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Wilson's tin

JavaJava Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I feel foolish asking this question, but here goes; I just received a tin of Wilsons of Sharrows Kendal Brown, from a source that I've not ordered from before. The tin was difficult to open, because there is a small amount of rust on both the lip of the tin, and the inside of the lid. (Making it hard to "twist" them) The snuff is much dryer than I remember it. It did have the familiar green tape around it. The tin has an EEC warning on the bottom of the tin. There is no warning on the lid, leaving the Wilson's Nobleman visible from head to toe. Is this a newer tin that just developed an air leak? Is it an ancient tin, from back before they placed the warning on the front? How long ago was that? I guess this is what I get for ordering with an unfamiliar shop, but Mars has been out for almost a month.



  • It sounds like an older tin! Was it the Snuff Shop you ordered through?? If it was, I have never had a problem with them. I order from both Mars & Snuff Shop. I shop at one when the other doesn't have what I want. I have had good luck with both of them.
    I have had problems with opening tins before. When they get a fine snuff dust around the overlapping edge upon filling them and it packs down and looks like rust?????????????????????????

    It was definitely rust on your tin?
  • Yes, it's rust. I placed an order with TobaccoSupermart, specifically because I needed some Wilson's Kendal Brown, which Mars has been out of for a few weeks, and because I wanted to try the Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown, which Mars doesn't carry. The other snuffs in my order were all fine, but the Wilson's Kendal Brown was unusable, and they sent GH Kendal Brown rather than the Samuel Gawith's. I was disappointed with the mix-up, but I was willing to forget it, until I opened the Wilson's. I don't believe I'll be ordering from them again.

  • That is disappointing! I have never ordered through TobaccoSupermarket. And now, probably never will. I will stay loyal to the two stores that haven't let me down: Marscigars and Snuff Shop. They both seem to get enough business to keep fresh products.
  • I bought few times at tobaccosupermarket, but this was when I smoke pipe tobacco. They are specialists in pipe tobacco, but I think we can not to say the same thing with snuffs.

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