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Toque SP Extra

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited November 2009 in General
I've held off doing a proper review as my only experience of this snuff was a small sample bag. I've now got a 25g tin and have been sampling throughout the day.

Firstly, part of my personal ritual, I took a sharp knife to the label and removed the government nonsense (Rodercik, you must be able to have the warning as a peel off sticker?) Even if the government propaganda was true, I'm an adult - just leave me alone with my pleasure!

Opening the flat, screw tin I was expecting that much discussed amonia smell but.. none at all, maybe the merest whiff. Anyay that's never bothered me as I just assocoate it with the smell of snuff that's just come from it's maker not sat around on a shelf for years.

The contents of the tin are superb - a nice flat expanse of snuff, perfect snuff where no fingers had gone before.

The first point is that this looks like the same 'flour' that is used in most Toques. Not a problem, the taste is everything. I took a deep inhalation from the tin and that sharp new snuff smell hit me and even after all these years I felt a tingle of expectation.

The snuff is superbly put togther. The first pinch feels like silk; it sticks together and presents a perfect consistency; rich and smooth. Upon insufflation you get that typical Toque feeling: a smooth snuff powder with a decent and pleasant nicotine hit. And get the extra. In this case the extra is a soaring single note above the standard SP flavouring. What is it? Bergamot, citrus....whatever it is wonderful.


  • What is it? Lavender from what I recall. I will open my new tin and re-aquaint myself.
  • Good on you snuffster. I like your description in paragraphs 3 and 4, very well said. It's an awesomely flavored snuff.
  • I think ii's a lavender, rose with a ton of bergamot in a Toque Quit base. Good stuff!
  • I dont get lavendar just a ton of bergamot.
  • I get a really interesting incense like SP instead of just regular SP. It has more of an indian spice feel to it than other SP's. If you get it fresh, it takes a few days for it to really open up. You can even see it gets a shade lighter in the can once you air it out a bit. This is definitly the best SP I have ever had and is my no1 snuff.
  • I really like this too. Great flavor. I was standing in line at Best Buy with my daughter, she said how weird, she smelled a really nice tea, like maybe Earl Grey, out of nowhere. It was just my nose. :p
    I think the best thing about it is, I can take it and take it, pinch after pinch, and not sneeze or blow the nose. Come to think of it, many of the Toques are like that.
  • If you like incense- or spice -toned SP flavor, you might like to try the WoS Strasbourg or Grand Cairo snuffs.
  • I'm still on the unclear side of what exactly denotes an SP style of snuff.
    My understanding is that it is, very generally speaking, a scented snuff using varying proportions of florals and bergamot in a medium grind and moisture base.
    I'm so ignorant of so much still...

    The Toque SP Extra hits with a solid burn and strong floral (lavender?) scent.
    WoS's Tom Buck and Grand Cairo are the 2 SP's I've tried previously and neither has the burn that this one delivers. That's not to say it's a bad thing though.

    The burn dies rather quickly, the lavender fades just a little along with it. Here's where the SP Extra differs from the two from WoS. The floral remains for a good long time. The citrus and tobacco make themselves known as the floral tapers off ending with a satisfying blend of all three.

    I think for the time being I personally prefer the Grand Cairo but the Toque SP Extra delivers enough nic and nose that it deserves a place in the snuff box!
  • i think an sp is what ever you want it too be but mostly is citrusy and possibly slightly floraly.
  • edited January 2010 PM
    SP is...... Toque Original. The rest are imitations!!
  • @ bob
    exactly the kinda gray area description that I thought I understood (-;

    So I take it you like the Toque Original...
  • I believe this to be Toque's best product and probably the tastiest SP out there. My only qualm with Toque is the scents never last very long. Shorter than usual.
  • That's what I've been getting from most of the Toques myself saucy, scent is gone pretty quick.
    The Absinthe is the most notable exception to that.
  • @saucy_jack and OTD, much more reason to take more pinches!
  • @ pieter, but there's something nice in taking a single pinch and have it last for a nice while.
  • edited January 2010 PM
    McChrystals Clove and Toque Rose stay with me for quite a while. I agree with you, Jason
  • Ok, so I'm not the only one to notice this then...I love Toques, but agree most of them don't last very long, whereas I just recently obtained a tin of WoS Lavender, and I swear I could still catch a whiff of it the next morning!
  • hehe, hope I didn't kick a Toque bucket here. Overall nice product.
    As for simply taking more pinches to compensate, well, that starts to begger the quality vs quantity thing.
  • Reading the comments with interest.

    Don't worry OTD, if we only listened to the praise our products would never improve. It really is a quality issue, we could extend the flavour by using artificial flavourings, but we will only ever use natural flavourings, which although they raise the quality they do have their limitations. All Toque snuffs are 100% natural with no chemical additives whatsoever.
  • Thank you for that Roderick.
    I really had no intention to question the quality of your snuffs.
    Your reaffirmation of using only natural flavorings puts the thought of scent duration as a component of quality to rest quite nicely.
    If a short duration of a scent derived from natural flavorings is a given then, it is what it is eh?

    Learning and appreciating the nuances of snuff is the most fun I've had in some time!
  • Maybe one of the pleasures of snuff is discussing what 'SP' means. Actually, Bob is the closest with 'whatever you want it to be' - simply because there is not a single, positive definition. It's an abbreviation in ancient stock books which has led to a loosely held industry standard. Most - but not all - SP's will be plainish, middling snuffs with high notes of bergamot and citrus.
  • OTDOTD Member
    edited January 2010 PM
  • I wouldn't change a thing about Toque SP Extra. If you want more flavour, add a dash of lavender snuff.
  • OTDOTD Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    Not more sandy, just being greedy and wanting what's there to last longer! (-;
  • I like a good scent with a clean finish. Regardless, olfactory fatigue can set in. Due to this phenomena only the most annoying of scents would last anyway. The everlasting gobstopper...forget about it.
  • I've been snuffing Toque SP Extra all day and I am completely backed up for the first time in around a month. I love the flavor so much I think I went a little bit overboard...hehe I guess they don't call tobacco a vice for nothing.
  • Toque SP Extra has never bothered me, but everything affects people differently.

    SP Extra is my fave Toque of them all.
  • As I get more into snuff I find that the scents that last a very long time become very tiring. Which is one of the reasons I could never get into cigars; I could still taste the thing the next morning as if I just got done smoking it. I did a pinch of F&T French Carotte several hours ago, and can't get the scent out of my nose entirely. I used to think that was a positive attribute, but now I find it annoying.
  • AndreiAndrei Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Newbie question, haven't found anything on this on the whole forum (might not have searched the right terms :-? i doubt it) Well here it goes .. What does SP stand for ? Or what is an SP Snuff all about ? SPECIAL ?
  • ukicemanukiceman Member
    edited February 2010 PM
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