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Female Snuff-Takers

ukicemanukiceman Member
edited January 2010 in General
How many female members does this site have ?


  • Toffenose ans zzedo for definate but I'm sure there are a few others.

  • itsuke is as well... it's cool, we need more!
  • Carol.
  • SnuffHeadSnuffHead Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    toffee nose London that's two. I wonder what happened to Kim in Fl she was active last, the end of August 2009.
  • I am indeed both female and a snuffer. There was a new female member recently, living in Finland, I believe (sorry, can't remember her name).
    Why do you ask, ukiceman?
  • That's correct Debbie, her name will crop up in old postings. Also a snake lady in USA.
  • Debbie!!!!!
  • @toffeenose
    Just good old curiosity that’s all. I’m not surprised it’s a male dominated thing, just a shame because; the females don’t know what they’re missing!
  • Lets not forget namrata, mind she could come on and say she only makes it.
  • True on both point, Snuff Head.
  • Hehe, my wife had a cold recently and was so stuffed up I urged her to try a pinch of Ozona President. She said, "No way! Only fingers and Kleenex go near this nose!" Ah well. Meanwhile, I've yet to have a cold this winter (knock on, er, artificial wood desktop).
  • James S - Just went through the same situation with my husband except he willingly takes pinches once in a great while. He had a horrible cold and last night his coughing and congestion were making him miserable so I offered him some Dholakia Herbal. Instantly cleared him up and he quickly fell asleep and even woke up feeling much better. No colds for me yet! :)

    Back to the topic - Yup, I'm one of the other ladies here. I don't know why there aren't more female users around, especially with flavors such as chocolate, coffee, toffee and caramel available. I have found that many women in my neck of the woods have just never heard of nasal snuff, perhaps this is true for the majority of all American women?? It has been mentioned here before but snuff is also the perfect diet aide!
  • "Cheese & Bacon" = weight gain, zzedo310 :)
  • itsukeitsuke Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    It's good to know there are ladies in the forum too~~
    I too wonder why there aren't more women snuffsters while there are many who smoke cigarette. Come to think about it, aside from cigarette, women don't seem to enjoy other forms of tobacco as much as men. I don't mean to say they should or should not, but like ukiceman mentioned, they don't know what they are missing~ :P I guess the Victorian notion that proper ladies don't smoke still hold sway today.
  • LOL Bart. Not only weight gain but most certainly an instant heart attack. ;)

    I quit cigs mainly because I have a 9 y/o and really hope he does not take up smoking as a teen. I may be slammed here for saying this but I truly believe that parents good & bad behaviors are very influential upon their children. With snus & snuff, my son is not exposed to nor witnesses my habit. :) And there is my snuff testimony!

    I would love to see more female snuff users! I think it would make for a fun Pampered Chef party (which I really hate) if us ladies could gather and sample good food, wine and SNUFF! I'd get one of those fancy pants snuffmachines just for the event! Maybe even buy an unneeded frying pan! hahaha!!
  • Big L is also a lady snuffer I believe.
  • I thought there was another girl (kate maybe), that just posted on the introduce yourself page a while back.
  • I am new to the forum and I am a female snuffer.
  • I'm a female snuffer as well.
  • oh my, we are really the minority here.
  • I am genetically female, but not a lady. I'm a transsexual man. Which side that stacks me up onto, I don't know. :) I also smoke cigar and snus.
  • I guess which ever side you want to be put on. Or maybe we should look at your nose.
  • KiestraakKiestraak Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    @Bob: My nose? It's more asian/Irish, I'm assuming at least, than it is 'male' or 'female' (what is a 'male' or 'female' nose, anyway??) but if it's the snuff you're talking about, currently powdered with Toque's Spanish Gem! It sure is soothing. I'm a relatively new snuffer, started last year around July, and my collection thus far only contains about 22 varieties. I am genetically female, not male, so I don't believe it would be inappropriate to count myself as a female snuffer (obviously, we do exist!) but I think it's also of some importance to mention that I'm not a 'woman'; being female tends to imply that, so I figured I would mention that I'm not, to avoid that usual, and to most, natural, assumption being made. :)
  • Hell, that's OK... you enjoy snuff and that's the main thing :)
  • Absolutely, we are a brother/sisterhood of noses; whether those noses are surmounting a mustache or lipstick (or both!) doesn't matter to me.
  • toffeenosetoffeenose Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    I agree wholeheartedly with James S.
    Diversity is good for the snuff community - any community, come to that.
  • @ ukiceman, James S., and toffeenose: I'll pinch to that!

    This thread has made me wonder, though, if there are less female snuffers, wouldn't that make even modern day snuffing a male-dominated activity? I wonder why this is. (Of course, it's possible that there are just less females using the computer...Er.) Tobacco use in general seems to be an object of disgust amongst my peers, even from state to state; all tobacco= smoking or dip, and smoking/dip=cooties. This whole 'eeek! Get it away from me! Cooties!!' attitude strikes me as unamerican, misguided, elitist... The list goes on.

    And speaking of unity, I'm not much of a cigarette smoker, but I support their right to choose, unfettered, and tend to take it somewhat personally when laws and the media push them into suckitude, partly because society's image of the smoker bleeds into society's image of the snuffer, the dipper, and the piper. It's unfortunate that we all set ourselves apart so greatly within the realm of the very same plant, because while we may consider ourselves distinct from each other, to much of the rest of society, we're all the same: baccy users(gross!). I'm curious to know how, if, and to what degree, attitudes differ between older folks, or if it's just the same. I'm only 20 years old, and I'm hard pressed to find other people who smoke- much less people who snuff! We seem to be a dying breed.
  • I wrote a wonderful 5-paragraph rant about the stupidity of antitabagism when we're at war, people are starving to death, and our infrastructure is crumbling. I raged that women have as much right as men to use tobacco, and that people in general have the right to do whatever they damn well please as long as they're harming nobody else.

    I took so long, in fact, that I got signed off and it all got deleted when I tried to submit it. ARRRRRGHHH!
  • @James
    something I learned by multiple screwups,... If I ever write something long, I right click there and copy it before I submit, just in case the site has signed me off without my knowing. Then I can sign in again and paste it. I can still outsmart artificial intelligence, for now....
  • I go one step further and use a word processor for very long posts and use Ctrl+S a lot
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