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edited February 2010 in General
Has anybody here tried NTSU recently? I have plenty of snus, so I want it for nasal use, but it sounds very, very coarse and moist. People speak in mystical terms about the nicotine buzz, but a nicotine buzz is a nicotine buzz. On the other hand, I remember Kool Straights and Galluoise Shorts from back in the day, and those were "different." I've done a lot of experimentation during the last 3 months, but have never tried any of the South African Snuffs. Opinions?


  • doing searches on this site for both Ntsu and Taxi should reveal everything you want to know. I take a "trip" with one or the other almost daily.
  • It is in my nose right now. powerful stuff.
  • South African snuff is suspect of being made with "poor mans tobacco" Nicotiana Rustica. This type of tobacco has a higher nicotine content and also has the MAOI's harmine and harmaline. N. Rustica is commonly used in shamanic rituals as a potentiator to other substances.So...yes there is something to it.
  • I have Taxi Red (not the same thing but it sounds like its very similar and I'm planning to get NTSU at my next order)

    I left the lid off my taxi red for about an hour a day for several days in a row (so its been allowed to air and dry out a little over a total of a few hours) and it might need a few more. Not everyone agrees this is a good idea to do (seems to be a bit of a debate) but for better or worse its just now becoming sniffable/useable to me, and if I need to when I get it I'll likely do the same thing with the NTSU

    Some people additionally beyond purpoely having it dry out a bit further grind or chop or something on the Taxi to make it even more fine and I think the same could be done to the NTSU but again this is stuff where opinions seem to vary as to whether this is a good idea or not.

    Just as it was, original and unaltered (Taxi I mean, which sounds to be about identical in consistancy) was exactly the consistancy of moist chocolate cake and completely unsniffable, unpackable, couldn't lay on my back on my couch and hope to shovel it in (any outward breathing whatsoever no matter how carefully slowing or as much as I even tried not to at all but still did, anything at all sent it into gravity defying feats like my nose was a volcano spewing dirt (with partles of it getting dangerously close to falling in my eyes.. I had my head seriously tipped back no pillow under it etc and still could not keep the stuff in).

    I expect it to be completely the same with the NTSU when I order some (and I'll have to dry it out the same way so I can use it directly plus for mixing with other snuffs)

    In frustration at one point I tried the taxi in my lip (I'm a woman who uses snus mini-portions but does not use dip or chew so I was guessing how to do this) and it didn't taste bad suprisingly. It didn't taste like anything, but I was pretty creeped out by the texture/sensory aspect of particles of tobacco running amok all over my mouth and I don't think it gave me any nicotine benefits. It wasn't an enjoyable thing to do (and I had a heck of a time getting it all rinsed out after)

    its not about NTSU (yet) but these Taxi Red experiences are the closest I have (for now).
  • LHBLHB Member
    edited February 2010 PM

    Thank you for the information. I've been on 11 different anti depressants and a couple of bipolar meds since 1972. I never tried the MAOI's because of the weird dietary restictions, but I was often told that they would "work" when nothing else did. It sounds strange to use snuff for medicinal purposes, but on the other hand, I've used many medicines for non-medicinal purposes, so I should think turnabout would be fair play. Potentiators are good too, if you're taking stuff that needs potentiating, which I usually am. I haven't participated in any shamanic rituals lately, but I did listen to four sides of "Electric Ladyland" and "Tago Mago" earlier this evening while having a few whiskey's. I think I'll head over to Nicotinerush and give it a try.


    Thank you for the "Taxi" tip; I think I'll give that a try too.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    Of course Taxi is "unsniffable" To sniff Taxi is heresy. To mix Taxi is heresy. Taxi must be shoved or shoveled in. Yes newbies don't get it. It all falls out (spilling Taxi is heresy). You much pinch your nostrils together for a period until it soaks up moisture. Breathe through the mouth in the meanitime. Once good and moist Taxi will stick to noses. Do not dry out Taxi. Drying is heresy. It will only have to be remoistened in the nose. Wasting the ammonia of Taxi is heresy. Once dissapatted it cannot be reclaimed. It is gone forever. If it must be aired air it only briefley. A few good stirs with a snuff spoon and its aired enough. St. Ammonia is your guide to heaven.
    All of the above rules apply also to Ntsu but twice over.

    If you commit acts of heresy you will end up in snuff hell, and once there, St. Ammonia, myself and the whole of Snuffhouse cannot save you.
  • Rather than consign myself to a well deserved eternal perdition, I will follow your advice to the letter. I just can't get over the idea of shoving moist snuff up your nose after working so hard on my sniffing technique, and on hand baking the most elegant snus pris imaginable for oral ingestion. Still, I must bow to the superior wisdom of the masters. Nevertheless, It's like getting over the stigma of using American Scotch Snuff's, which over here have far more Slob Appeal than Snob Appeal.
  • @Xander

    wooboy... well, maybe I can always get *another* tub of Taxi and an NTSU and *not* commit acts of heresy with it.. would that redeem me or is it already too late for me?

    Do you think Taxi and NTSU containers are pretty good at keeping/being airtight on their own (like they say the F&T canisters are) or will new unspoiled containers of them need to go into a Holy Mausoleum of Worship (packed away stored to death) to preserve them until/unless I can learn the impossible nose-clay-cramming walking-on-rice-paper process that's required?

    just ignore my post just before this in the F&T High Dry thread. If thats the way you feel then I didn't just praise american scotches and you didn't see it *erase erase erase* (and except for those rare moments when snuff manages to go sailing everywhere I really do keep a pretty tidy home, no slovenliness here, honest)
  • I have about 50 English snuffs and only 6 American Scotches, but use the scotches about 10 to one, but I really am a slob so I guess they should appeal to me. I only have one German snuff, bought in desperation. I still havn't gotten over the war. I guess I'm showing my age.
  • Still OT, it is one of those facts which is little-known, yet easily verified with a modicum of research, that the English and the Germans were once the same folk; our mother tongue is as Teutonic as German or Dutch. Lots of people haven't gotten over the war, and frequently think I am some sort of Nazi for embracing my (our!) Teutonic heritage.
    Back on topic, thank you Cardinal Xander for showing the way to the faithful. I now plan on obtaining some NTSU and Taxi, and will not lapse into heresy.
  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    NTSU is not as hard to take or bothersome as some may make it out to be, at least to me. I don't think it needs to be aired out at all. Drying it out in my experience made it HARDER to stay in your nose as it was looser and fell out more easily. The moisture keeps it nice and packed in there, all you have to do is shove away. It's easy: just think "brute force" and take it the opposite you would something like Bruton's or Rooster.

    On opening the container, I realized I could never tap it on the back of my hand or pinch it traditionally. So, I just "pinch and shoved" and sniffed as hard as I could. That works; you won't get any on the back of your throat.

    Do note that I like to take huge amounts of snuff all at once, maybe NTSU fits my "snuffing profile" in that sense.

    It will really speed it along absorption wise if you premedicate your nose with something a little runny like Dholakia White or Wilson's Medicated 99 etc so the absorption kicks in sooner. Then do a huge amount of NTSU, like 2-3 big pinches in each nostril. You'll feel it all right. It will last a LONG while. And it's very different from the other snuffs, truly. The sensation of calm and energy is spectacular, and can be had regardless of your tolerance or how late in the day you take it (though low tolerance always helps).

    IMHO, after having done NTSU, it was so strong and significant that few other snuffs I subsequently tried really sparked my interest. While I do partake a few others here and there, and have a strong interest in Dholakia White (because of how quick and odorless it is), I find that most of my other snuffs, even the scotches, seem a bit dull by comparison. For some reason, those tins of NTSU run out faster than anything else.
  • Well I am going straight to snuff hell I guess.

    I got a tin of NTSU in yesterday and it was the first of my order that I tried. Smelled like a horse stall that had not been cleaned for some time. Huge nicotine hit though.
    So I left the top off all night.

    This morning the smell of uncleaned horse stall is gone, so I took another hit of it. Does not seem to have much scent now, kinds like dark moist garden dirt.

    But it sure works for a nice nicotine hit first thing in the morning.

    I was wondering, since I am destined for shuff hell already, what everyone thinks of mixing this with something that smells nice, like maybe a F&T or WOS Brunswick?

    I am going to try the Brunswick with the NTSU in the snuff box!
  • nicola037 how do you get 2-3 big pinches to stay in your nose? Can you describe what a "pinch" looks like to you? Is it a seseme seed, a pea, a lima bean?

    I am new to snuff and am using a pinch the size of a pea in each nostril.

    Mind you I am afraid to try your method with the NTSU as three pinches in each nostril will have me on the floor. The first snuff yesterday of the NTSU had me buzzing for some time as far as the nicotine content goes, three pinches each would put me on the floor I fear.
  • @everybody

    My apologies, my play on words was NOT meant to disparage American Scotch Snuffs or anyone who uses them. When the weather is cold, I use Levi Garrett and Honest pretty much throughout the night. I'm just saying you're more likely to find them in an old general store out in the country than at Nieman Marcus, which is fine with me.
  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM

    On that note, do try NTSU "raw" (fresh). With regards to stayin in the nose, I find that when moist it stays easier. It also stays in there better if you inhale it as hard as possible. Don't worry, it's so coarse it will NEVER hit the back of your throat.

    Don't bother sitting there sniffing it and being put off. Once inside it doesn't smell half as bad.

    With regards to a pinch I just pinch my fingers and try to pinch in as much as I can. Some are more than others. Pea size is probably right, maybe slightly more. You just compress your fingers so it makes almost a little ball and then just shove it as you inhale as hard as you can to get it up there. It works.

    Not only is it so potent, but it lasts a long time, which is why I like it, so I can do something else to "ride the wave", either something pleasurable or something laborious which will no doubt be made easier to finish by my NTSU fueled shamanic state. Try 2 pinches and see how that does. Eventually you develop tolerance. Be careful not to get addicted. I did. Then I had to wean down which took a few weeks. Now I am close to were I was when I started, but much more weary of the chain-snuffing state!

  • I ordered 6og of the NTSU regular and 60g of the Taxi Red, along with 75g of F&T Morlaix and a few tubes of an American Scotch snuff that I've yet to try. I can't help but thinking I'm making a mistake, but if it is, it won't even be close to some of the more expensive mistakes I've made.
  • I have been experimenting with the NTSU and I must say that if you are looking for high nictine well this snuff has it, matter of fact that just might be where all the nicotine has been hiding all along.

    I can take a good size portion (a regular pea size) i each nostril and I am good for a long time, no desire to smoke (smokng e-cigs now not real ones) and no desire to take anymore snuff.

    With that being said I do not think I will order more. I have a hard time getting past the smell, although what nicola says is true, once up there you really do not get the smell anymore. But I get two pleasures from snuff, the scents and the nicotine, and the NTSU does not give me any pleasures in regards to the scent.

    I am toying around with mixing it, I mixed it with some WOS Brunswick and that was pretty good

    ANYWAY if you want the nicotine it is in this snuff. I can attest to that, heart racing, palpatations and the feeling like i use to get when I went without smoking for two days and then had a cigarette.

    Sadly it is not the snuff for me. If anyone knows of any snuff that comes close to nicotine content of NTSU but has a good smell to it, please whisper me
  • nicola037nicola037 Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    @dgriego -> You've asked the right person about high nic snuffs. That is what I like. Aside from Taxi and NTSU, the following are my other favorites for nicotine:

    Dholakia black is similar to NTSU in how its nicotine supply works, but not quite as powerful nor as pungent. It tends to last very "plateau like". It does have that barnyard scent, but not as bad. It is one of the harder snuffs to keep in your nose though, and it is very dark, so you have to be careful as you might look like you have charcoal on your face, not to mention getting it on your clothes. It's mostly salty and doesn't offer much scent wise so it definitely is easier to get past NTSU if you are having a repulsion to cow dung scent.

    Dholakia white is also very high nic. It hits very, very quickly though, probably the most "lightning like" of all the snuffs (hence its "white" name???). You can make it turn to a plateau by taking a lot but you risk "blowing your head off"; usually you don't need much. Scent here is minimal.

    Try the regular Dholakias as well like Kamal, Sparrow, Aniseed, medicated etc. Many, many, many scents, most of the Dholakias except the candy flavored ones have quite a kick to them as well. Dholakia sandalwood or Quit with Snuff Sandalwood (basically same thing, different brand) have a very nice musky scent to them and hit fairly hard.

    FUBAR is another Dholakia product that is fairly strong (but not like NTSU). The postnasal drip is a bit unpleasant. Experiences vary, but IMHO it is the "lower quality" tobaccos that Dholakia puts in there. I do like their Medic though.

    You might want to try various scotches like Bruton, Rooster, WE Garrett, and my personal favorite Three Thistles. If the strong is too strong, then try the sweet version of that scotch. The Three Thistles is my personal favorite as it hits very nicely, but its grind is marginally larger than Rooster and it lasts longer.

    Any of the Railroad Mills also from Swisher (formerly Helme snuff) are also good for vitamin N. Checkerberry is very different from any other American I have tried; note it is NOT a scotch snuff. The grind is coarse, and it is moist; it is overpoweringly wintergreen. The other Railroad Mills offerings are also nice and strong and have a coarser grind vs the other scotches but tend to be dry, so they last a bit. Maccaboy has that rose essence that can be pleasant if you like the "Scent" experience.

    And don't forget Hedges from Europe. Freybourg and Treyer aren't bad as well, High Dry Toast is probably the strongest, but not THAT strong. If you like your Vitamin N, I have found the European offerings to be as lacking
    as they are interesting scent wise. The solution is to mix 1 part European flavor to 3 parts strong scotch.

    Also check out youtube for snuff reviews. There is a member here who posted a large number of them that are highly informative and very well done:


    Hope that was helpful.
  • very helpful nicola037

    I have tried some of the ones you mentioned, I do like the grunt, and the dholkia white although I get no scent at all from it. Rooster was good for nicotine but I did not care for the BBQ scent. I have been meaning to try the Three Thistles so I will put that one in my next order along with Dholkia sandlewood. I have not heard of this Maccaboy so will need to see if I can find some of that, I do like rose scents.

    I sure wish they could make something like NTSU that smells like a F&T
  • Navy Plain has very little smoke flavour and is easy snuffed for a scotch. The nic level is good. If it smells like cat pee, just let it air a bit and that will subside.
  • is there really another Can fan on her. Tago Mago is an amazing album.
  • @ Bob

    I'm a Can fanatic, and have been since I got my first copy of Ege Bamyesi in 1972. Tago Mago was more of a myth than a record you could touch or play back then; you couldn't find a copy to save your life. I collect vinyl records, and I now have at least two very early pressings of each of their first five classic albums. One of the crown jewels of my collection is an early French UA pressing in VG++ condition of Tago Mago with the Orange/White cover that every Can fan has come to know and love. Early UK pressings come in weird flip top jacket with a picture of the band playing taken from behind. I also have first pressings of all the early Amon Duul II albums, including a mint Liberty copy of "Yeti." Back in the day, we didn't call it "krautrock." It was acid rock to us, and the other esoteric five star bands in that category were Hawkwind, Van der Graaf Generator and Ash Ra Tempel. Hawkwind isn't that hard to find, but if you have a copy of the first Ash Ra Tempel album in playable condtion, you can get $300 for it even on a very bad ebay day. EX copies go for over $450.

    The best snuff for listening to music of that sort is 5 Photo Himalaya Super in my opinion, or maybe one of the home blends discussed on the "Shamanic Snuffs" thread. I guess my first research project will be to insert a plug of NTSU and see how the 18 minute monster funk groove of "Halleluwah" sounds

    All vinyl records should be listened to on a Linn LP12 for best results ; )
  • grinding and airing out ntsu is wack! take it like a man, straight up
  • I just got my NTSU, and I hope the people who suggest that it be taken straight up and not aired out aren't being sarcastic. I'm "manning up" right now with a NAS U.S. Blend Hand Rolled Unfiltered in preparation. Come to think of it, I'm enjoying a "real" smoke so much, I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I've been smoking NAS store bought menthols when I wanted a smoke, and my own unfiltered U.S. Blend's really take the cake, even though they're non-mentholated. Furthermore, with NAS tobacco, I can run 5 miles tomorrow morning no problem. Health Cigarettes!
  • I've tried Babaton and Taxi Red, which seem to be very similar to peoples' descriptions of NTSU. (I've enjoyed them so much that I ordered one of every SA snuff that Tom carries) If Ntsu really is like Taxi and Babaton, I assure you they're not being sarcastic; taking it as coarse and moist as it comes will be an outstanding experience. Take Xander's advice and cram your nose full of it and pinch the receiving nostril shut long enough to absorb enough moisture that the snuff stays put. I think I may easily become addicted to this. I got my tin of Taxi on Friday and it's almost half gone already...
  • can is amazing. Always considered them more of acid rock thing for sure. The maddest record collector I've ever known probably has ash ra tempels first album. This guy has so much stuff I've never heard of. Unfortunatly he's a very annoying person to spend time with. Though he's college radio station is definatly worth checking out (he's the guy that turned me onto hawkwind by the way.)
  • I just got my three tins of Taxi Red and 6 containers of NTSU regular, but I'm afraid to use them since it's almost 1AM. I can't wait! Thanks to everyone for the recommendations.


    I've been listening to Dylan, The Dead and Gram Parsons the last few days, but this weekend I have a pyschedelic sweat lodge planned, and although 90s avant noise like Flying Saucer Attack and Bardo Pond is on the main menu, I suspect I can slip some Can in for dessert. My younger friends demand noisier fare, as it happens, so I'll have to wait until they can't tell the difference. Record geeks and old skool hi fi snobs can be annoying. I used to be a DJ for awhile at KCSU in Ft. Collins CO, and I'm a Linnie, so I'm afflicted with both disorders myself. If you think a snuff addiction is bad, get into ebay record auctions and then start upgrading your LP12!
  • I just opened up my NTSU, let it sit for about three minutes, and did a small pinch in each nostril. I had no trouble getting it in my nose, but I'm glad I started with a small pinch. I have no idea where all the ions and molecules are in relation to regular snuff, but it provides one of the most interesting sensations I've ever had. The way it makes your nose run is insane; I would not want to use it in public, and no snuff has even come close to affecting my nose the way this one does. It doesn't burn, it stings like hell. I capped it right back up to keep whatever is in there in there. The "catbox" smell is irrelevant; I agree that it should not be aired out nor ground up. Think of it as chocolate cake that has been annointed by some Egyptian Cat Goddess. It is some seriously mystical stuff. The less said about it, the better.
  • So it came from Bastet's litter box?
  • I have to admit, I had to look that up. And now that I have, I find the thought strangely erotic. Which makes me even more inclined to lock the smash boxes up in a hermitically sealed device to keep that scent IN. And order a few more.
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