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what is the worst snuff you have tried?



  • we garrett sweet and mild, way too sweet.
  • bobbob Member
    I do like polar prise and it doesn't clog me up. Not seriously. I mean menthols give me rebound sometimes but not mouth breathing levels of rebound. Glacier pinch makes me nose close right up.
  • Without doubt the worst snuff I've ever tasted was SG Peach. Holy crap, that stuff was just plain awful. How it ever got into production is beyond my reasoning. But that's just me I guess. Even so: YUCK.
  • My least favourite snuff would definately have to be toque espresso. The texture and consistency was like sand and I could not smell any esspresso. I think it may just have been old. Actually come to nthink of it it didnt reek like ammonia when i got it.
  • No specific brand but i absolutely hate any that smell like perfume,flowers,lavender,etc,etc. So far the one i have found to like the best is Toque Quit,to me it's just good,strong and doesn't have any over powering girly smell to it.
  • buffalo 3:51PM Permalink
    No specific brand but i absolutely hate any that smell like perfume,flowers,lavender,etc,etc. So far the one i have found to like the best is Toque Quit,to me it's just good,strong and doesn't have any over powering girly smell to it.

    amen to that brother
  • bambam Member
    For me it was Hedges it was like burnt rubber
  • insufflatorinsufflator Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    This may get me excommunicated for impiety but the worst snuff I have tried so far is F&T Old Paris - it was indescribably dreadful, and second to that was the Princes - I might have just as well have filled my snuff box from the potting shed.
    I really seem to be out of step, judging by the reviews on here and elsewhere, unless of course people only post reviews about snuffs they like and I am part of a "silent majority"?.
    Tremulously awaiting the arrival of the inquisition (!)
  • Stone him! That man blasphemeth! Just kidding. That is why there are so many kinds of snuffs. A lid for every pot.
  • bobbob Member
    Well you gotta switch your pic now. Cause that pick says I love old paris. I'am kidding of course, no I'am not.
  • insufflatorinsufflator Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    @Bob - Although it is alleged (in italics) by F&T that The Beau approved of OP, I cannot imagine him imperilling his linen with such a coarse loose snuff!
    Conversely, it might have been the constant use of OP that caused his haughty and imperious manner - almost as though he had an unpleasant smell in his nose.
  • Hmmm OP and princes is on my must try list...hope I like it
  • insufflatorinsufflator Member
    edited March 2011 PM
    @GOHAWKS - I wish you joy of your snuff - I am the one out of step here!
  • Mr Snuff kindly sent me a sachet of 6 Photo K (I believe that's what it is). First sniff I got a major hit of joss stick/incense and some menthol. Other,finer,scents are there too. I've lived in the far east and this was an instant taste of India. Problem is that the scent lingers long and nothing of a more subbtle nature can be appreciated for a while after. I'm glad I've tried it and it saves the air fare on a trip to india. But this is not what I'm looking for in a snuff. Even so, quite pleasurable and with a lift.
  • 6 Photo K, I am guessing that would be their Kailesh. Very nice, and similar to Himalaya.
  • wost snuff see my post about walnut snuff re german snuff yuk yuk
  • Wilsons Crumbs Of Comfort...Arrrrr.
  • I loved crumbs of comfort extra at first but quickly got burnt out on it
  • Something about this Toque SP Extra that is not sitting right with me.
  • Id say out of my collection Gletscher Prise is my least favorite. Its not so much the flavor its the water effect it has on my nose.
  • F&T Seville really didn't work for me.
  • I just had my first pinch of Toque Raspberry Menthol today and I'm not really digging it at the moment. Let's see if it grows on me.
  • I second the dislike for Seville. I actually threw out my GH Sea Breezes as to me it smells exactly like Comet abrasive cleaner. I like the smell of Comet (I used it as a kid to clean sinks for my mother), but as a snuff it's just plain wrong. For me.
  • one snuff i am realy not keen on is schnupftabak klostermischung, it is far too sticky and smells like gewy moldy raisens. it also makes the run out of your nose really gloopy. generaly not an amazing snuff :S
  • Ive never been able to take Cafe Royal without getting the immediate effects of a heavy cold and a sore throat.
  • Gletscher Prise is just so overwhelmingly "artificial";

    Don't get on with the spearmint varieties;

    I also find the J&HW SP No1 stingingly, eyewateringly uncomfortable [since this was the first snuff I ever tried, way back in the 1970s, I am still amazed that I carried-on! Must have been the influence and extreme good taste of the proprietor of the first "proper" snuff tobacconist I ever visited, a year or so later - the inestimable Vivian Rose, erstwhile of G Smith & Sons...]

    But please - don't knock F&T Carotte - I find, some mornings, it does for the nose what a good-quality aftershave can do for the face - by way of smooth and uplifting as well as a pleasant aroma!
  • so far my least enjoyed have been Pöschl Gawith Apricot and 6 Photo Special. Way too much menthol, and there is a component in Special that I can't identify but is abhorrent to me.
  • jpb123jpb123 Member
    Rooster, Maybe I got an old batch, ( no for sale in U.S. label) but it tastes like Ga. red clay dust!!! I use it to nic up my RYO cigs!!!
  • MouseMouse Member
    I have a difficult time liking Kamal, remarkably similar to baby powder in scent and texture. French Carotte on the other hand I find delightful.
  • The worst one I have tried is (oddly enough) SG Apple. Poschl Doppelaroma D is a VERY close second though.
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