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A new way to snuff!!!!!!!!!!!

TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
The other day I was out fishing with some friends. It was a very windy day. I was in need of a snuff so I tucked my fishing pole under my arm and pulled my little pocket snuffbox from my pocket that is filled with Tube Rose. Well as soon as I popped the top off of the snuffbox the wind took a good pinch of snuff off of the top and blew it right in my eye. Boy what a rush!!! The nicotine lift was instant and strong, so strong that I dropped my pole and started hopping around. My friends must have thought it was pretty funny because they couldn't stop laughing, "great friends I have". I could not see the humor at the time because my eyes were so watery. This would be a great way to wake up in the morning if you could get past the burn and waterfalls in the eyes. It sure get you up and moving way better than coffee!!!!

Have any of you every got snuff in the eye?????


  • Snuff in the eye. An experience I don't want to feel again. Really bad, indeed.
  • Guys,
    Where were your Toque bullets?
  • As well as the Toque bullets work, when I'm using extra fine American snuff I prefer my fingers.
  • Hi, Troutstroker, when you use fine American snuff or when "Spanish Jewel"...excuse my jokes dear snuff fellows, but I agree with Troutstroker...with fine snuff is better the fingers.
    Despite it, bullets are perfects for European snuff.

  • Yes I wouldn't use Spanish Jewel with anything else but the fingers. Its my way of showing respect to the master craftsman of this great snuff.
  • Thanks a lot for your kind words to Mr. Lluis Viñets, a great master craftsman of great snuff.

  • Spanish Jewel is a wonderful, grade A snuff!!! Dry and fine with excellent tobacco flavor that is lightly backed up by Honey and Cognac. The feel to it is smooth as silk with delicious color. This is Pedro's secret weapon made by a Master Craftsman. I am very happy I got the chance to try it. I could easily snuff through the amount I have, but I choose to use it when I want something special to make it last longer. I will leave the best explanation of this great snuff to Pedro- A.K.A macalpe
  • Hello Celticsnuffer, this is Pedro from Spain,

    Following the polite invitation from our fellow snuffer Troutstroker, I will try to explain you a bit more of this snuff that Trouts. and I named as "Spanish Jewel".
    Really this snuff has no brand at all, and comes from an Old Master Craftsman thet lives in the North East of Spain(now retired). He was during 50 years at least serving an excellent and superior quality snuff tobacco within Spanish and Italian private customers.
    He explained to me he does the entire process, id est, seeds sowing, harvest, curation and fermetation of selected leaves( he worked leaf by leaf taking off "nervs" and letting only the fine parts of leaves).
    Afterwards when leaves are cured he use to wet a bit them with a blend of honey and good "cognac" from the area he live...but tobacco aroma remain over all.
    The result is a light brown/yellow and bright, dry and very fine grinding tobacco snuff.
    Following once more the Troutstroker advice, you must to start with him with much care, because is a very fine snuff, similar than your excellents American Dry Snuffs. But when you are used to a full pleasure take it.
    With a good "pinch" of Spanish Jewel and my best wishes to you,

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