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Toque Peppermint

edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
As a relative newcomer to snuff, I often marvel at the ability of more experienced snuffers to detect varying levels of the main ingredients of medicated snuffs: menthol, eucalyptus and camphor. To me, they all seem like menthol of varying degrees of strength, but I'm working on refining my olfactory capabilities with all due diligence.

I do know my mints, however, and Toque Peppermint is the real thing. I'm probably a little unusual in having a bit of an aversion to Spearmint, but I can't get enought Peppermint. This snuff is slightly moist with an easy, medium-fine grind, a pronounced initial burn followed by a great cooling sensation that feels very different than menthol, and a perfectly balanced sweetish aftertaste that seems to linger as long as the peppermint "ice" sensation. Someone else remarked on that this has a "darker" character than some other mint flavored snuffs, and I agree. It has a slightly woody, earthy undertone beneath the mint that keeps the base flavor and sweetness from becoming cloying or insipid, and gives them considerable depth and character.

I'm not sure if it's just my imagination, but the nicotine seems to be on the high side for Toque's non-Toast snuffs. As a struggling ex-smoker, I would say that places the nicotine on the high side of moderate. I like the rocket fuel like effects of NTSU, but after using it for a few days, it seems like more of a "once a day" sort of thing. The Toque Peppermint I could use all day long. Since it seems like more of a "wintry" mint flavor, I wish I would have discovered it earlier in the season, but I can imagine it going extremely well up in the mountains on a cool summer evening. Very highly recommended.


  • this is definitely on my list for my next order. I love mint in all forms, and the spearmint snuffs I've tried I absolutely love
  • Peppermint; Mentha Piperita contains the volatile oil menthol. So does spearmint to a lesser degree. Therefore I would consider any mint snuff to be a mild menthol. Aside from the technicalities, all Toque regular grind snuffs make great all day snuffs. For a South African Peppermint hit try Taxi Rock.
  • is Taxi Rock anything like the Taxi Red? I'm scared of trying Taxi Red lol
  • @ juxtaposer

    I have no doubt you're right, but for some reason the sensation I get from the Peppermint doesn't feel like menthol to me. Maybe my nose is deadened from too many menthol cigarettes, however. Whatever it is, it sure is delicious, and very unlike the spearmint in Crumbs of Comfort to my nose.
  • To learn the distinction between camphor, eucalyptus and menthol, the best is to get a snuff of each as a solo flavor. For the camphor, I strongly recommend Camphor & Mild by Wilsons. For eucalyptus, the only one I know of is the Gawith Hoggarth, and presumbly there is one from the Atherthons available at Northerner. I have not had it myself.
    I believe there are some mentholated snuffs that focus more on the eucalyptus than the menthol. It is a pretty distict scent once you know it. Read the descrptions on the WOS website and on Sheffield Exchange. Also read a lot of reviews. Some are just menthol, some are mixes.

    Toque Peppermint is indeed very nice. Very balanced. Try the WoS Peppermint and McChrystal's Supermint for comparison.
  • Taxi Red is the only one in the Taxi line that is extra juicy. The others are drier but do have the soft fluffy cut tobacco grind (or lack of grind).
  • @LHB
    I must say that you really have your way with words like I have seen in fine textbooks. Very nice!
  • My early experimentation with snuff making (untill I could find the real stuff again) has given me the pet theory that nasal irritation increases the speed of nicotine uptake. Peppermint is definatly a bit of a nasal irritant. My theory could be full of shit and completely wrong but I definatly noticed that added scents do effect the nicotine uptake for sure. peppermint definatly seemed to be one of the best of what I made for getting the nic into your system.
  • Also a finer grind would result in more nicotine absorbtion because the finer snuffs have more surface area.
  • @bob yes I took a course in college where we discussed how adding menthol to cigarettes would make them more potent, and I'm confident the same would apply here. Stimulants like nicotine cause your "pores" (I don't remember the right word) that would intake the active material to temporarily constrict, making it harder to absorb the nicotine (or other things that end in -ine). Menthol actually does the opposite - it's an irritant that opens the "pores." So my professor concluded that irritants like menthol would make stimulants like nicotine more bio-available in a practical application.

    Toque Peppermint gives me instant mid drip every time, which makes it the perfect roll- out- of- bed- and- blow- the- nose snuff
  • @ar47 Interesting point. And that also explains why most Six Photo snuffs seem a lil more potent than others. Because most of them are mentholated. 
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