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Paraffin oil?

tom502tom502 Member
edited October 2009 in General

I have said here before that I have had some nasal issues while snuffing, getting stopped up alot etc. I thought maybe it was menthols that gave me this reaction, maybe the weather/seasons, but now I wonder if it's something else?

Now since it has gotten colder, it has been alot less, but still some, and I really don't know what's "normal" or how others are.

But today I was using this Benards all day. I like it, but it seemed to affect my clear nasal breathing. Though I did use menthols yesterday.

Well, I read than Benards are made using paraffin oil. I also seem to recall reading that Poschl uses paraffin oil.
I may be totally on the wrong idea here, but I wonder now, if it could be paraffin oil that has be easily stopped up.

So, I wondered if anyone might agree, or have any comments.
And if this could be it, what snuffs do we know use this, or is highly suspected.

And what would be some recommended non-paraffin oil snuffs, menthol and non?



  • All English snuffs are water based. Most German snuffs are oil based.
  • I like Bernards, but Zweifacher has been causing me to get stuffed like the Poschl. The other Bernards, I didn't notice that happening, so I blamed it on the menthol, but I could well be wrong. I'd hate to quit the Bernards too like I have Poschl, but I'll pay more attention next time I go with the other Bernards schmalzlers I've been liking.
  • I'm just trying to figure out what the issue here is for me. I hate being stopped up. So, I wanna find a snuff that doesn't. And I'd like to find what it is that is doing it. Menthol? Season? Paraffin? I do think for me, as the weather has changed, it's alot better than when it was hot. But I like menthols, and that's usually what I grab.

    So, considering what I've said, what snuffs do you recommend for me, that should not give me any problem? I know I have some Wilsons coming in, and JH Wilson SP. I guess I just have to experiment by doing a certain snuff exclusively for a few days.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have Toque Original at the moment, but I will use what English made non-menthols I have, trying one type exclusively for a couple of days and see what I think.

    Is there a certain snuff that seems to dry ones nose out? I usually have the other problem, extreme moisture. So, I wanna try something that's more drying.

    I've been snuffing for a while now, but I am always rotating snuffs all the time, I have no idea which one could be doing what.
  • Tom,
    Do you use toast or scotch regularly? While I love Bernard and Pöschl, they do sometimes clog me up a little, depending on the variety of course. I live in the desert right now, so having a dry nose is pretty common. But, even though it's already dry, when I uses scotches, I very rarely get clogged, and I don't seem to get the really bad boogers to be blunt.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Scotches are good for that, I agree. My recommendation would be a basic SP (not a complex one). Wilson's Best SP, SP100 or SS all have a nice clearing effect for me. Wilson's Lavender seems to do it too. So too does F&T Seville. They are all relatively drying as compared to making the nose run. I get stopped up occasionally and often times its a single nostril. I usually can work around it. Finding a way to force it in helps to clear it.
  • Maybe what I am experiencing isn't so uncommon. But it has really gotten better since the weather is changing. I was Toque Menthol last night, and while I got some nose run, it didn't clog me up much at all, just brief moments.

    I haven't snuffed at all today yet, but might try a non-menthol later. I don't have any SPs at the moment, or scotches, I really don't care for the scotches. I do have the Toque "toasts". I wonder if Fubar Grunt has paraffin in it?
  • Tom,
    Have you considered a Neti-Pot?

    I find if I used menthol or paraffin based snuffs (purely research and for the snuff collection you understand, LOL!) I used to get blocked up, but using the Neti-Pot every day has cleared my sinuses’ completely and helped with my and my wife’s sleeping (I no longer snore).

    I know I shouldn’t be say this as it could help you use snuffs from the competition, however we’re all friends in the snuff world.
  • Thanks Roderick, I do have a neti pot, and should probably use it more.
    I think I'll start today, doing it before bed.
    Now, your Toque Snuffs, are they water based? Or paraffin?

    I really just enjoy menthols, I may have to just resign myself to the effects, and I'm not even sure if the paraffin is the problem(or part), and like I keep saying, the weather change seems to have an impact.

    Maybe this is just a part of snuffing and I'm being whiney. Oh where is that cherry menthol?
  • My Sinuses have been pretty bad since my first breath, but have actually improved when I started snuffing.
    The Poeschl's also have a tendency to stop things up. Would not be in the least surprised that Paraffin is indeed the cause of that.
    J&H Wilson's Medicated No. 99 clears me out very quickly. Himalaya has much the same effect.
    Took a toot of Gletscher last night, partially as an experiment, in fact, and I do feel more congested than usual.
  • Tom,

    Our snuffs are straight tobacco and our flavourings are 100% natural, that means when we say "Toque Cherry snuff" it only contains tobacco and 100% natural flavouring from real cherries and nothing else. I just refuse to use synthetic flavourings or any artificial ingredients. The only place I put paraffin oil is in my lamp!

    Here endeth my rant.
  • Toque Toffee definitely has a real cinder toffee flavour to it. Probably why I was initially disappointed, as I was expecting a Callard & Bowser-ish taste.
    Have come to appreciate it quite a bit now. With a whiff of fresh air, it's like a momentary trip back to childhood!
  • I "think" I have read that paraffin is a wax.

    Anyway, I just did some Toque Quit. It's been rather cold today, and my sinuses have been doing well. I just poured a pint of Boddingtons ale.
  • Paraffin is a synthetic wax; petroleum based. Its what most candles are made of nowadays. Candles can also be made of beeswax or spermaceti oil from whales.
  • Mmmmm, Boddingtons.
  • I have a hard time understanding how a clean paraffin (liquid paraffin is mineral oil) causes the severe allergic reactions I get from Poschl snuffs, while I'm not allergic to mineral oil, or glycerin. That's why I think it's lard, or something containing animal by-products. In some countries, a producer has to disclose the contents of a human use product. This is a case where I'm hoping that content disclosure laws eventually tell what's really in it. Inquiring minds want to know.
  • @Xander.
    Did I read that right about Spinetti oil from Wales? (I'm sorry.)

    Paraffin is definitely a wax, though, so the effect of putting it up your nose is a little like letting a candle drip into your nostril. (I've heard some people enjoy such things....Not that there's anything wrong with that...)
  • I find that snuff with a good nose burn don't clog me, but those that just sit there in your nose do.
  • Sounds like the body is trying to protect itself from something
  • poschels clog me up terribly no other snuffs do that. I wish too to know what is causing it. Bernards don't clog me up terribly but poschels do. Well president doesn't, just to make it more complicated. I often wonder if it's something about the scents or what.
  • It seems somewhat random what clogs me up. Some days, I just can't do menthols, others I can use nothing but. I could see something like paraffin causing an allergic reaction in some people though. Maybe snuffs with paraffin are like snus that contain juniper. Some people just can't touch them.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    Lard used to be used in schmalzlers. Now they too use a syntheic version. Having an animal fat in there makes them go bad very fast, which is probably why British law forbids the use of it, and apparantly why by the letter of the law there are no British snuffs with any oil whatsoever. This is why, I suspect, that Gawith Hoggarth contracts with Pöschl to make the Gawith Apricot and Gawith Cola for them.

    The paraffin in German snuffs nowadays is all food grade. Candy and lots of things people eat contain paraffin. I don't think its an allergic (biological) reactions anyone is having, I think its physical reactions. For me they get slippery and slide up my nose and get caught halfway into the throat making me hack. Bernards, Straubinger, Lotzbeck, and the schmalzlers from Pöschl all have much less of this effect on me, but they do to a tolerable extent. The regular Pöschls on the other hand do it to me Gawith Apricot particularly so. It may be a different type of wax they use or it may be the combination with menthol.

    @ Mr. Snuffypants: Yes, spermaceti oil which is only found in the head cavity of sperm whales is a versitle oil. That was one of the biggest money makers in the whaling trade of old. New England is loaded with whaling museums and there are places that show how it was done. Candles used to be very expensive consquently. It was also used as a lubrication oil for clocks and other precicion instruments.
    The sperm whale uses the oil sort of like we have a fluid pocket in our inner ear. Its the only deep diving (and largest)toothed whale and it can regulate its equilbrium under great pressure that way. Other toothed whales (Orcas, dolphins, pilot whales) do not go very deep. Balleen whales (they have big plankton strainers made of baleen instead of teeth) dive deep, but I don't know how they do it. They don't have the fluid in their head.
  • The paraffin oil being used as part of the snuffs from Pöschl is running as "food oil" and is regarded as being neutral in these low concentrations. German snuff is produced under food law.
    Menthol though causes a swelling of the mucous membrane after a short time. So, having another pinch of menthol gives you the feeling of being better able to breath... and the swelling increases. So you might start a circle there. Ultimately you reach a point where you´re hardly able to get a pinch up at all.
    As ALL Pöschls contain menthol (besides their Schmalzler) it´s clear why you have that effect with them, if you´re not careful and overdo it.
  • That would be an explanation of why the Zweifacher stuffs me and the other Bernards I like don't. The light menthol touch I put in my blends doesn't seem to do it, I add two taps to 5gms and the menthol develops over a time. I find that you don't need to add hardly any at all to get a good effect. So maybe it's an issue of concentration. The Zweifacher concentration didn't seem to be rudely over the top like Poschl, and that's why I wasn't thinking it was the menthol. I've decided to try adding a little mineral oil, and glycerine in a separate experiment to some of my home blends to see if that causes anything. I also have food grade palm oil, I'll try. Eventually.
  • @Xander, I don't think Gawith Hoggarth have an association with Poschl/Bernards. I believe it is Samuel Gawith and they use the same containers these days and have some export agreements to countries outside the EU. But I may be wrong.
  • Samuel Gawith and Bernards have a cooperative relationship of sorts judging by their websites, yes they share some distrubution agreements and those horrible containers. Gawith Hoggarth and Pöschl have a sort of relationship, again judging from GH's website at least, which advertises some Pöschl snuffs.
  • What you need is one of these suckers. Saw this in SkyMall recently, and I've been meaning to post it here. Link goes to Amazon.
  • Why do folks complain about the Bernard's containers ? I presently have 4 of their snuffs , and have no issues at all with the containers. They don't leak in my pocket, and the opening is easlily adjustable to measure the doses. Kein problem...
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I agree, Z_2K. I wish that Wilsons would switch over to this design.

    Kein problem indeed.
  • So English snuffs are water based, and German snuffs are oil based, is South African aloe based? As in the aloe and ash I read about with that "statistic;" if any recall.
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