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What did you smoke?



  • Marlboro Blend 27s, for a very long time, have been my cigarette of choice. Still smoke them sometimes, sadly.
    Would have rolled my own more often if I could roll a cigarette...mine always were barely smokeable and rarely satisfying.
  • I had no idea peter stokebye made ryo tobacco for cigarettes. I've only tried their pipe tobacco, which was quite excellent imo. If I ever happen to come upon their ryo, I will most certainly will be interested in trying,
  • @matsnuffs

    I can't roll anything either -- get a 'maker' aka 'injector' and 'tubes' (boxes of empty cigarettes complete with paper and filter) and some RYO tobacco and make easily make your own replicas of store bought for much less

    a video demonstrating this:
  • I have made cigs using injectors, they work very sufficiently. Recently I have been rolling cigs by hand using Peterson's old Dublin blend. While I am at heart a pipe smoker, I find it makes for a true oriental tobacco cigarrete, unlike what camel claims to be(i find camels to be very lacking in flavor and be a tad bit stale tasting). Injectors though are a fun instrument if interested in making your own cigs, very economical. Thank you for the link to the video demonstration. I apologize in advanced if my post is irrelevant or odd atm, I am quite a bit drunk as I post this...
  • I was always worried that the small plastic injectors would not function very well, but that video made them seem like they were alright, thank you!
    MYO would be best for me, I think, since if I wanted a smoke I could fabricate one, instead of buying a whole, overpriced, more-than-likely stale theory...
  • If you've to the manual dexterity, there's nothing quite like a hand rolled, unfiltered cigarette. I used to love Three Castles and especially Galluoise hand rolling tobacco, but neither seems to be available through normal channels in the States. Natural American Spirit U.S. blend (in the dark blue packaging) is the best readily available RYO tobacco to my taste, but only in the 5 oz tin.
  • Golden Virginia, rolled with swan blue papers and a long paper 'roach'.
  • jump to page 26 and dig the auto roller. That thing is amazing for rolling cigarettes. Requires little skill rolls a perfect smoke and not only that it will roll what ever type of cig you want perfectly. Even the very hard to roll brands.
  • @ bob

    All of them look very cool, but too which one are you referring? Any ideas how one goes about even asking for such a thing in the States? What I call a "ribbon roller" are now called "blunt rollers" I think. The one to which you're referring is different, but since it's a PDF file, all you can do is look at it.
  • After a long time illness, and a serious relapse into smoking - my preferred cigarettes is a Danish brand exclusively sold here called "Skjold" (means both "shield" and herald") also the name of the first (perhaps legendary) Danish king. They are much like Marlboro. It's good to be back again, now enjoying a huge pinch of totally dried up Molens de Kralense :o)))
  • Must mention my fave rolling papers: Rizla Original and Blue, some hemp papers from head shop were good too. Best filters were Rizla Ultra Slims.
  • Wow there is quite a few ryo smokers here, I smoked marlboro 27 lights and basic lights, trying to get off them using snuff and some chew occasionally.
  • @AllanH: Do those Rizla papers have gum? I never rolled without gum, and always thought the gumless must be for whacky tobaccky.
  • @ nachmann Yes those Rizla papers have gum, Original natural gum, Blue is regular light weight paper.
  • I used to love using the Club gum-less rice papers. They are awesome.
  • bigblue>>> Thanks so much - it's good to be back! :o)
  • My manufactured smokes were Camel Turkish Royals, nothing else!

    When I started roll-your-own, I started with American Spirit's Perique, and then started buying tubs online of Bali-Shag full flavor. After unfiltered roll your own, I bought a cigarette injector, and started make-your-own with full flavor bali shag using Vera Cruz nocturre tubes. It was a fun hobby, but i would spend too much time each day making cigarettes, only to have them be smoked by the end of the day.... glad i don't have to prepare my snuff/snus in any specific way...until i start make-your-own snuff...
  • JackJack Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    I still smoke when i'm out of snus and waiting for my order. Sadly RYO tobacco is double the price of smokes.
    That said I'm currently going through a pouch of Drum , i roll by hand. It takes less than 30 seconds to roll a cig if you have a little bit of practice.
    I smoke: Bali-Shag , Drum ryo and i don't use filters. and Marlboro reds (long), Dunhill Black ,or Camel Natural.
  • Spent the majority of my time as a smoker smoking RYO. I only briefly fussed around with the MYO injectors, but gave up because 1. I preferred unfiltered cigarettes 2. For whatever reason never got the hang of those damn injectors always managed to either under fill the filter casings or to fill them to the point that it ripped open. However, I went through Luck Strikes, Unfiltered Camel, and Pall Mall (no filter) phases, I always when back to hand rolled RYO. I remember enjoying Drum, Bugler (until I realized it was essentially the same tobacco as Midnight Special which is cheaper), and American Spirits. I have not had a cig since May and do not miss them at all. For some reason even though I was using snuff and snus I still smoked cigs, but I am now content with just pipe, cigar, snus and snuff as my main forms of tobacco use.
  • All sorts of rolling tobaccos generally, from Tops to different fancy Dutch shags. Also marlboro reds, camel blues, and occasionally something random like marlboro 27s or reservation cigarettes.
  • Back in the day... Lucky Strike Studs...
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2014 PM
    Du Maurier kingsize is what I used to smoke
  • awhile back id smoke stirling and mayfair, just because they were cheap and i wasnt dedicated to rolling. then i moved onto rolling, buying it online (the kendal rolling stuff), and if id buy in store id get drum blue/gold or marlboro reds. now i dont really smoke, but if i do, itll be drum or m-red instore, or auld kendal online.
  • For anyone who smokes GH Auld Kendal ryo save yourself some money and buy GH Kendal Gold, Kendal Dark and Kendal Mixed pipe tobacco, they are the exact same tobacco as their Auld counterparts but because its a "pipe tobacco" its taxed less then the Auld line so its much cheaper.
  • Nostalgia flash back. first was weeds, then pick up cigarettes,domestic & filtered cigars and pipe to camouflage eureka,tops ,buglar ,zig-zag, kite, old gold ,camel,lucky strike.pall mall, kool, parliaments, chesterfields, raleigh, viceroy, tareyton, barclay, now, more, belair, salem, winstons, kent, true, merit, lark, l&m,saratoga, newport, marlboro,players, benson & hedges, jacks, winchesters, parodi ,dutch masters, phillies ,swisher sweets,hav a Tampa, black and mild, erik ,half/half, prince albert, captain black, bali shag , drum, sansom, american spirit. PS norwegian, nat shermans, dunhill international. Seems like a life time ago. Now I just enjoy my pipes and all the great tobaccos I can get my hands on, I will still twist up a smoke when in the mood. And a good cigar. also the occasional dokha.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • First Export light and machine rollies (5 years), then Drum for 5 years, then mostly Camel plain with occasional Sweet Caporal Plain/Mark Ten/Sportsman/Player's plain for about 5 years, then Canadian classic filters for about 8 years, then Export plain for about 2 years. On trips to the States I sought out English Ovals, but if I couldn't find them I'd find Chesterfields, and if neither of them then Lucky Strike plain, Pall Mall plain, or Camel plain. I never found Commanders, but I only looked for them in the last year of smoking and I just quit a couple of months ago.

    There's an interesting skew in the demographics towards unfiltered cigarettes, compared with the norm. Clearly we are a sample who wants as much flavour as possible from our tobacco.
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    I was a dedicated Newport smoker until I quit 30 years ago.

    I guess that qualifies as "as much flavour as possible"...
    menthol with a hint of mint.
  • I smoked Marlboro Reds and Kamel Reds for years. I was smoking L&Ms when i quit. Still smoke a cigar once in awhile. Smoke a little Dohka occasionally, and i recently got a carton of Djarum Black kreteks from Indonesia. Snuff is my daily nicotine but like to keep different smoking tobaccos on hand if the mood strikes me. :)
  • Used to smoke Camels, Camel Wides, Marlboro Reds occasionally, cloves, beedees, and any random cigarette when the need called for it. Don't miss the lung pollution!
  • I still handroll American Spirit but taking snuff has helped me cut back on that quite a bit. I used to smoke Camels all the time but rolling my own is a lot cheaper so I took to that instead. I'm about to make an order to and shred my own tobacco for smoking to save 75% on my tobacco usage v. buying the American Spirit RYO.
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