth the risk. I might then of course be at risk of looking like a 'hipster'/dandy - I don't go full blast dressing up enough or have the care & desire to pull that off (but never say never)
  • Just grow a beard. It'll only be noticeable then if you have grey whiskers.  :))
  • @ar47, have you tried Indian white snuffs? They induce minimal drip. I find them most discrete.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge I have not sir, but have a couple on the shopping list! Thank you for the suggestion
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited April 2018 PM
    A mirror in the lid would be quite useless, as soon as you closed the tin and put it in your pocket the mirror will get covered in snuff rendering it useless unless you cleaned it everytime which is more trouble than its worth. It would be more useful to have a mirror finish on the outside but even that would get scratched up right quick in the pocket.

    A snuffbox where the bottom has a flip out mirror like a makeup case would be awesome. (hint hint, someone build me one) ;)
  • @n9inchnails

    You're right,  didn't think of that.  I like your snuffbox mirror idea. Someone should start making those.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    I've been using a tin of Poschl ozona president as a mirror and am happy enough with that

    Once I get back home I'll try sanding down the underside of a Toque tin. I sand & polish my CPUs to a mirror finish should be able to do the same with these
  • How did the polishing work out, @ar47 ?

    Personally, I keep a bandana in my pocket and periodically check and wipe out of compulsion or habit, depending on your perspective. I find no need for a mirror due to the smartphone with front facing camera I have in my pocket all the time anyway- even if the battery is dead, I can use (and have used) the reflection in the glass screen to check right quick.
  • GokulGokul Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    Ah once the effects start diminishing, say about 10-15 minutes after a snuff session, I get my fingers really dry and start digging for the gold! So enjoyable pulling out the dirt from the nose. Very satisfying if you can roll up a little ball in the end. For those who would hesitate to shake my hands, I promise that I always thoroughly clean up after a session. I call it a session because I take three hefty pinches slowly and by the time I clean up, 10-15 minutes pass. Once done I can face the world with confidence and shake hands without feeling dirty.
  • I flush my nasal cavity with tepid tap water regularly. I find cold water less effective, i.e. it takes considerably longer. I pour a handful of water and repeat inhaling-exhaling cycles till exhaled water is clean. Obviously I use my fingers, too. Depending on a snuff I use, I may do the flush hourly or even more frequently, when I feel clogged. A scrupulous nose flush is a must-do before going out or meeting people. Pre-bedtime flush goes without saying.

    For an instant fix I use toilet paper/paper towels/paper hankies. I have found really soft and thin paper, suitable solely for this matter.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    @thatotherguy I never got around to completing. A few days after that post I got my ozona president tin, which I carried as a mirror for a while. Unfortunately the tin scuffs rather easily and lost its utility. So like you I typically use a smartphone
  • I'll use a syringe filled with warm saline and shoot it up one nostril while inhaling through it (then repeat on the other side). This method is very effective. The saline has a tonic effect whereas water alone can have an irritating effect.

  • use a brush or swipe loosely with a tissue without applying pressure
  • Neto pot with salt water every night keeps my nose clean.
  • Nasal saline containing moisturizer and blow works fine. Neti pot potentially grows bacteria as said in past. My 2 pence.
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