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Toque Lime Toast

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
This is a really zingy little number and I think quite a fascinating snuff. The colour and grind are just what you would expect from a Toque toast - it all gets unusual when you take a pinch. You then get a sesnsory overload of citrus and for maybe a second I hated it but then I got the smooth toasted tobacco flavour coming through and started to really like it. Its been sitting on my coffee table for a few days and I just keep dipping in whenever I want something off the wall.

Great snuff, not for the fainthearted.

When are we getting the plain toast Roderick?


  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited October 2009 PM
    All 3 new flavours should be out late next week.
  • Sounds good. Roderick, you have the Natural, SP(and Original) Menthol, some toasts, florals, and fruits, etc, what's missing is a perfumed blend, something like WoS Burgundy... what's that style called?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    edited October 2009 PM
    what's that style called?

    Scented/Perfumed. Depends what name you fancy I suppose.
  • What's missing is some sort of demigros like a rapee or a gros like Princes. Berwick Brown may satisfy the former, but that remains to be seen.
  • The BB sample I have is demi-gros (and very nice indeed!).
  • The Berwick Brown should make you happy, both my samples were excellent with one a pure classic.
  • I am looking forward to it. :-)
  • edited October 2009 PM
    Can't wait for the plain toast,should be excellent.I was going to place an order this week for some bulk bags from Toque,will delay it now until the new snuff is for sale.
  • I think I may have to make an order, I've been holding off ordering any more snuff but the Lime Toast and the Berwick Brown may push me over the edge.
  • I echo snuffster regarding the Lime Toast. Just opening the tin is like opening a bottle of Lime cordial. I've had me tin a week and it's only ½ full now. I'll be ordering some when the Berwick Brown is released be it sample 'A' or 'B'.
  • I love lime. Its a much more classy flavor then lemon. Although its more delicate, so getting the scent to stick to snuff will impress me.
  • Xander,

    I'm with you there, I always went for the green sweets rather than the yellow.
  • So did I. But most kids went for red.
  • Never understood that. I was always taught red was a warning sign.

    Still don’t get Blue Smarties, blue was always poison in my day.
  • George Carlin used to do a whole bit on blue food.
  • There is no such thing as "true blue" in the natural world. That ought to tell you something.
  • Say what you want, the blue Kool-Aid is the best Kool-Aid.

    Speaking of which, I have nothing to drink in the house, and I'm too lazy to run down the street. I don't drink many sugary beverages. Only barley pop and tea.

    Looks like it's time to bust out/brew up some peppermint iced tea.

    Also, for content, I simply cannot wait any longer for this lime toast business. Roderick, will it be up on your website by Friday?
  • "barley pop?" Is that code for beer?
  • When I order, it will be a case of Snuff Head made me do it!
    Anything that tastes of Lime Cordial would be brilliant.
    Hmm. Mixed with Toque Coke, a bit of Toque Bourbon, it would be like inhaling a really good Cocktail. Minus the wobbly feeling, slow reflexes and tendency to bump into things frequently.
  • Well this sure does.Toque are getting a lot more interesting in their grinds these days, for the longest time it seemed that they only had one that was used as the base for the flavouring. I love different grinds, they make it all the more interesting.
  • And by the the way I have now become a complete convert to the lime toast - it took me a few days to really get it but wow this is one superior and delicious snuff, well done Roderck.
  • xander, yes. I have all but quit drinking, but I still have a soft spot for Belgian Tripels. They don't do much to satisfy thirst, but they do a great deal to satisfy a craving for a beer.
  • Tripels are fantatstic, I love them drunk from my genuine Chimay glass - just makes it taste even better.
  • I would drink them out of the dog's water dish if need be. I would drink them with green ham, I would drink them.. you get the idea.

  • @roderick what tobacco is this made from ? I find it has lots of similarities to Whisky And honey.
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