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Pre bedtime craziness.

ZanaspusZanaspus Member
edited February 2010 in General
Am I just a weirdo, or does anyone else snuff like crazy right before bed to enjoy super vivid dreams?


  • Yep, me as well…last thing at night just before bed, coffee and a few pinches. I sleep like a baby...zzz
  • Every night without fail, just in case it is my last ;-)
  • I always use WoS Lavender snuff when I go to bed, it is really relaxing.
  • @watadork, me too. Wilsons Lavender is always the last snuff of the day for me (and sometimes during the night if I'm stressed). The most relaxing snuff I know of.
  • watadorkwatadork Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    @sandy130674 -- I don't know if I could fall asleep without it in my nose lol. On the rare occasions that I just can't sleep I light a lavender oil burner in addition to Wilsons, and BAM! I'm out like a light.
  • Two pinches of Hedges every night for two months straight....Sleep is never a problem for me :) The Wiz!
  • I always have a snuffbox and hanky bedside and take a few pinches before sleeping. What I think I enjoy most is waking up, taking a pinch or two, and then heading for the shower.
  • I like to use WoS lavender as well, sometimes, if I plan to read for a bit Toque Violet is my choice.
  • That is pretty much the only time that I ever do snuff.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    That is pretty much the only time that I ever do floral snuff.
  • That's pretty much when I do not use snuff.
    A pinch prior to hitting the hay does lend itself to weird dreams, but it also makes for interrupted sleep as well.
  • It depends on which tin I have by my bedside, but generally a Toque floral is pretty awesome just before bed.
  • I tend to snuff as per usual in the run up to bed. If I can't sleep a nice toot of McChrystals Hopfen Schnupf sends me straight to sleep. Wonderful s(t/n)uff.
  • @OTD--This is probably why I have the weirdest dreams every night. But I think the lavender makes them somewhat more on the pleasant side and not kick in your door horror dreams.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Zanaspus you know, I recall a friend using nicotine patches to quit and saying it got him into lucid dreaming. Snuff makes sense similarly because opposed to cigarettes and vaping it's a more over-time delivery (and maybe fuller profile of the tobacco's ingredients)

    I certainly have been enjoying snuff as a last- thing before pillow pleasure and having particularly vivid dreams since starting the habit. My bed-side night time routines like that (have a little Appleton 12 yr on the rocks, dial in my audiobook bookmarks and sleep timer, triple check my alarm clock against my morning meetings) drive my wife crazy :D
  • I don't intentionally binge on snuff before bed, but I do snuff as I normally do when I'm in the comfort of my own room (university dormitory in this case), which is relatively large pinches relatively often, and I have started regularly having dreams which I remember for the first time in years.
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