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macalpemacalpe Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I am writing this new discussion topic after read the great comment from Troustroker : keep your head up, and be proud".
Yes, of course, we do not to care when we take snuff at public places. I use snuff from a lot of years ago and I have no problem when someone looks me as if I were a "rare thing".
We must to be prouds because we are the "keepers" of tradition, we are keeping alive the oldest take tobacco manner.
And I don't agree with Roderick when he said the times of snuff horns and port in the evening are long gone, no , the good things and manners never will be past. And I completely agree with him when he said "Snuff is undergoing a real rennaissance". Yes Roderick, but we need to fight this "snuffing" battle, because : "WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW..WE BAND OF BROTHERS.." ( W.Shakespeare, Henry V)...I want to say we must show our snuff to the friends and people at our pub,then offer to them to try and explain things about it.
Well dear snuff fellows : I will take a pinch just now in my silver HORN SNUFFBOX ! and also will drink a fresh beer and Cheers to you ALL !!

Pedro Macías


  • Cheers Pedro, I raise my beer in a toast.

  • I of course exclude your beautiful snuff horn. What I meant was that snuff is no longer part of an elitist old school taken formally in the evening, but is readily used everywhere and at any time, is now open to everyone equally no matter what age and is completely classless, which is a good thing. As Troutstroker said "I raise my beer in a toast".
    An ancient art for a modern time.
  • Ok I understand ...and specially when you said "an ancient art for a modern time". But we can not forget ancient manners, I think we need to keep the ancient aknowledges and styles, as well. Maybe I am a "romantic", or a nostalgic of the past; or receting an Spaniard Poet from Middle Age : "...any past time was better..."(Jorge Manrique, - Poems to his father's death"- XIV Century). Or, perhaps, were the first novels I read from your countryman Sir Walter Scott that teach me the love for the past and his splendour.....or maybe I am almost 50 years old man!!!!
    But following your excellent phrase I suggest to TOQUE TOBACCO : " a bullet as an ancient snuff horn" !!!!!
    Well, dear British Snuff Fellow, receive my opinion as a nostalgic thought and take a pinch and a pint to my health !...I will do the same thing saying : CHEERS!!!

    Pedro Macías
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