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what is the worst snuff you have tried?



  • Only one I've tried so far that I don't like is McChrystals Violet. It was like putting soap shavings up my nose or something.
  • QWS Sandalwood! I've gotten this as a sample a few times with my snuff orders and I completely dislike the scent.
  • Sun - Rangeeli. This snuff literally brings me to the verge of throwing up, I am still trying to bring myself to appreciate it however. I compare the scent to vomit, perhaps if I can think of something pleasant to compare it to... any ideas?
  • trade it to somebody who wants it.. that might possibly be me, not sure. I have a 20g tin of it just now and to me the scent would be great if it weren't a little too strong (this is one I am hoping will fade over time because then it would be great, I have been considering mixing it with FUBAR Grunt or Dholakia Sparrow since to me they have similar but better and in a pleasing degree scents)

    I don't know where you live or how hard that would be to do, if I really even personally want to make that trade or what I'd have to trade in return that you'd want (I don't have a lot of any one snuff bu I have a little bit of a whole lot of snuffs and I'm also kind of a tiightwad on containers as a result)

    but hang onto it, doesnt' seem to be a super popular snuff but somebody, even if not me, might want it eventually
    (and I know I need to take my own advice more.. I have admittedly gotten all annoyed at snuffs I can't tolerate to the place I can't stand to even have them stinking up the same room I am in and in a reactive moment have tossed things I could have traded)
  • @NJE03: no, you're absolutely right; I've compared it elsewhere to the scent I would get if I consumed a grapefruit, then vomited it up later. Sun's 'Sher' has the same scent in it. I wonder what it is?
  • slobandtom "no, you're absolutely right"? who's 'yes you're absolutely wrong' then? about what?

    I didn't deny NJ's experience I suggested holding onto it for trading purposes to someone who doesn't necessarily smell it the same way
    (I think a can of rangeeli is the current reason between you and I we might meet up some day and if I'm not super careful I have a feeling I could end up with a bunch of almost everybody's rangeelie that uses this forum lol. I realize I'm in the minority here and unfortunately while its okay by me its not so great that I want everybody's to end up with a great stockpile of it lol, this is partly why I said I might not personally want NJ's tin of it because I'm probably gonna end up with yours slobandtom lol)

    Some people smell it differently from others I don't think there's a 'wrong or right' here

    For example Almost everybody else here thinks Toque Berwick Brown is great or at least okay but that one gets on my nerves like nothing else (and it was my first instance in fact of first trying to mix it and then throwing something away I should have just held onto, somebody would have taken that one off my hands in trade)
  • Well sure; I think, like with some other things, it's implicitly understood that we're talking about a thing which is experienced subjectively. Like when I say, "X band sucks!" and someone says "that's just your opinion man!" (as if I didn't already know that) and I'd say, "of course it's my opinion, we're discussing music." You're right, but I usually don't take time to clarify in matters like this, and that's why. It may have been more accurate to qualify my statement; but by that measure, it would be more accurate if every reviewer of a thing qualified all of his or her statements too, which I think might make things a bit more ponderous in general.
  • whistlrrwhistlrr Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    I may end up maybe getting more people's Rangeeli after all (that is, if they want to give it up and if I've got something they want back in exchange, figure out how, have baggies or something etc anyway) after all..

    after this conversation and thinking about it more,
    I went ahead and diluted some Rangeeli down with some leftover dried and ground up Taxi (another mistake of mine) and some 'toasted' (previously 80 second microwaved N Rustica which really did give it a slight toasted smell), and this way its quite nice and very do-able for me.
  • NJE03NJE03 Member
    edited March 2010 PM
    I would be willing to make trade if it is feasible. If I recall you have some Kamal which you do not care much for. ;)
  • apap Member
    This one is easy:
    Chief Bull
    Nasty plastic fruit (cherry i think) scent
  • bobbob Member
    nah chief bull is fruit as in no known fruit.
  • apap Member
    i think you re right :)
  • bobbob Member
    I remember reading a discription of it that said fruit. I thought what fruit is that tried it realized there isn't a specfic or real fruit this smells like. Though oddly I like that snuff a bit.
  • I really did not like Sun Snuff Rangeeli. I also did not like WoS French Carrote. I also did not like QWS Jasmin. And I did not like Temptation(I think) Minty Vanilla, mostly because it had zero mint to it.
  • I may have two more converts from smoking to the idea of snuff on the way (two more medical people in fact).. and was showing off my worldwide collections ("here's my south african snuffs" "here's my British snuff" "here's some American snuff" and having them smell over it) when we got to "here's my Indian snuff" I showed them a few dholakias (by showing I mean opening each tin and letting them have a smell.. we were all standing and leaving an appointment and there was three of them the two ladies who smoke and my doctor who incidentally is Indian so I couldn't really get them to take sniffs but my doctor was most interested in all, even saying to them "try it!" -- next time now that I know they are smokers I will be ready, and will try to have them sniff).

    I have twice now had the situation where I discover somebody's a smoker looking to quit (the other was a nurse from a home help agency separate from my doctor's office and his lady helpers) and finding at first introduction its worked best to let people smell over them and demonstrate and give them an idea of how snuff works.. then the next time I see them encouraging an actual sniff (though my nurse/friend kept on snorting even after I told him four times and demonstrated to SNIFF not snort!)

    they seemed most impressed with the smell of Rangeeli (seriously).. granted that might be because it was in contrast to the smell of things I had just had them smell before, the South Africans (like a fresh can of NTSU, Babaton Blue etc which as we know have a strong ammonia scent),

    but still..

    I have also now twice seen people from India (the other was a physical therapist) just kind of 'light right up" their faces kind of perk up and a big smile when I show them these things from India with their Indian names etc on them.

    I know this is way off topic but its about Rangeeli etc and something that happened today and this seemed as good a place as any to share it
    okay, I now return you to your regularly scheduled discussoin
  • I've only tried about 8 kinds--so far the weakest has been Gawith's "Whisky", which doesn't smell like whisky at all.

    I hated "English Rose" at first, but it grew on me a little. Especially when I'm listening to long speeches in the House of Lords.

    Overall as a Canadian I'm probably not British enough for most of the flowery ones [obvious overgeneralization]. I suspect that liking snuffs like "French Carotte" requires one to like the smell of a perfume department, whereas I try to bolt through the perfume department as quickly as possible.
  • I have about 20 different snuffs in and around my desk. The one I dislike the most has got to be Poschl - Schmalzler Sudfrucht! Thats right, the banana bomb is just too overbearingly sweet and heavy for me to enjoy. I tried mixing it with some Molens Latakia, thinking the smokiness might turn it into something I could enjoy more but came out just as bad or

    I ordered some F&T Macouba before I came to learn that I am not a fan of perfumed snuffs and so thats probably #2 disliked snuff I own.

    I'm sure some people probably love these so as somebody else mentioned previously: to each, their own.
  • Keep the Macouba, give it some time. I gagged with QWS Jasmine the first time, and gave it another shot few months later and I took it with me that evening.
  • I've given a away some snuffs I didn't care much for, and I've changed my mind (for better and for worse) on few, but the WORST snuff I have ever tried is Dholakia Black.
  • bobbob Member
    probably said this packards club. It's one of two snuff that the scent makes them unsnuffable. Packards wins out because I can't see how anyone would dig it.
  • Anything medicated doesn't go down well with me; the menthol just overwhelms any other flavor in the snuff. SG Peach was by far the least pleasant snuff I've ever tried.

    But I can't figure where you guys are unhappy with McC Clove, which is my one always go-to snuff! What a wonderful creation. And Toque Whisky & Honey was an immediate restock for me, I'd never want to be without that. And I really enjoy French Carotte once in a while too, though it's very perfumey. Sometimes that's just what I'm looking for.

    There have been very few snuffs that I find totally without merit. But there have been a few!
  • bobbob Member
    I love that so many people are on this list. Back when it started it seemed like there was much more consensus about what snuffs are great and what ones suck then there is now. Back then if you went by what people said and thought snuff house was representative of the whole of snuffdom, there would be some snuffs that you'd think why do they even make that.
  • 5 Photo Special is a snuff that I just can't enjoy at the moment. It smells like burning plastic and gives me a headache half the time.
  • Toque Cheese and Bacon is the only snuff I've tried that really doesn't agree with me
  • BartBart Member
    Temptation Concord Grape was one I couldn't deal with--reminded me of my magic- marker sniffing days.

    I've never had a bad plain type of snuff so I lean towards them.
  • F&T French Carotte is pretty bad, too much makes me feel sick. The other I really havent liked was GH Mitchells, I can't quite remember but I think its clove, I just remember it made me retch...
  • So far I cant stand Toque SP extra. Dont like the perfume smell. My first SP and I guess I dont like em.
  • jyaanjyaan Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    W.E. Garrett Scotch... Dry as a desert and smelled rather bad... Just difficult to take.
  • McC Clove!
  • @snuffnpuff: What perfume? Also I would not judge all SPs on one, especially the youngest one on the market.
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