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what is the worst snuff you have tried?



  • WOS crumbs of comfort definitely, other than that toque absinthe seemed to turn on me midway through the can, I don't particularly care for toque champagne either but one out roughly 20 cans you don't like is pretty good.
  • LOL. Out of all the posts on this thread & I read them all there was only a couple or so that mentioned any American snuff as there worst , this kinda makes ya wonder huh? I'M an American dry Scotch snuff man , I cant stand any heavy flavored or scented snuff , Aromatics, so just about every snuff mentioned would be on my worst list if I had one, I wont go that far as to make a list lol. Give me Rooster & Bruton year round & I am a happy camper. I did try Fubar Grunt recently & it was Ok although I did't get the coconut flavor people speak of at all, I did get a bit of a ammonia smell & flavor but even that wasn't bad. SNUFF WHAT YOU LIKE & LIKE WHAT YOU SNUFF!!!!!!
  • Mine would have to be Bon-Bon. I felt like putting on a dress afterwards.
  • What I dislike most about the American scotches is the super fine grind, it makes it hard for me, I really prefer a medium grind and moisture. Snuffs I recall not liking at all was WoS French Carrote, and QWS Sandalwood. It's been a long while since I had those. I also didn't care for Royal George. But tastes change, so if I did them today, I might think differently.
  • transistortransistor Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    Hmm. My least favorite snuff would have to be almost all Poschl. I hate menthol unless I'm sick. Then I MIGHT do some ozona or something. IMHO all menthols seem the same to me. The only menthol I've ever been able to stand is possibly a snuff that has just a BIT of menthol just to compliment the flavor such as S.G. Raspberry (which is only satisfactory snuff but it works well when you're congested.) But even then it just plain ruins it for me. Once again- unless I'm sick.
    The non-menthol yucky snuff IMO would have to be... I dunno I don't really like alot of the "floral" snuffs.
    See I can't say I've ever really HATED any snuff because I make it a point not to try any that I think would be disgusting. I do ALOT of research before I spend any money on snuff, regardless of cheap a hobby it might be.
  • @transistor If you like floral and and can stand menthol as a flavor enhancer I highly recommend Dholakia's got the best of everything!! My least favorite would havy to be Navy's like snuffing pure sugar to me.
  • I don't think Manjul has menthol, I think it's a hint of mint in it.
  • @Tom502 That would explain why it's such a light mintyness...thanks!! OT here but have you tried the Dholakia Medicated...and any thoughts?
  • @rdunnion: Very good! Thats why the original recipe stated: A snuff also for ladies!

    Jaap Bes.
  • I think the Dholakia medicated is pretty good, but I think Blast Strong Menthol, and Fubar Medic are both better, and also made by Dholakia.
  • bobbob Member
    I think with the americans scotchs if it's not your cup of tea you probably already know before trying it out.
  • @Tom502 Thanks for the info...I've got some medicated on the way, but I'll definitely have to try the Blast and FUBAR!!
  • kjoerup: "The worst snuff I ever bought was FUBAR Shot of Rum. Overpowering artificial rum flavor; dry, sand-like consistency. Pure crap. I will never buy any FUBAR snuff again."

    I want to second that. 100% true.
  • GH Strawberry has no redeeming features whatsoever. Horrible.
  • Nachman: "Gletscher Prise gets my vote for worst. The only German snuff I have ever bought."

    Sorry, but wh... th. fu.. ?? I mean, ok, i see that many people here seems to dislike Gletscherprise (for what reason ever, i cant understand) and that it is personal taste in the end - i mean, that is nothing we should talk about BUT why the hell you never
    again gave german snuff a try ?? Means that, that you never had the pleasure to sample some Schmalzer ?? Not to forget all the
    good stuff Bernhard produces... i cant believe it.
  • toffeenose: "GH Strawberry has no redeeming features whatsoever. Horrible."

    I want to second that too - i took around 10 pinches and then never touched the tin again. It does not work for me. Same goes for WOW American Caramel and ROCKIT Cherry Pop - with both of them, it is the same as with the FUBAR Shot of rum. None of them works for me and know what, all are produced by Dholakia.
  • I have come to the conclusion that my nose just does not like menthol. I do, I like the freshness of it, but 2 minutes after I have any im completely blocked up. O&G, any Wilsons menthol, Lowen-Prise, anything, I can't hack it. Ah well, I love my toasts and spices, so never mind!!
  • High Dry Toast by Fribourg & Treyer is my least favorite snuff. I keep it displayed in an English sterling snuff box hallmarked for 1936, the year that Edward VIII abdicated; I think the irony speaks for itself!
  • Prismaster:"Means that, that you never had the pleasure to sample some Schmalzer ??"
    That is an old, old post. I have since relented on the German snuffs and found that not all of them are like pushing mentholated candle shavings up your nose. I now use 25 to 50 grams of schmalzler a month.
  • Without doubt the worse snuff i've experienced is magnet Peach, closely followed by Royal George. The recently reincarnated F&B Pachouli is heading down that road as well (smells like Harpic).
  • I'm not a fan of Garrett sweet
  • Dholakia Fruit Cake was revolting, to me.
  • Manjul is definately spearmint! I found that I really like that, and I'm a non-medicated man for sure. In fact, all I could put on my 'don't-snuff!' list would be medicated snuffs. The menthol totally overpowers any other scent the snuff might have for me.
  • bobbob Member
    I hate the glacier pinch. Not cause I don't like the smell. Love the smell actualy. I have wondered if there is cement in that snuff with the way it blocks my nose. GH strawberry is awesome in my opinion. I love the way the oddly perfumy scent slowly tapers off revealing an interestingly complex strawberry perfume smell. I think it's great. I can't imagine Fruit cake anything being good.
  • I haven't had a snuff yet that I totally hate, but i definitely will never again purchase any Gawith Apricot again...on purpose anyway!! You know how that drunken order placement goes! =)
  • @bob: sounds like you would like Polar Prise. Its everything that Glestcherprise should be.
  • Prismaster:"Means that, that you never had the pleasure to sample some Schmalzer ??"
    That is an old, old post. I have since relented on the German snuffs and found that not all of them are like pushing mentholated candle shavings up your nose. I now use 25 to 50 grams of schmalzler a month.

    @Nachman: Now that i know, that you are already aware of the pleasure Schmalzer´s hold, i am somehow relieved.
  • WoS Royal George.... like snuffin' talcum powder.
  • I remember not liking Royal George but would be up to giving it another try. For some reason I have had a hankering for it lately.
  • Chief Bull. Horrible stuff IMHO.
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