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what is the worst snuff you have tried?



  • LHBLHB Member
    Now that I recall, Buttercup was really bad for a simple, unadorned snuff. The butter tasted like the ersatz butter flavoring you get with microwave popcorn. I emptied the smashbox out to use it for other purposes.
  • GH Strawberry, definitely. Smells like Shake 'N' Vac. Awful, awful stuff.
  • ermtonyermtony Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    I shall be the heretic here and say Crumbs of Comfort is the worst I've ever had. Just can't stand spearmint!
  • Gourmand (food associated), medicated (hospital pathology dept.), acrid perfumes (Essex Girl) or after-shave, soap flakes, baby powder and cake crumbs.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    Snuff Store (UK) Blenders Bundle; it smells to me like vomit.
  • 3 worsts so far:

    Toque Berwick Brown -- apparently this was supposed to smell lik horse saddles or their soap (or according to what everyone else has said, at least something good and entirely different than what I got in both bullet adn then 10g tin), smelled like old lady's perfume to me.

    I tried to hide this in other snuffs and was so bad I ended up throwing out ao massive amount (probably well over over 50g) of subsequently just really screwed up snuff that I ended up having to throw out

    Anything 'sandalwood' or 'jasmine' (QWS being the worst but unfortunately Toque also got in there too) -- I still have some of these in bullets (and QWS are big bullets) and not sure I'm going to be able to hide them enough in other snuffs, they may end up just hitting the trash

    ANything Rose, lavender, violet, or apricot -- same as above having bullets and they may just end up trashed if my hiding them in other snuff tricks don't work
  • Just stick them on the trade/sale, someone may want them. The bullets are decent and reusable.
  • Crumbs of comfort and all mentholated snuffs suck IMO.
  • Oh and one in particular that makes me sick is Toque chocolate. Nauseating and bitter at the same time. Eeww!!
  • @ Viking; Just took my first toots of Toque Chocolate, and I concur wholeheartedly. Sorry Roderick, The can't all be home runs.
  • Toque Whiskey and Honey. Yuk
  • Hard to define "worst". Do you mean flavour you most disliked? or low quality? Ive mostly had toque and Wilsons of sharrow, and both of those suppliers have been rather good. (my 6 big tin order of toque arrived last week and i have been snuffing myself stupid between all that and the variety of wilsons stuff i liberated from the local tobacconnists.)

    My least favourite flavour thus far is Toques Cheese and Bacon. Simply because cheese and bacon smells like sweaty old socks and faint arse so its not really the snuffs fault it is simply accurately portraying the stench of the subject matter.
  • The only bad snuff I've had is Zuka/Akuz. I've found several I intensely dislike, but that's a reflection of the flavor not the snuff. Anything floral or sandalwood is off my list. I only keep one tin of menthol snuff around, but use it very seldom.
    The most horrid flavor to me is F&T French Carotte. I'd start smoking again if this was the only snuff out there.
  • It's so true - "One man's meat is another man's poison" or "One man's ceiling is another man's floor"
    Toque Berwick Brown is one of my favorite's and it does smell like "Saddle Soap on Leather" to me very pleasant.
  • BartBart Member
    F&T Seville
  • There are very few snuffs that I find completely useless. Most brands have something unique and charming so it's hard to pick favorites. Least favorites are much easier. The brand with the most "gag inducing" losers has to be Gawith Hogarth. Floral or fruit, they all make me wretch. Florals are somewhere between Jean Nate (an awful drugstore cologne) and scented kitty litter. Fruits are pretty much spot on with their Koolaid analogs Maybe their plain snuff is OK, but I'm not inclined to try it. How a company can survive foisting off such utter crap is beyond my understanding. I guess enough people like their spiffy mirror-finished tap boxes.
  • @stitch: You ought to try GH Kendal Brown. Course, good nose burn and delicious. If you like menthols, their CM is no slouch.
  • bobbob Member
    I like a lot of the GH line. I swear a lot of it comes down to the nose it goes into. Like for instance I love the cologne finish in thier strawberry yet find the cologne smell in Packards club to be a close second to what you find in kitty litter.
  • I'll second Nachman - the GH KB and CM are both good snuffs. Their SP, Plain and Irish D are also pretty good, though I find rest to be iffy at best. The common factor, with the exception of the CM, is that they are fairly or totally plain snuffs. Also worth noting that they are better if bought in bulk, even the 25g tubs keep the snuff fresher and moister than the rather useless dispensers.

    All just my opinion of course.
  • LHBLHB Member
    It's comforting to see that there are others out there who aren't crazy about Crumbs of Comfort because of the Spearmint. And to amplify the point, F&T French Carotte smells like the worst granny perfume ever. I'm also not wild about Bon Bon. It's like one of those fruit cakes that somebody always gives you around Christmas that has the density of a neutron star.
  • OK, I would try GH's Irish D or Plain if offered a pinch. I was perhaps a bit harsh, but it's only my opinion, nothing more. I haven't exactly thrown out my shiny golden boxes of GH; they don't take up much room. If snuff became unavailable here I would probably take comfort knowing that I will never completely run out.
  • Magnet Peach is my worst though there was some rusty old Bruton.
  • I knew you had good taste, Juxtaposer.
  • LMAO@ this entire thread! I have not laughed that hard in a good while; thanks.
    I have to stick up for the Gletscher Prise; love that snuff, and always carry it with me.
    My least favourite of all was probably Bernard's Zwiefacher, since it tastes exactly like Robotussin, which I abused in my youth to the point that I cannot stand the smell. All vying for second would be Jaap's Prins Regent, Macuba, Pompadour, and Hollandse Bolongaro; can't stand them at all. Oh, but there was the Dholakia Rum Blast I got for free in an order from Tom; hideous and sickly sweet!
  • I've been quite lucky, I've yet to take a snuff that has repulsed or offended me. However a small number have failed to live up to my expectations, namely Zuka Black and the Apricot and Mint flavours from Paul Gotard. Is it just me or is Paul Gotard overpriced and boring?
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    @ slobandtom: Wow...Molens Prins Regent, along with Latakia AO 1860, are among my "can't live without 'em" favorites. Prins Regent is like a holiday of drinking a warm cup of gluhwein at a Weinachtsmarkt in cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning; s'cuse me while I take a pinch.
  • Just about all Poschl. The funny thing is that they do the occasional superb snuff like Gawith and Gletcherprise.
  • @Z_2K: just had a pinch of the Prins Regent upon reading your post; so far I prefer gluhwein :)
    I do love the Latakia AO 1860 though...
  • Taxi Mentol 4 sure!
  • Magnet Peach.

    Also, I once left the top of a tin of Toque chocolate slightly loose and it went rancid for some reason - it literally made me sick when I tried a pinch.
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