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Plain or Scented?...that is the question

macalpemacalpe Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Hello to you all, dear snuff fellows :

Before begin this new topic I must be honest and tell you I am a lover of Plain and Pure tobacco snuff.
And now,firstly, I think we musn't forget an important principle, that is the base of this discussion topic, : SNUFF IS NOT,SIMPLY, THE RESULT OF GRINDING ANY TOBACCO. If you take cigarettes and grind them you will have "tobacco" powder...but not snuff at all.
The snuff is the result of an special process that begins with the selection of tobacco plants, harvest of some type of plant leaves, sun cured, air cured and fermentation of selected leaves...and then the grinding process( sometimes a new to air process is necessary).
I want to say we can not accept snuff is simply tobacco powder.
I have no nothing against parfumed, floral,etc...snuffs, but I tried some scented snuffs that really were not snuff tobacco.
My daily snuff is a really craftsmanship product. The old man, Master Craftsman, that served to me the snuff, is now retired, but he teached me snuff is snuff and not tobacco powder.
I want to uphold the non scented snuffs, id est, we must not lose the tradition of snuff.
Excuse my bad English, but I hope you will understand me.
With a "pinch" and "pint" I say cheers to you all.



  • I can see this was not an interesting discussion topic!!!!
  • Dear Chris :
    Certainly I apreciate so much your excellent comment.
    Being honest, I do not think as snuff tobacco that they are done with essences of parfume. When I want to enjoy parfums I only must to smell them. But, dear fellow snuff is a different feeling and sensation.

    Another very different thing is the Tonka Bean process or Cafe Royale. These are natural and COMPLEMENTARY processes that don't annul or destroy the authentic tobacco aroma.

    But the most important thing here is to hear excellents comments as yours.

    Kindest Regards (and excuse my bad English)

  • Dear Chris :

    I use sometimes a "no name" Spanish snuff from pure tobacco, but scented when cured leaves,before grinding, with a blend of Honey and Cognac. REALLY EXCELLENT!!!
    You may ask to our fellow Trotstroker (your Countryman), I've sent him a pouch of it. But honey/cognac are behind tobacco flavor. I hope you'll understand better now my position about tobacco snuffs. For example I like so much American Dry Snuffs.
    Yours ,

  • Hello again Chris :

    I am not an snuff bussinessman. I do not sell snuff. I will explain you more about this "no name" snuff.
    "No name" means no brand at all. This tobacco snuff comes from an old Master Craftsman from North East of Spain. Unfortunately he is now retired (85 years old). But he have 20 kgs more or less on stock. I allways bought him for minimum 500 grs. This old craftsman does all the tobacco process, id est, seeds,grown,harvest,curation and grinding cured leaves. The price I paid is 150 euros/Kg.
    I am a lover of snuff from 30 years ago...and certainly this is the finest snuff I never tried. If you know Italian snuffs as Sant'Antonino, Leccese,Sun di Spagna you will find some similiraty with my "no name" Spanish snuff. Maybe Spanish is a bit sweet and slight.
    Nowadays, I'm thinking in make my own snuff; the Old Craftsman told me he will send seeds for me. But the thing is I am not sure if I am able to do his complete process.
    If you want , in a next future, we may share our snuffs. I will send you before to try my Spanish Jewel (is the name I put to this excellent snuff).
    Best wishes and good "pinchs" of snuff

  • Hello again Chris, take this picture to see the color and texture of my Spanish snuff.
  • Excuse me Chris but I may not attach a pic as an answer comment.

  • Pedro wrote, I tried some scented snuffs that really were not snuff tobacco. I would have to agree with this statement. I've had some snuffs over the years that where so highly flavored away from the tobacco and had such low nicotine that they might as well have left the tobacco out because it served no purpose in these snuffs. You would be better off using a 100% herbal tobacco free alternative. Some of these snuffs seemed that they were marketed for kids to get hooked. Kind of like how Skoal uses sweet and candy like flavors for their chewing tobacco.

    The flavors that Chris mentioned earlier still have a good tobacco base and are not considered to be overly scented or flavored. I don't think these are the flavors that Pedro had in mind when starting this topic but good comments all around.
  • Oh, I didn't think you where attacking his opinion at all. No worries!!! I hope I didn't come across as a presidential candidate firing back at a debate. That wasn't my intention.

    And as far as the Spanish Jewel, it is an excellent fine dry snuff. Great color, nice soft light feel in the fingers. Great tobacco flavor. If your usual snuff is the European style and your not use to dry fine snuffs, snuff with care until you learn how to take it. Dry fine snuffs can be frustrating at first until you figure out how to properly take it. I grew up on the fine American snuffs and so I have no problem now. But I did have trouble at first. Always hitting the back of my throat and into my lungs then I would give a little cough. Those days are over, Thank God.
  • It must be the old world charm in snuff that brings out the 18th century gentleman in all of us. Just wanted to throw in my tuppence worth. As Troutstroker said a quality blender/nose will always try to keep the tobacco aroma prominent even when using the most powerful of scented oils after all that is our reason for using snuff. A snuff that is over powered by the scents used, is pointless. Royal George and Jokey club are excellent examples of a nose working his magic.
    Keep up the good manners.
  • edited September 2007 PM
    It's really good that this Master Craftsman's secrets are being passed on. About 25 years ago, there was an old man in my area who made & sold some really unique chewing tobaccos. He died suddenly of a heart attack & all his knowledge was lost.
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