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Odens and Siberia by the roll. to the U.S.

edited March 2010 in General
Xander was kind enough to suggest as a source for Samuel Gawith in bulk to the U.S. Samuel Gawith is very hard to find in the U.S., and I've only seen it in the 10g containers. Has anyone had any experience ordering in bulk from this company to the US? The are very vague about shipping charges and delivery times, but those Samuel Gawith drums are pretty irresistable, especially with the guarantee of factory freshness. My KB Original is pretty dried out in the 10g container, and if you haven't tried their Irish D or S.P, they really are absolutely top of class.


  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator is the place to go for US customers.

    When you order, be patient since they order the drums FRESH from Samuel Gawith. Special made, just for you.

    It took about 3 weeks for me to get my drum of Apple, but worth every second.
  • It took me 10 days to get one in the UK. They are made to order as Chris says, they are fresh and fookin marvellous lol.

  • LHBLHB Member
    Thanks very much for the advice people. It's well worth a three week wait for two years worth of the best snuff money can buy in my opinion. I did a horizontal tasting of Toasts tonight, and as good as all of them were, the SG Irish D Light was just mind boggling. Even my rehydrated Kendal Brown Original is awesome.
  • Let us know how you fare, LHB. Its exciting to see someone get a big tub of a really great snuff.
  • Yes indeed. I may be looking into this SG in bulk site as well. Cob dark, London Brown, Black Rappee, and Kendal Brown Special oh my!
  • Pity they don't do Irish 'D' Original in bulk. That's my fave toast.
  • LHBLHB Member
    I'm in the process of placing my order, and it appears that they do sell Irish D Original in Bulk (I can't decide between it and the Light, I'm trying to taste both right now but I'm starting to get a little jumpy from too much snuff) except it's at the very bottom of the drop down menu, out of alphabetical order. Check it out! I just came back here to search for something. Their prices are insanely low (at $1.51 = GBP 1), although that might change once I learn what shipping is.
  • LHBLHB Member
    Well, I got to the checkout and the shipping and handling charges were a little over GBP 23 for 1 kilo of snuff, so I decided to wait on it. That's about $35, along with the risk that the snuff would be held by customs until taxes were paid, since they could argue that's too much snuff for personal consumption. I should probably give them a call and find out about the customs details before I order that much snuff from out of the US anyway.
  • @LHB Thanks! Surely they have Irish D there as well. Going to order that, 10g dispenser of that good stuff goes quickly. I prefer Irish D Original to any toast because it's simply more toasted.
  • @ AllanH: since you are in Ireland, you can also easily order from Greens of Leeds. Last I checked they had a particularly good Samuel Gawith selection. I'm sure both places can get you the snuff you want if you are buying bulk, even if its not on the list.

    Cstokes, can tell us if he had issues with customs.
  • I just checked on the Royal Mail web site. International Signed For for 1kg costs £21.14. Add some for the packaging and £23.00 sounds quite reasonable.
  • My Smoking Shop also sells SG in bulk. You have three choices, Allan.
  • Yeah, a kilo is quite heavy mail-wise when you think about it.
  • @Xander Thanks for info. Going for bulk order now, actually bored of too much variety and million little tins! My Smoking Shop also sells cool badger shaving brushes and German chewing tobacco among other interesting things, I noticed. Luckily in European Union taxes are paid at the point of origin, so don't have to worry about that.
  • I ordered from them about a week before they cut us off. Good service there, and got a nice selection of schmalzlers too. Probabaly the biggest snuff selection of Brick& mortar tobacconists with a website.
  • LHBLHB Member
    I hear what everyone is saying. A kilo is a little less than 2/12 pounds which is a lot mail wise. When I was buying a lot of UK vinyl, Royal Signed For was usually GBP 7.50 for one single record. And their price for the product is very reasonable. It's just that the total amount at the end took me by suprise. On the other hand, when you think about it, two cartons of lousy Kools are $110 plus 8.75% sales tax where I live, so figure $120 for less than a months worth of lousy, commercial cigarettes. I just can't make up my mind; what I would really like is a drum of Kostlich and a drum of Kownoer! I'm also getting bored with too much variety and too many smash boxes laying about. My ex wife would have sorted me out months ago.
  • WOW how things have changed in six years ! But Jamie at is still fighting to stay in business  Their stock is fresh and Bulk is always made for you ! And shipping to here in the U. S. is about 7 days !     And nice people to deal with ! 

  • Does still deliver to North America? Their prices on Poschl seem very reasonable.
  • @Afterglow Certain states only. Check the info here
  • @50ft_trad thanks for your service!
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Happy to help, guys :)>-
  • I wonder why they can't ship to Arkansas as I can order online tobacco from anywhere else, so it's not blocked or illegal to do so. Oh well I guess.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited September 2017 PM
    ^ They probably got scammed for a big order from there so now refuse to ship there it happens alot with online stores, when they get scammed they wont ship to that country anymore.
  • @TigerJackshere try contacting them, it could just be a bug in the site.
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