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What do you ride?

BartBart Member
edited January 2010 in The Pub (Off Topic)

This topic is just begging for some out of context quotes. I know some folks on here have bicycles and some motorcycles, maybe a few have horses, ---I couldn't find this topic yet and thought it may be interesting.

My two 1975 Hondas


  • For my 25 mile commute to work image
  • Claud Butler Urban 200 bicycle to work
  • 1978 Suzuki GS400x, but only if I want to sit on it making "vroom-vroom" noises. Carbs are off, needs fork seals, chain & sprockets, and for me to get off my butt and finish it someday.

    Other than that, a Worksman heavy duty bicycle with a Shimano Nexus 3-sp hub and a front drum brake.
  • Bart, I see you are an old Honda fan!

    Here are our old Hondas. Mine is the 90, the 110 belongs to The Old Man.

  • @ Carol


    I love the trail Honda's and enduros of the '70's
  • As mentioned elsewhere I ride a kickbike:

    It is a Czech product, but as I am riding about 12-16km a day, I have already changed tyres and brakes. It serves me well and it is a lof of fun just watching expressions of people when passing by on this vehicle.
  • ahhhh what a lovely doggy.
  • i ride a yamaha fz6 fazer, best bike i ever bought.
  • ukicemanukiceman Member
    edited January 2010 PM

    i took my old FZS 6 round the Nürburgring in 2007 :) 12min 35secs only did the one lap but, OMG, best fun of my life!
  • image

    Something similar to what I want to build. From 1965, (Wild) Bill Gelbke and the 90+MPH , 4 cylinder 'Road Dog'
  • ukicemanukiceman Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    I did all the paint-work, mods, and stickers myself, even did the wheel-rim stickers. Still got my vinyl cutter. Maybe i should start doing snuff stickers, might help with some cash while i'm bankrupt :) i loved this bike, shame it's gone...

  • Nice work, UK ice! Very clean

    (Did you find the donut sticker got you out of any speeding tickets?)
  • ukicemanukiceman Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Actually, a cop did comment on that sticker, so did a lot of people. They always asked why the Dunkin Donuts sticker? I just wanted something different so I cut one. Never got caught for speeding :)
  • I used to have a sticker on my pickup that said "BAD COP! NO DONUT." The few times I ever got pulled over, the cops got a kick out of it...
  • James, I had a sticker that looked just like a D.A.R.E. Sticker: Donut Abuse Resistance Education: D.A.R.E. to keep cops off donuts!
  • Hehehe, I like that too!
  • women, mostly.
  • edited February 2010 PM
    @saucy_jack, wish I could still say that but I'm to old now. My teststerone level is very low at present. The docter prescribed a course of injections yesterday and I had my first punch today. According to him, I will be "riding" again in 3 months time. I will plan my visit to London according to that. My wife is not going along.
  • Had previously owned and ridden a 1970 Norton Commando 750s. That was an absolute beauty. I had to sell a few years back shortly before my daughter was born. WOuld have rather sould a kidney. Looking for another Norton or something similar once finances turn around.
  • Took not one but two bikes out today; a '78 Yamaha XS Eleven and a new Kawasaki Ninja 250. Talk about a study in contrasts but 'twas a hoot!
  • I ride a suzuki gs250t 1980. Had it about 4 months and love it.
  • GT Zaskar Expert mountain bike, bought in September this year. I use it for racing (honestly) in the Grand Masters category. I competed in the Apple Blossom Classic yesterday, still waiting for the official results. Before this one, I owned 2 other GT's, a DiamondBack and a Felt.

    My road bike is a GT Zaskar hybrid and I use it for training and a couple of road races per year.
  • Well done Filek! I'd put Luas, Dublin Bus, Taxi and me feet if I knew how to put pictures here. Must be some Satanic magic.
  • OK, nobody laugh! Here's my "ride," it's an electric bike. As a pet sitter, most of my clients are only about a mile away so it's works good for me. Plus I live in Florida so weather isn't an issue. I also have a 150 cc scooter and a jeep...


    I can only imagine what afterburner would call me, if he could!! :-)
  • 2006 Triumph Speedmaster...

    I have a 1970 Trophy 500 in the garage prepped for winter tear down and rebuild...
  • @brussu, is that the 2.3 litre job?
  • edited October 2010 PM
    @mark, I once tried to race a bike like that in a cycle tour!! Got chased away in no time.

    I see you buy Marlboro by the carton. Heavy smoker?!!
  • @Pieter, The top speed is about 20mph. Every once and a while cyclist will ride right behind so I block the wind. (I don't remember what that's called.) One told me his group averages about 28mph.

    The case of Marlboros is just storage, acquired from a liquor store when a friend of mine moved. I quit smoking for over a year but recently I re-started. I usually only smoke about 3 or 4 a day. Haven't gotten back to buying cartons yet, let alone cases!!
  • @miamimark: its called "drafting" when you ride in another cyclists wind shadow.
  • Just got my Suzuki Bandit 600 back from repairs after a spill in which I broke my collar bone.

    Fortunately, after spending a few bucks, both the bike and the rider are back in tip top shape.
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