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Tube Rose Sweet Scotch Snuff

jakebruggerjakebrugger Member
edited January 2010 in Types of Snuff
Hello Everybody
I am interested in trying American dry snuffs and was curious as to your opinions on Tube Rose?
Thanks for your comments.


  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    Snuff Reviews: Tube Rose

    I think its not bad, not over the top sweet as many of the sweet scotches are. Not as strong as I prefer though.
  • Not one of my favorites, but certainly worth trying. If I had to recommend a sweet scotch I would suggest Lorillard's sweet, followed closely by Navy, Railroad Mills or Three Thistles.
  • Thanks a lot. How is Dental Sweet?
  • @bigblue1
    Thank you this is a great site and the first good one i've found that's a compilation of reviews and not just a selling website with scant reviews. Thanks!
  • I love Tube Rose, its a great snuff imo
  • I enjoy Tube Rose Sweet. It has a caramel after taste to it that I haven't encountered yet in the other few sweet scothces I've tried. Its incredibly dry though and tends to chap my nose if I use it too often. This is one of the few scotches I will also put in my lip on occasion too.
  • kjoerupkjoerup Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    Tube Rose is, I think, the best American sweet. Like all of the Conwood sweets, it is not overdone. Tube Rose is very balanced in its flavorings. Compare it to Swisher's Tops Sweet, which is a similar concept, but Tops crosses the line with its sugar/caramel overkill. Overall I feel that Conwood makes the best and most subtle sweets (Tube Rose, Garrett Sweet and Mild, Peach and Dental Sweet). I'm increasingly fond of the Conwood Peach as well.

    I do wish that Conwood would switch to the plastic tins that Swisher and U.S Smokeless use. The cardboard toilet paper tube housing does indeed make this already dry snuff even drier.
  • Tube Rose is definitely not a rose snuff. It smells like Earl Grey to me. Pretty good for a sweet scotch but I don't like sweet scotches generally.

    This is one of the few dry snuffs I prefer in the mouth. It's actually pretty yummy.
  • HR_pufnsnuffHR_pufnsnuff Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    I'm in the UK, and my friend brought me back some Tube Rose when she came back from a holiday over in America. Definitely not rose scented in any way, it reminds me of WoS Irish High Toast No.22; dry and fine (possibly finer than IHT No.22), but it also has (as said above) a caramel sweetness in the background.

    Once you get the hang of not sniffing it straight down your throat it's really nice, even the drip is pleasant.
  • Tube Rose is my favourite sweet Scotch, its not sickly sweet like most sweet scotches. Oh and its tuberose flavoured not rose flavoured.
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    I'm fairly indifferent to Conwood in general, but Tube Rose is a standout from the others I've tried. Dental Sweet is pretty standard fare, possibly a bit sweeter than Garett sweet but otherwise not different from it.
  • I had to look up "Tuberose" scent, since I too thought the snuff name must refer to rose scent in a tube, and here is the description of "Tuberose" on a perfumery site (
    No note in perfumery is more surprisingly carnal, creamier or contradicting than that of tuberose. The multi-petalled flower is a mix of flower shop freshness and velvety opulence. Which is why it is the perennial polarizing flower note having as many ardent fans as passionate detractors. The Victorians must have been among the latter: they forbade young girls of inhaling the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm! Roja Dove is right when he says that tuberose is really loose, the "harlot of perfumery".
    Assuming that the Victorians were right, I now need to douse myself in tuberose essential oil and stand very close to women - - hello, ladies!
  • bobbob Member
    @Geraldo you now know why they named that snuff after me.
  • ^ Bob gets another point :))
  • bobbob Member
    @as_noseum you might not feel that way when you realize it only works on Victorian woman, and I don't get to Austrila ever.
  • Tube Rose is very good . It's not scented like overseas snuff is , with a name like that . I enjoy it because , imo , it's sweet and it has a touch of smoky . The burn is very mild compared to a good number of American snuffs and the nicotine is high but not way out there . Basically a milder American , but not as mild as Society , which has a wonderful sweet long linger to it . Dental Sweet is a bit stronger and a bit smokier but not in large leaps , in small steps . If you have them locally , get both
  • I posted a review of Tube Rose Scotch Snuff over at the Modern snuff blog.

  • Tube Rose Scotch Snuff is a truly unique American scotch snuff.  Like other American snuffs, it is dry, and powdery fine, and gives a nice nicotine hit when you use it.  But, the scent/flavor of Tube Rose is like nothing else.


    First of all, it has nothing to do with the scent of a rose flower.  A rose and a tuberose are two completely different flowers.  Feel free to google the tuberose flower, but it looks a lot like the flower on the can on the right. 

    The scent of a tuberose is used as a note in many perfumes and other scented products.  It is a "white floral" scent, and is consider to be carnal, creamy, and a many people hate the scent as love the scent.  Victorians forbade young girls to inhale the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm!  (source)  Tuberose has been called the "harlot of perfumery."

    Well, back to our snuff!  Tube Rose Scotch Snuff has a sweetness to it, and I think I would classify it as an American Sweet, rather than a Plain Scotch.  But, the subtle sweetness is intertwined with a slight but unmistakable white floral scent.  It isn't overwhelming, but it is there. And the floral scent stays with you.  Rather than staying with you for a few minutes, you can expect to catch the floral scent in your nose 15 minutes later, if not longer.  In some reviews, people seem to mistake the floral scent for a caramel scent.  But, in my nose it is floral.

    Advertisement from the 1920's.

    I love history.  And for no other reason, one should try Tube Rose Scotch Snuff just to experience the history of it.  Who knows how long they will continue making American Scotches.  Many have disappeared from the market already.  Another reason to try Tube Rose, is simply the fact it is unique and enjoyable.

  • Glad you resurrected and added to that Mark.  I never got the floral, so I'm off to put this one into my rotation and see if I can find it.
  • When you take it, see if you don't pick up the smell those sickening sweet white flowers that bloom in the spring.  It takes me back to campouts when I was a kid.  Luckily its subtle, or my experience would be the opposite.  If that scent was strong, I would not enjoy it at all...


  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    I still don't detect the floral, but I'll make it my first snuff tomorrow so I have a fresher nose for it.  If this is the flower I'm thinking of, I'm probably better off not smelling it, because I do like the snuff.
  • Well, don't try too hard then.  We don't want to ruin it!  :-)

  • I have a tin of this snuff, from the 1970's. The tuberose scent is barely there, but it's there. Its sweet, but not too sweet, and it has a very nice texture and throat drip. I like it and wish I could get the fresh stuff where I live. But no stores carry it this far west(Colorado).
  • I bought a box of it last time I was visiting my in laws down south, it's the only sweet I really like, even though I normally use it as a mixer it's great on it's own too. The sugar content is toned down and it seems like a good portion of the sweet is from the scent itself, not just added sugars.

    Mine also does not list sweet anywhere on the box, just tube rose scotch snuff. While in the store I got some other sweets that seem to be nothing more than sweet. Even railroad mills sweet is really just a mono sweet, I was hoping for something more like their plain masterpiece, but it's just bland and sugar.

    Tube rose on the other hand has a more mature, well thought out composition imo.
  • I was unfair to RR sweet, I spent the morning waiting for the truck to warm up sniffing 10 degree f RR sweet and decided I was hasty in that last remark about it bring bland. It's pretty nice, I'll get another box of it next time I'm down south.

    So sorry Helme!
  • So it's been 5 days since I made that comment and the can is at the halfway mark I just noticed. Clearly I was unfair with that bland comment above, disregard it, apparently I really like this.
  • TobeTobe Member
    I just got some RR and a few other American scotches that are otherwise impossible for me to get without using eBay. Looking forward to trying them all, as the only one I have any experience with thus far is Honey Bee.
  • Tube Rose is great. Slightly sweet, slightly smoky. Pretty decent tobacco. It's possible to do a lot of this without realizing it
  • @Tobe i just took a pinch of tube rose and I was very surprised in a good way. It's a mild smokey , light sweet sent with a flower sent witch is very much like caramel. Nice !
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