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what is the worst snuff you have tried?



  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Yeah, no, I get that, but I think Id rather smell horseshit than overly perfumed snuff.

  • Horse shit ain't go bad, but human refuse is disgusting.
  • Horse shit ... theres a snuff for that, its called Dholakia Black  :))
  • GH Tia Maria in a tap box, bone-dry and scented with overly sweet artificial aroma. Since it was the only snuff I had at the time, I managed to sniff it to the last grain, but it made me avoid whole GH range for years...
  • Indian 'Umbrella'
  • I still think the worst one I've tried was packards club from poschl. It had a fake citrus scent over a scent I can only describe as generic bad cologne.Only worst thing I ever snuffed with a tin that opened in my pocket and absorbed all the none lovely restaurant smells from that shift, mainly the smell of fish that was being used for the special that night.
  • @bob And Packards Club is one of my favorites! Love the diversity of tastes among snuffers.
  • @willynelson it is not that it's bad. It's just that cologne smell does not agree with me. Which is sad cause the fruity citrusy part of the scent is great. Though not sure what it is but most of the snuffs of that brand disagree with me and do horrid things to my nose even if I enjoy them at first. Ironically the Alpina and President are the only two that agree with my nose.
  • For me any snuff that is mentholated
  • I'm not saying they are "bad" but better stated as not for me are the snuffs from India, I can't get over the gamey barnyard thing going on with the ones I tried.
  •   Elmo's reserve.  I heard good reviews of it and bought a tin but I guess I can't stand the smell of tonka's gross, like sticking powdered plastic and play-doh up my nose.
  • @captainblackboogers i love elmos and i got so much of it because sent me an elmos instead of celtic talisman but they corrected it promptly and sent me the celtic without the need of sending back the elmos now i got two tins and one for free :D great customer service
    try airing out or your elmos a bit or just leave it for 3 month or so in the tin. the aroma might even out a bit
    personaly i find the elmos very natural in its smell its a good one to bring in some vanilla into mixes
    try mixing your elmos with a schmalzler and a choco snuff where the elmos just needs a tiny amount
  • edited March 2018 PM
    right now the least favorite tins i have are... Jockey club. Yellow Taxi, Toque blueberry Menthol. 
  • edited March 2018 PM
    @SunnyDay.  Elmos is one of the snuffs I really wanted to like so was disappointed when the smell made me feel ill. Maybe I have an allergy to Tonka.

       I have some Toque chocolate I could experiment mixing with, but the closest thing I have to Schmaltzer is Gletscher pris.  This is going to be fun. 

     I think i'll mix a bit of it into some viking brown or Kendal Brown original. Might dampen the smell a bit.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @captainblackboogers i wouldnt mix menthol with gletscher its too medicated but worth a try! what works great is poeschl perlesreuter,a or d

    for my lovely "choco schmalzler" jar i started with perlesreuter, rosinski carlsbader (for the chocolate) and then just a hint of elmos the elmos really just needs a bit
    then i refilled the jar with frankfurter,brasil a,doppelaroma as base and then chocalicious,jaxons club special,carlsbader,ochsenkopf and a hint of elmos
    i didnt mix them all at once but sometimes a bit was left in the jar when i put in new

    btw that initial mix (non leathery schmalzler + choco snuff + hint of elmos) was marc1000's idea

  • Holy shit @SunnyDay You're fancy! That sounds like some kind of gourmet meal.

      Tonight I mixed some Cafe Noire with some Toque Chocolate in my little snuffbox, and it's quite delicious, Not quite at your level but it's simple and delightful.
  • Toque espesso
  • Super Kailash. Smells exactly like a portajon to me. 

    Which is a crying shame, because I love the nicotine and texture of it. It saddens and confuses me that standard Kailash is so good to my nose and Super Kailash is so terribly bad.
  • SG Firedance, Hitmaj Black and Temptation Passion Fruit are the ones I have disliked the most so far, SG Firedance grew on me after awhile should have mixed it which has been recommend on here.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    @SunnyDay, Plain schmalzler, chocolate snuff, and a pinch of Elmos was my suggestion ( Sorry, @Marc1000.
  • 666 Super Medicated. 
  • @SammyD13 no 666 has a funky scent to it. I would say okay though. I do enjoy the feeling it gives my nose though, feels a little different from say Toque Menthol or Silver Dollar Medicated, at least for me.
  • @sammyd13 what did you not like about the 666 ? i find it to be very similar to western medicated snuffs.
    easy to sniff as all the six photo medicated (and most of all others)
    like stoke_about_toque mentioned the 666 for me has a pleasant round cooling effect much like hedges

    @willynelson sorry my friend i must have mixed something up! of course it was you! realy good mix i am still making small portions of to sniff as i found it works best for mixing snuff to do small batches, letting them sit can change the aroma and then fixing it by putting in new over old is not optimal
  • @sunnyday I could take the funky overtone or the medicated blast separately- but not at the same time. I would agree that it's easy to snuff, though. Never say never, though. Tastes have a way making you cry- and later wiping the tears away. My snuffing tastes are still at the novice level.
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